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Silent Dawah Drive

DateDrive of Shabaan 1429/Aug 2008
This drive is proposed by your sisters and brothers from the UK

Alhamdulillah, TOGETHER, Allah made this project possible.

To stay in touch with SignLabs project, please join the mailinglist.

Subscribers will be immediately informed of:

* new training material,
* details of sign language workshops,
* future webinars,
* the latest Sign Islam initiatives,
* and lots more, insha’Allah!

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Brianne “Bree” Weber has revert to Islam, and believes that it would have never happened if a sign language interpreter was not available at the masjid.

The missing block is YOU

What: Convey the message of Islam to your hearing impaired brothers and sisters

Why: The messenger of Allah (peace and prayer be upon him) was sent as a mercy for all humanity, those who can hear and those who cannot

DateDrive Goals:
1- Enroll 35 members to be part of English speech-to-text transcription team.
2- Collect 200 surveys

What’s in it for you: Rewards from Allah for leading others to goodness, in-sha-Allah

Deadline: Aug, 19, 2008

Action Required:

1- You can fill the survey *new survey link*

Here is something happened behind the scene:

“darn, just checked.,,, you have to upgrade to Pro to collect more than 100 responses!!!! We need to create a new survey immediately, and change the links… i’ll get on it now, insha’Allah.” LOL. Guess who was this person, May Allah reward *her*

2- You can post a good word or dua for your Deaf/deaf brothers and sisters, by the way, Deaf and deaf are different, google it!click here.
3- You can join the transcription team, if you can listen/type English. No need experience.
Subscribe to Al-Qasas: Muslim Transcription Society

The transcription team will be trained by Al-Qasas, an online transcription society devoted to transcribing Islamic lectures for the benefit of others.

Want more details?
Visit Project Sign Islam
Read a a nice post about this project.

Global Deaf Muslim

Logo and symbols:
Graphic Artists Guild and Rhode Island CDHH

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  • Maria I

    As-salaam ‘alaykum Warahmatullah,

    I have seen many many support groups/organizations that are working for numerous amazing causes, but this one is truly one of a kind and tops off many. Insha’Allah any thing I can do to support… I’m in!
    May Allah accept and reward the intentions and the good work.

  • Sabs

    I would love to join the transcription team. Please sign me up :) and may Allah reward everyone involved in this awesome effort!

  • muslimah

    let’s all learn sign language…how do u say Allah in sign languagE?


    @Muslimah: I am not sure if it is the same in all forms of sign language, but in BSL, the sign for Allah is closing your fist, elevating your hand around head level, and pointing your index finger towards the sky. Like you’re communicating the Oneness of God, whilst also indicating His Greatness above us all. One example of how the power of sign lies in its succinctness, masha’Allah.

  • Abu Eman

    Subhanallah I would see the reverts taking so enthusiastically to Islam and wonder on how Allah changes the hearts of those who take steps towards Him. And then this drive comes around – and makes you gasp at the sheer greatness of Allah. Here are people who did not hear the bible thumpers or hallelujahs in the christian congregations and neither did they hear that winning argument given by an Islamic scholar but yet they believe in Allah!!! How remarkable they are and how great is the glory of Allah SWT.

  • al-Qasas

    As salamu alaykum,

    Sister Maryam an earlier post I made describes the crux of the project, insha’Allah.

    If you haven’t already joined and are still interested please send us an email.

    Barak’Allahu feekum


  • Muslim

    I ask Allah to reward all those who helped. Especially, our deaf brothers and sisters.

    May Allah gather us under His shade.

  • Gloriale

    May Allah bless you all!
    I’m so happy of being here with you today, just started checking the signs!
    from a new sister 😀

  • deedee

    may allah reward all those involved in halfdate, with the highest of jannah!! mau he protect us all from the evils of this life nad the next!!! ameen!!!!!

  • Yusuf Abdullah

    Salaamu alaykum wa rahmaullahi wa barakatuh

    Subhannallah! May Allah bless this ummah with the taqwa that is needed. May He reward those who strive in His cause and those that seek His pleasure in varying ways. The deaf brothers and sisters are truly our mirrors that are spoken about in the hadith, reminds us of the infinite Mercies and bounties that are bestowed upon us daily….may we be the grateful servants that we should be. Ameen.

