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Shoutout for Halal Business Drive

Update May 7th, 2008:

Alhamduillah, another successful DateDrive. All praises are due to Allah, then the support of YOU.

Many wondered why we did a shoutout drive for halal business. Many even thought it was a waste of time (Ouch! Isn’t that the mentality of Noah’s people about building the Arc!).

Anyway, for those who participated, from the bottom/top/inside/outside of our hearts, may Allah reward you with tooooooons of rewards. BTW, can you believe that we prayed for you during the last hour of Jumaah, which we hoped that would match the acceptance hour!!! So, if that how we “mean” people show our appreciation to you, can you imagine the generosity of the most generous with those who help his DEEN and halal causes? Wait and see the fruits! May Allah accept your good ones!

Update May 2nd, 2008:

If you don’t know about HalfDate, click about us, or call CNN :). Basically, every Hijri month we put together a “DateDrive” where you, a member of the Ummah, work together with other members of the Ummah to achieve a specific DateDrive target. This month is to collect 70 shoutouts for Halal businesses.

In-sha-Allah, next drive will start on May 8th, where you will be helping a charity for Muslim women. If you want to recommend any Muslim women charities, please click contact us and submit your proposal, the charity has to be an officially registered entity, with email/phone and preferably can accept donation online.

Also, for next drive you can contribute by donating money or answering a survey (for each person, the survey sponsor will donate $1 for the charity).

Update April 29, 2008:

So, why are we collecting these shoutouts?

You tell me.

There are 1001 benefits from these shoutouts, the least to show your appreciation, for examples,

“I have never come across a place that is so hospitable and one that would stay open past business hours for a customer. It definitely showed me who there priority was– their CUSTOMER!” -Mariam shouts out for Computers & Laptops, Etc., Inc.

Or to provide insights like this:

“Its sad that brothers can work in American branches of Egyptian companies with a beard, but they are told to shave it off if they want to be accepted to work in the Egyptian branch!!!” -A.S

-end of updates-

Original post begins here

How do you feel when you see a woman with a child begging outside of your masjid?

Most probably, you’d feel sorry for them, and if they were genuinely in need, you’d help them.

But, this DateDrive is not about them.

Okay, here is another question.

How do you feel when you see a Muslim running a halal business trying to earn some halal money?

Most probably…nothing 😛

Yes, Islam commands us to help the weak members of our society, but the goal of this help is so that one day they can be strong. Islam never encourages begging, that’s why we’re suppose to give to needy people before they even ask.

Yes, it’s good to donate in general, and you’re rewarded for that.

But here at HalfDate, you and I got no dates to waste and we want to support growth projects, where you can make a lasting difference, e.g. education, awareness, …

<Okay, enough philosophical big talk>

So… in this DateDrive, YOU are REVIVING the SUNNAH again… Because YOU want to reward those striving Muslims who, in many cases, are needy and struggling with their businesses, yet they ARE following the true teaching of the Prophet (peace and prayer be upon him) when he said

“The best earnings are the halal transactions, and the earnings with one’s hand” -Collected by Sahih Aljamia.

أفضل الكسب بيع مبرور ، وعمل الرجل بيده

So, what’s this DateDrive all about?

In-sha-Allah in this DateDrive, you will give a shout out for any halal businesses that you personally dealt with and LOVED.

Deadline: End of Rabia-l-Thani, 1429 (May 7, 2008)

Goal: HalfDate collects 70 shoutouts for any halal business owned or run by Muslims

Now, what’s in it for you?

A LOT, here are just seven benefits:

1. You are helping a Muslim businessperson
2. You are helping a halal business
3. You are making your brother/sister happy
4. You are encouraging better business practice
5. You are helping the economy of the Muslim community
6. You are following the teachings of enjoining good and forbidding evil (in business practices and customer service)
7. You are reviving the sunnah of your beloved Prophet (peace and prayers be upon him) by doing all of the above

How to post your shoutouts?

List three things in the comment section:

1. Business name (and what they do, if it’s not clear from their name)
2. Why you LOVED their service/product
3. How to contact them

IMPORTANT: Business entities CANNOT praise themselves; they have to ask their customers to do so. HalfDate reserves the right to delete any comments if we receive complaints about the business or if it’s not appropriate for our audience.

