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My New Life Resolution Drive

DateDrive of Shawwal 1429/Oct 2008
Type of DateDrive: Non-monetary

What: Using the momentum of Ramadan to push your new life resolution.

So, you’ve tasted the sweetness of Ramadan.

Suddenly, you were able to live a new lifestyle.

And probably, you have a list of post-Ramadan new life resolution.

So, how about if you get some peer-support from your fellow HalfDaters to help you fulfill your new life resolutions, in-sha-Allah.

DateDrive Goals:

Help HalfDaters to excel in their life, by organizing at least three events, and collecting 100 comments for their dreams, questions, and challenges.

Deadline: Nov 1st, 2008

Actions Required:

1- Post in the comment (anonymously is fine), your new life resolution (e.g. quit smoking, read more Quran, etc.), or the challenges that you face to fulfill your resolutions (e.g. I lose focus, I get tired, …)
2- RSVP to one of the events


Event 4:

How to pursue & sustain a new lifestyle: A LivingHalal formula

Panel Speakers: ibn Halal, a LivingHalal Life coach

In the talk, you will learn how to start your journey, how to sustain your momentum, and how to reach your destination, in-sha-Allah.

Date/Time: Sat, Nov. 1, 08, 11AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California)
Find out your local time by clicking here

Phone or Webcast event, Click here to see the slides

If it didn’t work, try this link

Question Submission: Click here

Past Events

Event 1:

From Outlawz To Outlawed

“Salam alaikum mutah jst want 2 say thnk you 4 openin my eyes and helpin me 2 choose the ryt path. i rememba you cumin down 1 tym 2 handsowrth in birmingham about year ago but i didnt really take any notcie about what you was sayin but jst recently about week ago i duno y i checkd on youtube and typed ur name and ther was lecture u gav in austraila i thk, and i rlly listend 2 it. it rlly hit me cuz everythin you was sayin made sense 2 me and i watchd more n more of ur lectures and it made me question myself rlly opend my eyes.i used 2 smoke weed and i lovd 2pac i rlly wnted be lik him i lookd up 2 him but wen 1 watchd tht lecture u gav jst made sense allah is the 1 im suppose look up2 so THNK YOU SOO MUCH bro u rlly did change the way i look at things even tho i was muslim arabic frm yemen i neva used 2 pray and neva had the knowlege but from that day i pray now everyday n stop smokin and resaerch more about islam and my religion. thanks to you.” -Br. A

Date/Time: Sun, Oct. 19, 08, 11AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 1PM Eastern Time (New York)

Recording is uploaded in the password protected area Join the mailing list to get the password.

Event 2:

From Hopelessness To Happiness

“I am full-blooded Native American from the Dineh (Navajo) and Apache-Chiracuahua tribes. I am a former Marine and have been Muslim now for 3 years and 7 months, Alhamdulillah.” -Sr. LaTanya Barlow

How much do you know about native people in America?
Have you ever talked to a native American Muslim?

Come and hear the story of Sister LaTanya, from alcoholism to sweetness of faith, from low-self esteem of man-made social orders to the dignity of Islam.

Here are some testimonials from people who knew her story:
“I was moved, inspired, and touched.” -A.S

Date/Time: Sun, Oct. 19, 08, 7PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 10PM Eastern Time (New York)

Recording is uploaded in the password protected area Join the mailing list to get the password.

Event 3:

From Rock Bottom To The Surface, By The Grace of Allah

Just when a believer feels secure from the consequences of his sins, they sneak up upon him and possibly destroy him, and just when the believer is about to despair from the mercy of Allaah and expect destruction, Allaah’s mercy encompasses him and saves him due to his repentance.

The above lines summarize my life and the ups and downs I went through. I ask Allaah to grant me and you the gratefulness to His Majesty for giving us another chance to know more about Him.

Wajdi Abu Mussab (former lost Muslim, now working at the Dawah Center in Jeddah)

Here are some testimonials about Abu Mussab:
“Flaming energetic speaker, mashaAllah… love to hear from him again and again” -bro

Date/Time: Thu, Oct. 23, 08, 10PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), 1AM Eastern Time (New York)

Recording is uploaded in the password protected area Join the mailing list to get the password.