  • Jamaaz

    May Allah reward you all!

  • zakariya

    We thank the Almighty Allah (SWT) that has blessed us with the opportunity to make the deaf understand without ears and the blind to learn without eyes. May the Almighty continue to guide and bless us. May Allah guide us here and the hereafter.

  • Young Anonymous Sister

    Mashallah, this was a very tghoughtful drive, and made me aware of the deaf muslim community, (the blind muslim community is well-known due to saut-un-nur). inshallah when i am older i will be able to donate monetarily to the drives, but for now its just comments and polls and surveys from me.
    Btw, i think there should be a better intro to the website, as at first i didnt know what it was all about.(i thought it was just like a joke!), Also there should be a draft E-mail we can send out to others, because i don’t know what 2 write!

  • caynan

    SubhanAllah great work is being done by fellow brothers and sisters in regards to promoting needed attention of the deaf muslims and blind muslims aswell. I will make dua for this drive and others drives that i hope inshallah i will be part of actively.


  • a brother

    Wow, didn’t know that Deaf and deaf have different meanings.

    Thanks for the info

  • Sam / Zahid

    Al- Sami will hear all of our silence as Allah will know all the good we do for our Brothers & Sisters. Our hearts will open, insh’Allah.

  • DanyalLodhi

    Asalam Alaikum to my brothers and sisters in Islam,

    I wish I could donate some money, however, I’m only in the position to give some dua’s to all the muslims who are striving hard to spread goodness in this world. These people are working day and night behind the scenes, doing jihad, so that many needy people around the world can have a better life.

    So my Salams and Duas to all my muslim brothers and sisters who are striving hard. May Allah SWT unite the Ummah for the betterment of mankind. InshAllah.

  • cynthia

    salam aleikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
    subhanu allah!so much kindness and goodwilling in these projects.we have to work hard to make the ummah the comunity which it should be.alhamdulillah that we have this chance,we should grab it and fullfill our duty,it makes me cry whenever i see these devoted brothers and sisters
    may Allah reward you all !

  • deedee

    salaam alaikum brothers and sisters!!!!!
    jazakallah khairan for coming up withsuchgood ideas and doing dawah not to just the majority of people who have no problems but to people who have needs like the deaf!!! this is very much appreciated!!!! may allah shower all those involved with blessings!!!! ameen!!!!!

  • zakariya

    Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullah,

    This site is timely and beneficial not only issues relating to the disabled but for all of us. Yesterday in the Masjid somebody stood up and enlightened us on how some people are leaving islam for lack of knowlege (Subhanalillah). This is an opportunity to really do Daawah.

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    Mashallah, a successful drive, to help our deaf muslim Brothers and Sisters.
    Inshallah, Allah will reward all those involved. (even those of us that just did the survey and commented!) Ameen!

  • Aminat

    Asalamualaikum waramotullah wabarakatuh,
    My last comment would be that I pray to Almighty Allah to continue to grant us strenght in order to help his cause, this cause and any of his causes for that matter. Also, if there is any way I can donate any little penny kindly let me know. All of you guys are very much appreciated.

  • Serendipity

    Just learned the difference between Deaf & deaf.
    Great to know that the drive was a success, alhumdullilah.

    Btw, the new signature “Tamra ibn Khajoor” is crackin hilarious! (now thats taking ‘dates’ to a new level).

  • veiledbeauty1

    Salaam Alekum W.W
    Jazakumllahi Khairan to all brothers and sisters working hard to propagate this religion of peace.May Almighty Allah SWT bless you all,accept your deeds as acts of Ibadah,plant your feet firm on the path of Al-Islam and count you among the inmates of Al-Janah Firdaus on the day of Qiyamah,Amin.

  • Faraz

    May Allah reward everyone involved. Insha-Allah, I will try to contribute in whatever way I can later in the year.