So… A R E… Y O U… R E A D Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bismillah & SHOUT OUT


May Allah reward you with a palm tree in Jannah

Sometimes, we as consumers can provide so much joy to our service providers.

So…have you recently expressed thanks to the people at the halal restaurant, halal meat shop, bookstore, school, …?

The prophet (peace and prayers be upon him) said: “Whoever doesn’t thank people, doesn’t thank Allah.”

Here is a sample testimonial that a reader of a magazine sent to the editor.

From: Rabia
Date: 23 Mar 2008 23:05
To: editor@s——

Assalamu Alaikum,

I pray you and your family are well,insha’allah.

I had recently been surfing the net when I came across “saif clothing” and it had a ad about your magazine. As soon as i’d seen this I quickly ordered a copy. Masha’allah when it came I couldn’t stop reading it.

I found that every article was so wonderfully written. And I have to tell you that I wept after reading the stories about the sisters whose children had passed away.

The magazine was so attractive that my 4 year old boy kept wanting to “read” it too!

Also I thank Allah for people like yourselves that go to great lengths to help other Muslims through your work. May Allah help you to reach your goals and give you peace and contentment.

I would like to subscribe directly from you in the future. I haven’t taken out a subscription as of yet. Insha’allah I was hoping to do so when the next issue is out in april, so that I don’t get any of previous copies by mistake.

Jazak Allah Kairan sister.
Rabia umm Zakariya.

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  • Dawud Israel

    Great idea! Although I think we should focus on the more socially conscious Muslim businesses (the ones that help out the poor as well)

    Halal Chocolate Bar:
    I love this because it makes chocolate so worthwhile!

    These guys are awesome because they are like the front line of technological progress in the Ummah

    Fitness for Muslims:
    This brother shares his story about how obese he was and how he got into shape. Really one-of-a-kind stuff!

  • A’ishah Borzea

    1. Halalco Books and Gifts (Grocer & Bookstore)
    2. They have a large selection of Islamic books of all topics that really are invaluable for someone in the Washington DC metro area who needs information about Islam, or anything of the sort. Especially helpful when unable to order online (but they do have a website as well). I’ve bought books from them for both myself, others and even my son. Also, their selection of hijabs and other items is really good too. My first hijab was bought from them! :)
    Halalco Supermarket, 155 Hillwood Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046
    Phone: 703-532-3202 Fax 703-533-1234 (If busy, use 703-241-0035)

  • mfu77

    This is a New Halal place in Brooklyn, NY that is trying to establish itself. If you like the food, then give them some support.

  • Mujju

    1. Product Muslim
    2. Awesome site with mucho potential to benefit the Muslim Community. Place for people to think creatively, innovative-ly and bring ideas together to work on projects and possible businesses together.

  • Sister Maryam

    Computers & Laptops, Etc., Inc.
    Brother Mahmood Khan
    140 N. Benson Ave. Suite C
    Upland, CA 91786
    (909) 985-0051

    A few months ago, I was having trouble with my home computer. I had become quite stressed out searching for a repair shop because I needed to use that computer to take an exam online by connecting through a school program. I called around everywhere! I even lugged my computer over to Best Buy and Circuit City, but I had no luck. Everyone wanted to keep my computer over night for “diagnostics”. Then, upon driving back home unsuccessful, I saw a small computer store. Despite the fact that it was about 5 pm, I decided to make a final attempt, and SubhanAllah, to my surprise the store was Muslim family owned. I explained the problem I was having with the computer and emphasized the importance of needing my computer to use the very next morning. The brother took my computer in right away and began to work on it. The sister at the front desk kept assuring me that my computer would be fixed right away and I would be able to go home with it. She offered my a seat and something to drink. The store normally closes at 6 pm, however, the brother stayed longer to complete the repair of my computer. The entire time that I was there I was entertained by coversation with the sister and her hospitality. I noticed that at the front of the store there was a “Dawah” table set up with free copies of the Qur’an in English, Arabic, and Spanish as well as numerous pamphlets. Also, every customer that came in was encouraged by the sister to pick up a copy of the Qur’an in the appropriate language. Finally, when my computer was done at about 7:00 pm, the brother brought it out to my car. I went back in to pay the bill, but the sister told me that there would be no charge for the labor as a courtesy. Their only requests were to remember them in my Duaa’ and refer people to them. Jazahum Allah Khair, May Allah bless both the sister and the brother for their efforts. I have never come across a place that is so hospitable and one that would stay open past business hours for a customer. It definitely showed me who there priority was– their CUSTOMER!

