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Shoutout for Halal Business Drive

Update May 7th, 2008:

Alhamduillah, another successful DateDrive. All praises are due to Allah, then the support of YOU.

Many wondered why we did a shoutout drive for halal business. Many even thought it was a waste of time (Ouch! Isn’t that the mentality of Noah’s people about building the Arc!).

Anyway, for those who participated, from the bottom/top/inside/outside of our hearts, may Allah reward you with tooooooons of rewards. BTW, can you believe that we prayed for you during the last hour of Jumaah, which we hoped that would match the acceptance hour!!! So, if that how we “mean” people show our appreciation to you, can you imagine the generosity of the most generous with those who help his DEEN and halal causes? Wait and see the fruits! May Allah accept your good ones!

Update May 2nd, 2008:

If you don’t know about HalfDate, click about us, or call CNN :). Basically, every Hijri month we put together a “DateDrive” where you, a member of the Ummah, work together with other members of the Ummah to achieve a specific DateDrive target. This month is to collect 70 shoutouts for Halal businesses.

In-sha-Allah, next drive will start on May 8th, where you will be helping a charity for Muslim women. If you want to recommend any Muslim women charities, please click contact us and submit your proposal, the charity has to be an officially registered entity, with email/phone and preferably can accept donation online.

Also, for next drive you can contribute by donating money or answering a survey (for each person, the survey sponsor will donate $1 for the charity).

Update April 29, 2008:

So, why are we collecting these shoutouts?

You tell me.

There are 1001 benefits from these shoutouts, the least to show your appreciation, for examples,

“I have never come across a place that is so hospitable and one that would stay open past business hours for a customer. It definitely showed me who there priority was– their CUSTOMER!” -Mariam shouts out for Computers & Laptops, Etc., Inc.

Or to provide insights like this:

“Its sad that brothers can work in American branches of Egyptian companies with a beard, but they are told to shave it off if they want to be accepted to work in the Egyptian branch!!!” -A.S

-end of updates-

Original post begins here

How do you feel when you see a woman with a child begging outside of your masjid?

Most probably, you’d feel sorry for them, and if they were genuinely in need, you’d help them.

But, this DateDrive is not about them.

Okay, here is another question.

How do you feel when you see a Muslim running a halal business trying to earn some halal money?

Most probably…nothing 😛

Yes, Islam commands us to help the weak members of our society, but the goal of this help is so that one day they can be strong. Islam never encourages begging, that’s why we’re suppose to give to needy people before they even ask.

Yes, it’s good to donate in general, and you’re rewarded for that.

But here at HalfDate, you and I got no dates to waste and we want to support growth projects, where you can make a lasting difference, e.g. education, awareness, …

<Okay, enough philosophical big talk>

So… in this DateDrive, YOU are REVIVING the SUNNAH again… Because YOU want to reward those striving Muslims who, in many cases, are needy and struggling with their businesses, yet they ARE following the true teaching of the Prophet (peace and prayer be upon him) when he said

“The best earnings are the halal transactions, and the earnings with one’s hand” -Collected by Sahih Aljamia.

أفضل الكسب بيع مبرور ، وعمل الرجل بيده

So, what’s this DateDrive all about?

In-sha-Allah in this DateDrive, you will give a shout out for any halal businesses that you personally dealt with and LOVED.

Deadline: End of Rabia-l-Thani, 1429 (May 7, 2008)

Goal: HalfDate collects 70 shoutouts for any halal business owned or run by Muslims

Now, what’s in it for you?

A LOT, here are just seven benefits:

1. You are helping a Muslim businessperson
2. You are helping a halal business
3. You are making your brother/sister happy
4. You are encouraging better business practice
5. You are helping the economy of the Muslim community
6. You are following the teachings of enjoining good and forbidding evil (in business practices and customer service)
7. You are reviving the sunnah of your beloved Prophet (peace and prayers be upon him) by doing all of the above

How to post your shoutouts?

List three things in the comment section:

1. Business name (and what they do, if it’s not clear from their name)
2. Why you LOVED their service/product
3. How to contact them

IMPORTANT: Business entities CANNOT praise themselves; they have to ask their customers to do so. HalfDate reserves the right to delete any comments if we receive complaints about the business or if it’s not appropriate for our audience.