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  • Anonymous

    Assalaam Alaikum dear sisters and brothers,

    my goal in life is to worship Allah all my life, and to be among those that are going to revive Allah’s religon from the moral degeneration it is facing today. We are just playing with Allah’s religon rightnow, and trying to live our lives to fit in with the kuffar.Allah does not need any of us, and He can so easily replace us with even better people than us that will even love Him so much more than us and live their lives to please Him. Allah’s religon is going to be revived whether we want it or not, so it is now our decision. Do we wanna be among the people that revive Allah’s religon or do we wanna be among those people that are going to be humiliated and raised with the kuffar on the day of judgement just coz we lived our lives copying them, and trying to fit in with them. We should always remember that all that we do in the way of Allah is for our own benefit. And the decision is clearly ours. The first step we should take to this goal is to change what is in our hearts. And make what is in our hearts be reflected through our limbs by acting it out. And the next step would be to teach it to others and also encourage so many others to do the same. I pray that Allah may have mercy on our ummah and forgive us our sins, and not replace us with others. I pray that Allah may make all of us among those people that will revive His deen and may He the almighty protect us from the punishments of the grave and the hell fire.

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    Assalamualaikum everyone,
    its been a while since i got a half date email, i was missing them! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Umm, so my goals now are:
    >keep up the high levels of Taqwa present in Ramadhan,
    >keep qadha fasts from Ramadhan in this blessed month of Shawwal,
    >Keep praying all Salahs on time (this is my WEAKEST area),
    >try not to waste too much time on the net, and reading an overload of books!
    >do well in my GCSE’S (Insha’Allah) :s ,
    And lastly, but probably most importantly:
    >keep my en-suite squeaky clean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Remember me in your duas please, as without them i dunno if i’ll be able to fulfill these…

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    Some Queries:
    >Is this an online event?
    Admin: Yes, you can listen online or over the phone.

    >how do we RSVP?
    Admin: If you are on HalfDate list, no need to RSVP, if you are not just join the list.

    >How do we get the bookmarks, if we do win them?
    Admin: Everyone can claim their gifts, but there is only 29 of them. So, set your alarm that at the release time, you check this page and we will post a link for how to buy it (you only need to pay shipment). Also, you can have a custom made bookmark with your name but that you have to speak to the designer.

    >don’t we need to post questions for them?
    Admin: Yes, please post questions for them.

    Plz reply, sorry 4 the inconvenience!
    Admin: Not at all, thanks for your questions.

    Admin: Wa alaikum assalam

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    can i advise anonymous who wants to do hifz?

    Admin: Yes, you can. Just post it here as hifz advice.

  • dove

    masha allah when i see all the bros n sis around the world enjoying the bond of islam, i seize to feel alone because here it is rather tough; like for eg. i work in a muslim school but r struggling to survive as we r persecuted here. asking help from bro n sis in islam here has done little bt our tawakul in allah keep us go. howver people r doin everythng to shut us down. we need help from askin doah for us to financial help or i thnk the candle of light will fianlly extinguish. make doa my ummah because my heart hurts to think that everythng we have build will end because of selfish people. if there is a way to help financially please halfdate contact me.
    sis forever bonded together by islam,

    Admin: Read the FAQ and Contact Us page for requests.

  • Anonymous

    assalaam alaikum

  • Anonymous

    My short term Goal is to learn how to read the holy Quran more effectively

  • elnaz shahin

    salamu alaikum 10resolutions
    1. I want to pray my salah ontime right when the athan comes on
    2. I want to pray all the sunnah salah
    3. I want to pray 2 rakaa for woodu
    4. I want to read quran every day with learning perfect tajweed
    5. I want to memorize the quran from the last jozz
    6. I want to fast mondays and thursdays, at least once a week
    7. I really want to stop back biting i know every women suffers with that fitnah
    8. I need to keep up with the housework and all the baby’s needs
    9. I wanat to be a better mother and a better wife
    10. I want to purify my niyyah and keep away from hidden shirk inshallah.
    May Allah keep the ummah on the right path and make every effort count and love us and make us of those who are his best creation. AMEEEEEN

  • lankan Muslimah

    As salamu Alaikum!