  • Abuayisha

    Great! What an excellent opportunity to “shoutout” about a printing company I have used for many years: Print-O-Nas Printers, 5137 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90016 – (323) 934-9292. This company is family owned, honest and hard-working Muslims, who not only provide a valuable service to our community, but as give back to their community through charitable contributions. Salaams, Abuayisha

  • sahmed

    I’ve been ordering my Eid cards (and other stationary) from them for about two years. Their designs are elegant and some of their cards are quite creative (muslim wedding card, thank you cards, etc.)

  • Muslim007

    Pizza Roma
    9805 Rhode Island Avenue
    College Park, MD 20740
    (301) 982-2551

    Shoutout to Pizza Roma’s in College Park, MD for providing the best halal subs in the DC metro area! Be sure to call your order in ahead of time:)

  • UmmAmirah

    Islamic Garb Gallery
    4909 B Niagara Rd.
    College Park MD

    This brother has all the nice/quality jibabs/hijabs and abayas. Have a special occasion? Work? leasure? Hajj…check them out.

  • UmmAmirah

    4911 Niagara Road, Second Floor, College Park, MD 20740

    (Off of Route 1/Baltimore Avenue, near IHOP & IKEA, Around the corner from MOM’s (My Organic Market), and above the Islamic Garb Gallery)

    Service’s for sister.
    Sister Saffiyah give a GREAT massage. Every sister needs to treat herself..and every brother needs to treat his wife/sister/mother/aunt/cousin/mother in law LOL

  • UmmAmirah

    Sweet Tooth Cakes and Pastries.

    56 Ritchie Rd.
    Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743
    Phone: (301) 808-7727
    They made a BAD sweet potatoe cheesecake!!!!
    check them out…often!
    because everything is good.

  • Sofia

    Where? Pastry House, Birmingham

    Why? Nice little bakery shop owned by Muslims. soooo delicious food. Cakes and savoury are great. especially the paninies. :)…and the place is CLEAN and you can eat in or out.

    Details? Coventry Road, Birmingham, B10

  • http://Lh mfu_sc

    Go Al Sanabel bakery and foods in Orange County, CA

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  • ummbasheer

    Shoutouts for:

    1. for promoting Muslim eateries, and making it easier to find something halal when you’re out of town. Hope we’ll get some spin-offs of this idea (reviews of hajj/umrah services perhaps?)

    2. Second shout-out to Pizza Roma (College Park, MD) – they really are that good.

    3. aka sooq al-huda aka halal4u also in College Park for establishing itself with the intention of supporting Al-Huda School.

    4. All the halal meat stores (like Kashmir Bazaar in Beltsville MD) who take the bold step of selling halal meat without renting out Bollywood movies at the same time! Now there’s a concept!!!

  • abu aisha

    shootout for brick dome pizza. They have nice authentic pizzas..and they are open late, so all you UCLA/USC students.. check it out.

    7905 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5107
    Phone: (323) 650-4041

  • Aamir

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatulahih wa Barakatuh

    I want to send a shout out to San Giovanni Pizzeria. San Giovanni’s is a halal pizza joint down in Orange County(Anaheim), CA.
    I really think the place has some good food especially the pizza. Also, the place is zabihah and has such toppings as turkey bacon, pepperoni, turkey ham, etc. so you have the opportunity of trying toppings you may have never tried before. Also, you don’t have to worry about contamination with pork on the pizza cutter, touching your pizza, etc.The price is decent and might be a little bit more expensive than a normal pizza joint like dominos or pizza hut but in my opinion it’s almost the same and it’s worth it for the taste and the peace of mind.
    There website is and if you’re ever down in the OC or just passing through I recommend trying them out; also the brother who owns the place is always polite, so that is a plus.