So… A R E… Y O U… R E A D Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bismillah & SHOUT OUT


May Allah reward you with a palm tree in Jannah

Sometimes, we as consumers can provide so much joy to our service providers.

So…have you recently expressed thanks to the people at the halal restaurant, halal meat shop, bookstore, school, …?

The prophet (peace and prayers be upon him) said: “Whoever doesn’t thank people, doesn’t thank Allah.”

Here is a sample testimonial that a reader of a magazine sent to the editor.

From: Rabia
Date: 23 Mar 2008 23:05
To: editor@s——

Assalamu Alaikum,

I pray you and your family are well,insha’allah.

I had recently been surfing the net when I came across “saif clothing” and it had a ad about your magazine. As soon as i’d seen this I quickly ordered a copy. Masha’allah when it came I couldn’t stop reading it.

I found that every article was so wonderfully written. And I have to tell you that I wept after reading the stories about the sisters whose children had passed away.

The magazine was so attractive that my 4 year old boy kept wanting to “read” it too!

Also I thank Allah for people like yourselves that go to great lengths to help other Muslims through your work. May Allah help you to reach your goals and give you peace and contentment.

I would like to subscribe directly from you in the future. I haven’t taken out a subscription as of yet. Insha’allah I was hoping to do so when the next issue is out in april, so that I don’t get any of previous copies by mistake.

Jazak Allah Kairan sister.
Rabia umm Zakariya.

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  • Masum

    Khoshbu Restaurant
    Lots of menu items, native flavors, good service, friendly ambiance
    118/3, Elephant Road (1st Floor), Dhaka-1205, Tel: 880-2-9675217

  • Nada

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Another shoutout of mine goes to

    1. Boutique (even though it was mentioned already!)

    2. They have great products (clothing, and others such as accessories, hand-painted glasses and canvases) etc. I’ve e-mailed them before and gotten quick, helpful, and friendly responses maa shaa’ Allaah.


  • El Bosnawi

    The Islamic Market Place in Phoenix, AZ is the best place to shop for a Muslim.
    The owners are honest and fair in their business dealings. Not only do they sell a Islamic clothing line but have a mid size library to choose from as well. Great Muslim place to shop all I can say.

  • Obaida Abdul-rahim

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Jazakallahu Khairan Dawud for the shout-out. I’d like to give a shout-out to my favorite colleagues in the Muslim t-shirt business: MuslimTees.

    Straight STYLIN’, Masha’Allah and it’s run by some of the best people I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, Alhamdulillah. They’ve got a new spring line of shirts coming out shirts, Insha’Allah, and I can’t wait to see it. If they’re reading this, yes, that means I want a sneak preview!

    Assalamu Alaikum


  • Hanifah Storm


    I have to give a shout out to I recently ordered a few items from them and I recieved everything FAST. Also, they were professional all the way down the line and made my online shoping experience awesome masha’Allah.

    Hanifah Storm

  • Dawud Israel

    Ummah Martial Arts
    I plan on attending this soon, I met the brother who instructs it

    Aerosol Arabic Islamic Graffiti Art

    Sweet Sunnah Health Products
    They sell aphrodisiacs and breast enhancement stuff…not sure how zabiha or effective that is but…gotta admire their guts lol

    Also there are some really awesome Islamic calligraphy on wooden carvings out there. I remember meeting one guy but can’t remember what his place is called but the prices were very very cheap. Google them because they deserve a shout out and are often ignored.

  • Usman Akhtar


    this is place is amazing, i’ve never been to a Pakistani restaurant in Canada that actually had food that tasted better than any of the food i ate while visiting the country itself. Its in downtown Toronto, Gerrard Street, if you ever visit Toronto, be sure to visit this place. It’s been in the papers a couple of times because it’s sooo good, may Allah SWT bless their cooks for inspiring our taste buds.


  • nabil

    i would have to go with subway, since the Bengali ladies are real cool about changing their gloves. least they wear gloves unlike other hole-in-the-wall halal joints.

    i would have to go with a place that doesn’t exist anymore, it was a halal Chinese joint in Rockville. anyone remembers the name?

  • Ahmad

    Shout out Salt and Pepper Grill…a new halal spot in Jersey City on Kennedy and Newark Ave. Great food.