    My short term goal inshallah:
    1. Register Muslim Group at my High School
    2. Pray Tahajjath
    3. Pray Fajr when Adathaan goes and dont go to sleep
    4. Have the BEST manners
    5. Always remember Allah
    6. Memorise 10 lines from the Quran everyday & impliment

  • Anom

    Asalaamualaykum warahmatullah

    I have so many resolutions, subhanAllah, below are 5 I am trying to focus on and achieve then inshAllah will move on to others:

    1. Read Quran every day, even if it be a line – to keep connection with the Quran
    2. Try & pray more sunnah prayers, along side my fard of course
    3. To make duaa before sleeping, and recommended Dhikr & Surahs,and reflect on my day each night,and to generally make duaa more and Dhikr Allah
    4. Try & deattach myself from this world,and focus on the Akhirah,and focus on more important things in life – serving Allah,His Religion,etc
    5. Most Importantly, purify my intentions and ensure what Im doing is for Allah and to earn His Pleasure and Reward

    may Allah help us

  • iman

    organize my finances
    start a business

  • Rahma Selmi

    salamou 3alaykom
    All I want is my faith back
    here is my story

    In this Ramadan, I really wanted to do more for Allah, so I started reading Quran, praying the nawafel (extra prayers) and going to qiyam el layl and I was very happy. My du3a was like Allah I want to spend my hole life serving You. But in the last 15 days of Ramadan, I started having weird thinkings about Allah and Islam, like if God really existed and things like that. So I got really scared because I started doubting and thought this would cancel my faith and that I became a kafira. I went crazy in my head and I used to cry all the time but I couldn’t fell my faith in Allah like before. And what scared me more was the fact that all this happened in the month of Ramadan wich is a blessing month.

    Now, 20 days after EID, I Don’t have these thinkings anymore, but I fell that I don’t have faith anymore. I force myself to believe in Allah, but I just don’t feel it anymore. Like before when I used to say InchAllah or Hamdoulillah, I really used to mean it, but today I doesn’t mean anything to me. I really want my faith back and please Help me. I’m trying to find what could I have done wrong to be punished like this. I have talked to my mother about this problem (she is a good muslim), and she said that faith comes and goes and this is maybe an ibtilaa (test) from Allah. I stick to the idea that Allah is Wadood and that he loves us and that one day, I will have faith again. But now, I’m like If I’m wrong and Allah exists, I’m going to hell because I’m a kafira because I doubt.

    I hope that you have understood my problem, please help me before it’s too late. Sorry for my bad english actually it’s not my first language

    Wa salamou 3alaykom wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouhouback

  • Lateefah

    My goals are…
    * To be consistent in all good deeds
    * To pray every salat on time
    * To stop time wasting
    * To be more patient
    * To turn to Allah in every situation and put total trust and reliance in him
    * To read the Quran everyday without fail
    * To be a better mother and a good example to my children
    * To do more voluntary fasts and salats
    * To read and write Arabic
    * To have good suspicion of people and stop backbiting
    * To purify my intention and to change myself to better my character
    * To thikr
    * To stop watching t.v

    These are just a few things that i would love to change and be more consistent with. Sometimes i wish that i could have someone there to correct me when i wrong, waste time or leave off tomorrow what i should have done today.
    I am at a time in my life where my to oldest are becoming teenagers in the land of kuffar and my son and daughter are in need of good muslim friends.
    My younger 2 need good muslim friends to play with.
    If any one knows of teachers who can help my children with their quran and arabic and is not expensive please let me know.
    Please make dua for me when you pray.
    walaykum salam warahmatullahi wa barakatu

  • Lateefah

    Please let me know when i can buy my bookmark

  • ummifirdaus

    salaamu alaikum
    my goals: to be the best mum and wife that i can be
    and to be consistent in my ibaaadah. shukran for a lovely website