  • UmmAbdurrahman

    1. SISTERS Magazine
    2. I love these sisters for helping me remember that I’m not just a Muslim- I’m a Muslim woman. Way too often I get caught up in my chores or worries, and I forget the beautiful things about being a girl. They remind me, alhamdulillah!

  • Islamify

    I recently found out about the site It’s basically a big job board for Muslims who want halaljobs. I think it’s an awesome idea and I would like it to succeed but it needs a lot of users and more exposure for it to be really effective so inshallah, I hope that everyone spreads it around and uses it inshallah to benefit Muslims everywhere, especially sisters who can get opportunities to workhalal from home.

  • Islamify

    I also liked the slick new Islamic Toolbar that you can download here: I like the design and the idea. I was so impressed I talked to the dude who made it and he told me he has more cool stuff in store for it. It is something to really support, inshallah.

  • Ummu Sulaimaan

    Bismillahi was Salaatu was Salaamu ‘alaa Rasulillahi
    As Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh,

    Unity Brand Halal Meats is an excellent stop for all of your halal meat purchases. Serving the tristate area for over 40 years, they offer fresh beef, chicken, lamb, etc. They are located at:
    Unity Brand Halal Products
    94 Orange Street,
    Clifton, NJ 07012, USA

    One unique feature of this Halal meat store, is that they offer a wide variety of meat products, such as sausages (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish) and burgers (beef, turkey). They also offer halal chicken nuggets and patties, and a whole lot of different options.

    I love this store, because they have worked hard for Al-Islam since 1968. They are a fully-functional operation, meaning they have the facilities and staff to produce their own specialty products!

    They even offer discounts to senior citizens and travelers!

    May Allah bless all of the Muslims who obey Allah in their rizq and may Allah increase them, Ameen.

    Their website is under construction, but their business is very active!

  • UmmIdris

    As salaamu alaykum, Insha’allah please lokk at this sadaqah fund geared toward helping muslim familes with basic needs.

    Worthwhile cause to support insha’allah. A few of the things they attempt to assist with are:

    Financial Assistance to Muslim Families, Gift Khimars,New Shahadah Gift Book Packet, Community Projects,Summer Learning & Crafts Homeschool Box

    Check out the site for more details!

  • asiftufail

    assalam o alaikum,
    i would like to say about lloyd star shipping agency llc in dubai uae,doing halal business through halal sources mashaAllah,we pray for them in every success of their halal earnings and may Allah give them passion and stability.ameen

  • UmmJalal

    Optimize It Designs – A Muslim owned and operated Graphic and Web Design company.

    This company strives to be more and more each day, and to care genuinley for each and everyone of it’s customers. It strives hard to remain steadfast on Islamic design principles without going going over the lines of Allah.

    And in the midst of growing and expanding, it continues to give back to the Ummah
    by remaining charitible.

    Highly recommended!!

  • Nauman Shafi

    I would like to talk about Al M’aida Kitchen. It is the only restaurant to my knowledge in North America which runs from inside the mosque ( Islamic Center of Raleigh ) and is owned by the mosque and has very good menu, management and FOOD.
    I Highly recommend any one in the area to visit IAR and eat at Al M’aida.
    It is at 808 atwater street, raleigh, nc

  • Purvis The Muslim

    I want to shout out to Zamani, a halal restaurant and grocery store in the Houston TX area. They are next to Masjid As-Salaam ( and are a blessing to our community:

    9440 Louetta Rd # 3
    Spring, TX 77379
    (281) 251-9111

    They attract not only Muslims, but many non-Muslims as well, Alhamdulillah.

    I also want to shout out to “Texas Halal” ( a company that sells halal chicken in HEB grocery stores across Texas. That’s a regular grocery store, folks! Halal meat is becoming available in mainstream stores!

  • Muslim

    JustQuran site

    A video sharing site, got no music and nonsense, only good contents, alhamdulillah.

    Visit them on the Web,

  • Umm Junayd

    — Muslim Writer’s Publishing
    — A one-woman run publishing business that has published over 15 books. Linda (Widad) Delgado (the publisher) is determined to publish quality Islamic books, especially Islamically-orientated fiction (call it Halaal-Fiction, if you like), and does not get a single penny profit from it – she gives 100% royalty to her authors. TabaarakAllaah!