  • Umm Junayd

    — Cre8tive Pixels
    — The designer has got be THE best Muslimah Graphic that I know at present. Her creative imagination is unbelievable mashaa`Allaah, and she’s professional and seriously serious about her work. I don’t fail to recommend her when I can
    — The site ( is currently down, but check back soon and inshaa`Allaah you will get a taste of her work.

  • Umm Junayd

    Since everyone’s mentioning food (does that say something??) and places to eat out, I’d like to shoutout to Maa’idah Restaurant in Bethnal Green (East London, UK).

    Their food is fantabulous, mashaa`Allaah – definitely finger-licking good, and their service is professional, swift and warm too. The family section is lush, and reminded my mother of a hotel!


  • Nadia

    1) Rush Magazine : Muslim women’s digital magazine

    2) I love it because there’s a whole array of different topics that you could never get bored while reading it. I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the articles in the ‘money-talk’ section that illustrated the success of different Muslim women’s business endeavors.

    3) TRY OUT AN ISSUE; you’ll be glad you did. Get one at

  • NourK

    I’d like to give a big SHOUTOUT to RUSH Magazine, the online digital magazine for muslim women.

    The reason I LOVED Rush magazine is because not only is it insightful and informative, it is also vivid and filled with beautiful well-done graphics. The topics are diverse and the readers are enticed by an array of different issues that are all part of the RUSH experience. While reading RUSH you are encouraged to live a life of wellness, optimal health and vitality, fi sabil ellah…


    Check out RUSH Magazine and get your issue at

  • nazlin.

    Where can you find marriage advice, business ideas, strong women role models, fashion and fun all in one place? RUSHmag! When I received the preview of RUSH in my mailbox I was thrilled. It is a 3D magazine published online for sisters by sisters! It has a fine balance of current issues and is philosophical with Islamic subtleties weaving together a bright tapestry for the Modern Muslimah. And it is absolutely stunning to look at with beautiful graphic design (all made by a young Muslimah entrepreneur). Support RUSH Mag and your sisters in Islam!

  • Asma Qureshi

    1) RUSH Magazine
    2) RUSH magazine is great Masha Allah! It discusses a variety of issue in a halal manner. Every single page is full of information that is useful in one’s life. The fact that it’s online, makes it possible for anyone around the world to purchase it. It’s obvious that a lot of effort has been put on the aesthetic part of the magazine. It is also affordable alhamdulillah. LOVE IT!
    3) You can see for yourself at

  • Ahm


    You find a great energetic group of Muslims, supporting each others in personal and community development projects.

    The insights you learned there are great and the networking opportunity is priceless.

    Yes, it maybe pricey for some people, BUT, you’ll get motivated to generate double of the fee that you pay. I did two experiments to generate more bucks to cover the membership fees. In experiment 1, I earned $1400, and in experiment 2, I made closed to 2K.

    Other members got a raise, graduated from masters (which they’ve been putting off for years), started a business, … you name it. Basically, they achieved some of their DREAMS!!

  • Safiah

    I have a two-in-one shoutout to: Equitea, and Just us!

    These two businesses only use equitable fair trade labour meaning that no sweatshop labour, exploitation, or theft was included in the production and/or manufacture of the product being brought to us. This is incredibly important for us as Muslims, especially since our religion is so clear on being humane and only supporting that which is good and forbidding the evil. So much corporate and material stuff found in today’s market is produced and manufactured using what are otherwise haraam means (exploitation, human rights abuses, etcetera) and yet when its all packaged up nicely, we support these actions with our purchasing power. Alhamdulilah there is a growing movement towards more equitable and fair labour, hence the growth of the fair trade industry. The two cited companies provide spices, tea, coffee, and chocolate using only fair trade labour (please see to read up on it) and thus are, in my opinion, the most halal spice, tea, coffee & chocolate out there on the market. If you’d like to get your hands on some and support this growing movement (instead of supporting the exploitive capitalist corporations) then please see your local Oxfam chapter and/or the . Dr. Google is always helpful as well.