  • sacbutteredtoast

    A great effort 😀

    May Allah SWT bring great success to this project and all those who are involved (using it and helping out)


  • fatima-zahra

    asalaam o alaikum wa rehmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    i would just like to say have sabr in this world and Allah subhanahu wata’ala will reward you more than you can think of in this world and in the hereafter. Inshallah. All we have to do is keep hold of our imaan and inshallah Allah subhanahu wata’ala will make it easy for us. Ameen

  • mustaque

    Alhamdulillah, it looks like we are all to a wonderful start. I hope and pray all the volunteers will continue to be motivated long after this initial spurt, inshaAllah.

  • Marita

    Oh Allah! Bestow on us endurance and make our foothold sure and give us help against those who reject faith. ameen

  • S.E.A. NiQaBi

    Assalamu’alaikum wbt,

    May Allah SWT reward everyone involved in the Silent Dawah Drive as well as HalfDate inshaAllah.

    I am sure the rewards reaped inshaAllah are well worth the time & effort fueled by those involved.

    This is a good reminder for me as well as our brothers & sisters out there to make time to promote projects & sites like these.

    InshaAllah I will participate in the upcoming projects.

  • http://sorryihavenowebsites! sarah

    Salaam Alaikum,Allah has made this whole Half Date project,subhannalah may Allah guide people to truth, and inshallah, i also hope that this this helped alot of people, and May Allah (swt) reward you all(everyone) who helped in with this project. Walaikum Salaam.

  • http://sorryihavenowebsites! sarah

    Salaam Alaikum,May the Lord Allah (swt) help you and keep you all on the straight path, and keep doing good deeds and ask for Allahs (swt) mercy,therefore not only good deeds will get you to enter Paradise. Walaikum`Alaikum`,:D

  • amatullah

    Assalamu alaykum! May Allah reward u all 4 ur efforts and may Allah give us the taufeeq to continue to help spread goodness in the world ameen!

  • princessaisha90

    Salaam, May Allah reward all those involves in this dawah! Inshallah i will try to help future dawah !!



  • Ameer

    Masha Allah..

    Lets do our best….. may Allah Azzawajjal guide us and save us from all evils…

  • butterfly2729

    Salam alaikum to every Muslim reading!!

    Inchallah this will be a great beginning for Ramadan inchallah.
    Keep up the good work :)

    Allah akbar!

  • Habayeb

    Subha’nallah you guys secured more volunteers than your original quota of 35 members! May Allah swt reward all those behind Al Qasas, Halfdate and signslab and even the brothers and sisters willing to help out.

  • mummyjaan

    Jazakumullah for a very worthy and noble effort.


    Jazakumallah khair everyone for your kind words! Ameen to all the beautiful aadiyah. Please join the SignLabs mailing list so we can inform you of future initiatives and training material as soon as it is ready to go, insha’Allah.

  • Sajjaad

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Jazaak Allaah for great job!

  • Ackrem

    Assamu Alaykum brothers and sisters

    I am very proud of this drive and I hope are deaf brothers and sisters feel the love and respect we have for them and I hope Allah makes things easy for
    them Amin May we all meet each other in Jannah til Firdaus Amin

  • ummkhidar

    Assalamoalikum everyone!

    subhan Allah a real great effort by muslim youth …may Allah subhan wa taa’allah rewards everyone who is taking part in silent dawa….
    unfortunately i wont be able to join u guys soon……but i do hope to get back ASAP…Insha’allah!!!!
    so guys do ur best and remember all muslimeen in ur dua’s…!!! INSHA’ALLAH


  • umm najm

    How r u brothers and sisters,,
    hope u all fine by the grace of all.
    My mother language is urdu,, n i find a lot of difficulty in communicating in English,, so plz nobody mind if i being late in replying anyone’s message or adding any comments,,
    best regards,
    umm najm

  • Sis Nusaybah

    May Allah continue to make things easy for this endevor. Ameen. I signed up for both yahoo groups, insha’Allah I can help make a difference.

  • anonymous

    wut up man

  • anonymous

    wutup man

  • ramiza


    Its a brilliant drive!
    im not in the UK.. but i really hope that this silent dawah drive, will benefit everyone Insha Allah!

    May Allah Subhanallahu Taala reward us all from those who benefits it..ameen

    keep it going!!

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