  • Iman Kouvalis

    I want to give a shout out to the leading Sisters’ personal lifecoach (and her business WowEnergy!) taught directly by Muhammad Alshareef.

    As a life coach, she pushes you to be super accountable for reaching your ultimate goals that were once dreams. She asks you the tough questions that no one else would even think to ask. She gets you thinking deeply about WHY you want to complete such a task and if it really ties in with what’s important in your life.

    May Allah continue to make her business a success! You can reach her at

  • Saba

    I would like to give a shout out to a muslim publisher that I have recently bought some islamic books from…..Muslim Writers Publishing. I was very pleased with the quality of both the service and the books themselves. If you are looking for quality islamic fiction and non-fiction, this is the place to go.


  • Amal

    It might sound strange highlighting two companies in Egypt, as many assume that businesses here are halal, but sadly that is not always the case; some haram usually creeps in somewhere.

    These are two companies that are not specifically working in an Islamic field, but they only employ practising Muslims, giving brothers who wear beards or sisters who wear niqabs a place to earn an income in an Islamic atmosphere, with the reassurance that the companies will only deal with halal contracts and in a halal manner.

    They are Future Group, which started off in the localization field and are now expanding into other areas:

    And Sahm, which is an information, communication, and media technologies company:

    All great guys who need all the support they can get.

  • abu aisha

    Famous Burger

    They just opened a new place in central los angeles at
    4143 E. Florence Ave, Bell, CA 90201

    nice halal burgers.

  • Abu Omar

    Bang Sang Thai Restaurant
    Awesome Food Nice people!
    505 Jones Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102-2007
    (415) 440-2610

  • tanwir – without this website, dont know how many muslims have gone hungry for halal food and groceries.

    Restaurant – If you like homemade arabic cuisine – I recommend Princess Market and Deli (2620 West Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ 85202-1071)

  • mohommed riza nawaz

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Dear Brothers and Sisters Around the world
    This is about Sri lanka,and there is place called ISLAMIC BOOK HOUSE,where you can find nice books with nice service,hadees books,quiraath cd’s etc,
    insha Allah visit that place

    NO:77,Sri vajiragnana Mawatha(Dematagoda Road)
    Colimbo – 09


  • Mifrah

    This great business is in Sydney, Australia. Its an excellent bookstore, called Bukhari House Islamic Bookstore… There are a wide range of Authentic Islamic books and they also hold classes / events there. Worth checking out

    109-111 Auburn Rd , Auburn, in Sydney Australia

  • Linda Delgado

    As Salaam’Alaykum

    I would like to give a BIG shout-out of support for–an online Muslim book retailer. The sales manager of this retail store has made Islamic fiction books authored by new Muslim authors available to the Muslim public when most Muslim book retailers won’t give their support or make books availabe for purchase.

    The sales manager, br. Adnan A. Khattak, has assisted me for the past 5 years by giving generous discounts and free shipping for books I order and have shipped to Islamic school libraries here in the USA. I use the profits from my 6 authored book sales to promote literacy in Islamic schools by giving free books each year. I am able to give more books each year because of the generosity of and br. Adnan! gives back to the community–just wanted people to know about this fine Muslim business!

    Linda Delgado (AKA Widad)
    Muslim Author and Publisher

  • Dawud Israel

    Quick Pita
    I’ve eaten here quite a few times and always am satisfied with there food. Lebanese, Pakistan food–they even got halaal “Western” food like their Philly steak and cheese. These guys are like a monopoly at the RIS food court (Toronto’s Islamic conference)

  • Dawud Israel

    Phatwa Factory Muslim t-shirts.
    Easily the funniest t-shirts out there.

    Maniac Muslim t-shirts
    I wear this quite to look cool. I think their website store is down at the moment :)

    1 Islam Productions
    They make all the top-notch Dawah films, audios, of Sh. Khalid Yasin. Thousands of Shahadahs just waiting to happen!

  • Fouzia Usman

    Assalamu alaikum

    So here is my shoutout…..

    About: A hifz school combined with academic curriculum located right here in Southern CA in the city of Cerritos.

    Name: Al Ilm Educational Insitute

    How do I know them ?