  • gslape

    This shoutout goes for my brother & sister at They have a great “live” store in Phoenix, AZ. You must see it nice clothes for the sisters and brothers, nice selection of books and gifts too. I really think they go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. The also have great prices. If you dont see what you need at the website or ebay, call them, they can get almost anything you need. My wife has bought lots of clothes and boks from

  • Sofiyah from RUSH Magazine

    “None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself” and so as the Editor of RUSH Magazine, I want to give my SHOUT OUT to the sisters over at SISTERS Magazine :)

    >>I received a subscription as a gift, alhamdulilah. And I love that SISTERS Magazine makes it a point to be Islamically accurate tabarakAllah, we need more businesses who are not afraid of putting their deen first, but rather proud and happy to do so, and so there is no negotiating when it comes to deen.

    >>You can check them out at

    Keep up the great work sisters! tabarakAllah

  • Saqib

    786 Pizza in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Really cheap pizzas and the money that they make goes to the 3 masjids that are here in Brampton (Makki Masjid, Great Lakes Masjid and Sunnatul Masjid). Its located on Queen Street and Mclaughlin Road. North on Mclaughlin and West on Queen street.

  • Usman Akhtar

    here’s a big one:

    Candles Banquet hall – this place is amazing. If you live in Southern Ontario, and are about to be married, have a business seminar, or need to cater food – these are your guys!!! It’s honestly the second best food I’ve ever tasted (and I used to be really fat!!!). They cater desi/italian/ or even some good old straight up white food.
    They catered for my sisters wedding, I am seriously recommending these guys.

    Hey HalfDate – you should make some kind of Directory or something of all the good services listed here with their respective comments, it’d be hard work but a serious asset to the Ummah!!!

  • Ahmed


    Like to give a shoutout to MuslimJobsOnline. It is a business I launched over a year ago. It has regular jobs for skill sets that Muslims already have. Check it out, you’ll be surprised.


  • Maria

    My shout out is for Rush Magazine for trying (and succeeding) in keeping their magazine CLEAN and PROPER. I have not been disappointed by the quality of their articles and how they stick to the sunnah. May Allah keep them going as my friends and I keep benefiting from their publication.

  • Yahsmin

    Because Islamic fashion is so hard to find (and keep around)…

  • whitney4sho

    Shout out to Odds N Ends Islamic Clothing in Lilburn Georgia! They have islamic clothing like thobes and abayas and also desi wear including salwar kameez’s for special occassions!

    Also a shout out to Aunty Aisha’h. If you are in the ATL or attend the Al Maghrib Seminars in Atlanta than you have probably bought and enjoyed some of her chinese/desi fusion food!

  • Ismail

    Just Muslim clothing, urban Islamic clothing for both men and women! Our clothing line is available in hoodies, jumpers, tracksuit set, jackets and t-shirts. Unique in style and clear in message! Just Muslim are the number one street seller in the UK! Support this new Islamic clothing line and make it possible for us to spread the message of Islam through clothing InshAllah. Inspire you, Inspire them!


    Just Muslim clothing, urban Islamic clothing for both men and women! Our clothing line is available in hoodies, jumpers, tracksuit set, jackets and t-shirts. Unique in style and clear in message! Just Muslim are the number one street seller in the UK! Support this new Islamic clothing line and make it possible for us to spread the message of Islam through clothing InshAllah. Inspire you, Inspire them!

  • Omarius

    The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah’s way is as the likeness of a grain which groweth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.
    – 2:261 Holy Quran

    Salam Sisters&Brothers,

    May i present:
    MuslimeHelfen e.V. – Thats a german islamic charity organisation. It’s name means “Muslims Help”. This organisation works worldwidely active. For Example in Uganda, Palästina, Tschechia and more.

    There is one activity that appealed me very much. The so called Sadaqa-Box. That’s a serving box which you can put @home @work or in the mosque or even in the toilett 😉 realy everywhere. And whenever you walk past it i.e. when leaving home at the checkroom you can put something inside it. The concept is that it doesn’t matter how much you put inside it, it’s just important to fill it continious. And when one year is over you get a letter from MuslimeHelfen in which they ask you if you want to let them collect the box. The box is ideal for everyone and everywhere! There is an extensive describtion of this an other activites on the internetsite

    How to contact them:

    Tel: (089) 321 99 19 0

    Bank accounts:
    Bank: Deutsche Bank
    Bankleitzahl: 700 700 24
    Konto-Nr.: 22 90 450

    Europa & International:
    IBAN: DE88 7007 0024 0229 0450 00


    Brother Omar from Germany

  • Samrin

    Asalaam alaikum,

    I would like to give 4 shoutouts please…

    1. – Should be visited!

