My New Life Resolution Drive

DateDrive of Shawwal 1429/Oct 2008
Type of DateDrive: Non-monetary

What: Using the momentum of Ramadan to push your new life resolution.

So, you’ve tasted the sweetness of Ramadan.

Suddenly, you were able to live a new lifestyle.

And probably, you have a list of post-Ramadan new life resolution.

So, how about if you get some peer-support from your fellow HalfDaters to help you fulfill your new life resolutions, in-sha-Allah.

DateDrive Goals:

Help HalfDaters to excel in their life, by organizing at least three events, and collecting 100 comments for their dreams, questions, and challenges.

Deadline: Nov 1st, 2008

Actions Required:

1- Post in the comment (anonymously is fine), your new life resolution (e.g. quit smoking, read more Quran, etc.), or the challenges that you face to fulfill your resolutions (e.g. I lose focus, I get tired, …)
2- RSVP to one of the events


Event 4:

How to pursue & sustain a new lifestyle: A LivingHalal formula

Panel Speakers: ibn Halal, a LivingHalal Life coach

In the talk, you will learn how to start your journey, how to sustain your momentum, and how to reach your destination, in-sha-Allah.

Date/Time: Sat, Nov. 1, 08, 11AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California)
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Phone or Webcast event, Click here to see the slides

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Question Submission: Click here

Past Events

Event 1:

From Outlawz To Outlawed

“Salam alaikum mutah jst want 2 say thnk you 4 openin my eyes and helpin me 2 choose the ryt path. i rememba you cumin down 1 tym 2 handsowrth in birmingham about year ago but i didnt really take any notcie about what you was sayin but jst recently about week ago i duno y i checkd on youtube and typed ur name and ther was lecture u gav in austraila i thk, and i rlly listend 2 it. it rlly hit me cuz everythin you was sayin made sense 2 me and i watchd more n more of ur lectures and it made me question myself rlly opend my eyes.i used 2 smoke weed and i lovd 2pac i rlly wnted be lik him i lookd up 2 him but wen 1 watchd tht lecture u gav jst made sense allah is the 1 im suppose look up2 so THNK YOU SOO MUCH bro u rlly did change the way i look at things even tho i was muslim arabic frm yemen i neva used 2 pray and neva had the knowlege but from that day i pray now everyday n stop smokin and resaerch more about islam and my religion. thanks to you.” -Br. A

Date/Time: Sun, Oct. 19, 08, 11AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 1PM Eastern Time (New York)

Recording is uploaded in the password protected area Join the mailing list to get the password.

Event 2:

From Hopelessness To Happiness

“I am full-blooded Native American from the Dineh (Navajo) and Apache-Chiracuahua tribes. I am a former Marine and have been Muslim now for 3 years and 7 months, Alhamdulillah.” -Sr. LaTanya Barlow

How much do you know about native people in America?
Have you ever talked to a native American Muslim?

Come and hear the story of Sister LaTanya, from alcoholism to sweetness of faith, from low-self esteem of man-made social orders to the dignity of Islam.

Here are some testimonials from people who knew her story:
“I was moved, inspired, and touched.” -A.S

Date/Time: Sun, Oct. 19, 08, 7PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 10PM Eastern Time (New York)

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Event 3:

From Rock Bottom To The Surface, By The Grace of Allah

Just when a believer feels secure from the consequences of his sins, they sneak up upon him and possibly destroy him, and just when the believer is about to despair from the mercy of Allaah and expect destruction, Allaah’s mercy encompasses him and saves him due to his repentance.

The above lines summarize my life and the ups and downs I went through. I ask Allaah to grant me and you the gratefulness to His Majesty for giving us another chance to know more about Him.

Wajdi Abu Mussab (former lost Muslim, now working at the Dawah Center in Jeddah)

Here are some testimonials about Abu Mussab:
“Flaming energetic speaker, mashaAllah… love to hear from him again and again” -bro

Date/Time: Thu, Oct. 23, 08, 10PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 1AM Eastern Time (New York)

Recording is uploaded in the password protected area Join the mailing list to get the password.

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