    Well, I moved to LA 3 years before and since then both my kids are going to this school. Alhamdulilah! I have seen many kids graduated as a Haafiz and my son is half way thru and my daughter who is 5 years just started her quran. Masha Allah!

    It is so funny when one day when we all prayed behind my husband and after the prayer she went right to her dad and said..”U made a mistake in this soorah.. its supposed be said like this…. and u said like this. U have to correct it”.

    I just enjoyed it very much and those are the beginning fruits that we are harvesting now from this school. Masha Allah!

    On May-24th, saturday evening from 6-9 they have “Huffadh graduation Ceremony” in
    Brookhurst community center
    2271 West Crescent Ave.

    I was there last year during the graduation ceremony, and SubhanaAllah, I have to admit that 75% of time my eyes were filled with tears… Its so beautiful to see all the boys whose age ranged from 10-16 to become a haafiz. What graduation ceremony in the world can beat this ? Harvard, Stanford…nothing can beat this.

    I have tickets available. Please let me know if you want to take part in this ceremony.

    Also, due to increasing number of students the school is trying to buy a place on its own where it can teach more students both boys and girls. We are living in Southern CA and everybody knows how expensive here the housing market is.

    But insha Allah, this is for a very good cause, and if all muslims can give the school a helping hand even if we spend to buy just a brick, that brick will be a sadakathhul jaariya for us even after we die as we are looking for 100s and 100s of students to memorize the quran in upcoming years insha Allah.

    All of us have the passion to memorize quran and all of us wanted our children to memorize the quran. But only few of us get the opportunity. But here is an opportunity to create future huffaz of this ummah right here in Southern CA. So grab this opportunity to give a helping hand to this school.

    May Allah reward thier work and reward our work and accept our intentions and actions. Ameen.


  • miz_eila

    I don’t have any favourite Halal restaurant, mainly because there are not so many available, here in Wellington. However, I always frequent this Halal butcher at Kilberney, Wellington. The brother that runs the place is from Fiji and he’s always very friendly (when I have the chance to be served by him, he’s very busy. not always at the shop). so yeah, thank you brother for providing us with Halal meat and chicken. lol. I hope you can also sell fresh Halal chicken, not only meat and frozen chicken. lol.

    Bintu Saffini

  • Kaleidoscopic

    1) Islam Orient
    2) They have excellent quality clothing and had very good response and delivery, good prices *thumbs up*

  • Kaleidoscopic

    1) Amirah Fashions
    2) I didn’t like the product I ordered HOWEVER they were very quick to give me a full refund and took into consideration by dislike of that clothing

  • Nada

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    This is a shoutout for

    1. Minaret Design
    2. This is a greeting card/custom design (web, posters, invitations, etc.) business. I had my wedding invites custom made and was very pleased with EVERYTHING…from product to service to time and effort…you name it! Guests also loved the design.
    3. Though the website hasn’t been updated recently and many cards say “out of stock”…don’t let that turn you away! Just e-mail and you’ll get a speedy reply in shaa’ Allaah.

  • Megan Wyatt


    I love Shukr Online Clothing.

    There customer service has been awesome. ONe time, I ordered a shirt, and it had a defect, and they simply sent me an email credit on my word, and I ordered another shirt. As simple as that. I was really impressed. Everything else I’ve ordered has always been good quality, and yes they are pricey, but for everyone who shops in a mall, its comparative.

  • Iman Kouvalis

    I recently read this e-book on how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars when buying a house. And it’s true. It was a real eye-opener but reasonably easy to implement. The author is Muslim and the book includes easy how-to steps along with ready made forms for you etc. The author also gives you excellent insight onw which questions to ask your lawyer too.
    Check it out:

  • Salmad

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    I am very impressed by the quality, price and the customer service of a Muslim women clothing store located in Canada and selling their products online ( and in a store located in Montreal as well.

    I love their clothes; they are unique and adapted to the North American Muslim Women.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “None of you truly believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.”

    So, I would like to shear with you this privilege: to deal with

    Assalamu Alaykum.

  • Hermana

    Shoutout to Amina Thai restaurant in rockville maryland!
    Quality cuisine, great service, friendly staff wonderful atmosphere! Try the thai ice tea and chicken panang!

  • aliye44

    how do i register to this so i can get any new info ???