    2. – Should be used!

    3. – Should be read!

    4. International Food Bazar – Nice Shawarmas! Should be eaten :)


  • Someone

    Shout out to

  • Chutney Lover


    Best nan (bread) from their tandori oven.

    2406 S Barrington Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    (310) 477-6263

  • huda

    shoutout for HPA industries for providing good herbs and product from herb based..i love their toiletries from herbs based too including their toothpaste,facial washes..their coffee r the best

  • SupplementGuy

    Sterling USA is a supplement manufacurer.

    Hardworking, muslim brother runing a supplement manufactoring.

    6739 San Fernando Rd
    Glendale, CA 91201
    (818) 507-4389

  • Rahmah

    At Masjid Darul Huda, there are several different schools. I would like to make a shout out to the school called Jamea Aisha. It is an ‘Alimah Course program for girls only. I attend it right now. The teachers are qualified and care a whole lot for their students. They are great role models, maashaa’Allah! It is located in Springfield, Virginia. It is not a boarding school.

  • AbuMujahid

    Business: sweetsunnah (
    Reason: good quality blackseed/oil, honey & other herbal products

  • zainab idriss

    salam ,
    my name is zainab idriss , i would like to open business with you , i will open a store of hijabs in beirut – Lebanon , and i would like to get hijabs from you , so if u please u can give me ur business website or e-mail ,to talk and make agreements :-)

    allah ywaffe2
    i hope u can reply

  • sabs

    Assalamu alaikum

    I would like to give a BIGG shout out to Sister Ayesha from Salsabil Boutique in Mississauga, ON (Canada).

    As a sister who wears an abaaya, I have a hard time finding modest, simple yet nice abaayas. Although there are many people who sell abaayas, I find that most of the abaayas they sell are covered in sequins, extravagant embroidery and designs that make the abaaya much more beautiful and attractive to the eye.. which obviously ‘defeats-the-purpose’.

    So when I went to Salsabil, I was pleasantly surprised! She has modest, decent and elegant abaayas, ranging from the simple designs wearable for work and college as well as some more fancier abaayas for Eid or other functions. She has all sorts of clothes, ranging from simple, empire waste abaayas, to sleeveless abaaysas (that are to be worn with a long sleeved shirt underneath), elegant skirts, tops, hijab pins, caps and not to mention her abundant collection of gorgeous hijabs!

    And not only will you be satisfied with her products, but you will be even more ‘wowed’ by her prices! From my experience, her prices are the cheapest I’ve ever come across!

    her website is or call (905) 824-4379.

    The sister carries really nice products, but unfortunately the website doesn’t have pictures of all the products online, and even the ones that do, they look much better in reality and when you try them on, so dont judge her product line simply from whats shown on her website. Hijabs and abaayas look much better when you actually see them!

    So for anyone looking for wearable, modest yet elegant abaayas and hijabs, I would highlyyy recommend for you to go there and see her products in person. It really makes all the difference when you try them on!

    And one more thing that I loved when I went there.. was the service. She was very helpful, kind and truly gave her undivided attention to the customer and genuinely spent as much time was needed to make sure the customer was satisfied. Oh and another thing… since i bought so many things from her, she let choose one free hijab and that just topped it all off! :)

    Ps. Whenever I wear the abaayas and the hijabs I bought from her, I always get compliments and people really like the style and colours. So that alone, shows how nice her products are.

  • DL Member

    Alhamdulilah with the help of the discover u and the live events that sheikh Mohammed runs I was able to take a monumental step of applying to 8 Masters programs December of last year, after waiting almost 4 years to take that step. Last month I had received eight letters, all where acceptance letters some with scholarship efforts allahuAkbar.

    This fall I will be starting the program of my choice

    To let you in a little secret I never applied before out of fear of rejection and failure during the first “live your dreams” event the sheikh gave us ½ hour to do anything to take major step to words our dreams I went downstairs and submitted my first online application in that ½ hour in that hotel right there and than …..some thing I wanted for 4years done in ½ hr ….wow

    Alhamdulilah Now I never let an opportunity pass by me due to doubt or lack of effort. I know I am ready to make all my dreams a reality ya Allah give me tawfiiq.
    A first of my series of success stories to come InshaAllah

    I thank you all for your dues and support may Allah bless you all