  • Shakeel Awan

    Asalam O aliekum, my brothers and sisters in Islam
    My short term goal at the moment is to persue a degree of Alim (Darse Nizami) from Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore, Pakistan which is a much respected school of the Hanafi fiqh.
    Wish me luck as i will need it for the 3 year course which includes detail study of the Quran, Hadeeth and the Hanafi fiqh.
    Jazakallahu Khairan

  • fatima

    My short tearm goals are to practice islam more, to pray the 5 times a day on time and to not do anything haram or watch haram on the televishion,

    my long tem goals are to go to pakistan and get married to my engadgement partner, to go back to college to get a degree in computers and to retake shaddah in the masjid may allah bless everyone.

    please pray for my uncle who died as a non beliver please that his life of the grave wont be hard. He died last week on a motor bike accidnet in england and he had heart attack on the bike and hit a brick wall the funelal is tommorow which is friday 23rd october 2008 inshallah

    thankyou for having a great site may allah bless everyone who is involved in this site inshallah ameen

    fatima xx

  • md_ahte

    I plan to get an online degree on Islamic Studies & Law, inshAllah.

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    Salaams, this is to the anonymous who asked about hifz,
    the most important things you can do is keep trying, and work to your ability, if you can learn a page a day, learn it, but if you can’t, just do what you can. work at a good pace, where you can keep up with revising what you have already learnt, and you can retain the new parts that you have learnt aswell.
    Also, trust me, there will be times when you wish you didn’t start it, or youjust think “its toooo hard!” but don’t give up, just keep going!
    And finally, enjoy it, because when you finish, (if you’re like me) you’ll miss learning the new parts, so make the most of it,
    keep it sincere,

    Hope the advice was helpful, (Insha’Allah)

  • Amina

    As-salamu aleykoom.
    you know what they say: “Short-Term Goals Make Long-Term Champ” :) In near future I would like to become better muslim and person in generally. I would like to give more thought to my deen, do lot more within my dawa’ duties, loose 5kg, get regular tennis and gym, start writing my book :) These might not be that much ambitious, but then again, a journey of a hundred miles begins with single step.

    all the best and Allah Ma3ak

  • Anony Money

    InshaAllah I plan to study and research about Islamic Finance & Investments in order to get a deeper understanding of the hollowness of this riba based society and to be informed of the various halal alternatives.

  • Youssef Abu-baker

    Al salamu alaykum

    I came from the list NapoleonOutlawed
    Napoleon told me that you need to know some of my short term goals before you release his last online-event!

    Some of my early intentions
    I want to upload napoleons videos on youtube and other sharing websites, because I found many got positively affected by even videos. and some of people converted because of it. Al hamdullilah

    So if I can put my hands on Mutah’s videos I will proceed my goal, and in this case I am asking some help!!

    Other Goal, I am on working learning Quran, wish for me help in completing it and making me from ones who work with it

    Thank you,
    Al salamu Alaykum….

  • P

    Assalamu alaikum.

    Constant health issues/illness is making me irritable and short-tempered. I’m hoping to cope with it in better ways; by exchanging smiles and salams more and in general, to be more pleasant and make it easier for others to be around me, InshaAllah!!!


  • P – In response to Rehma Selmi Said.


    To sister: RAHMA SELMI SAID

    Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    A Sheikh once advised me the following things for removing waswas/doubts related to faith:

    (1) Seek refuge in Allah constantly (Auzubillaahi minash shaitaanir rajeem).

    (2) Whenever the doubts come (or even as a regular practice), repeat this: ุขู…ูŽู†ู’ู€ุชู ุจูุงู„ู„ู‡ู ูˆูŽุฑูุณูู€ู„ูู‡
    Transliteration: “Aamantu billaahi wa Rusulih”
    Translation: “I have believed in Allah and His Messenger”
    InshaAllah you’ll feel calmer and the doubts will flee.

    (3) Seek Allah’s forgiveness & whatever wrong thoughts enter your mind, you must renounce them. Means you should fight off the thoughts, not believe them. In your heart you must know that these doubts are only waswasa from shaitan and not at all true. So please keep asking Allah to forgive you & to protect you from the evil waswas.

    (4) Make dua to Allah to renew your faith & to protect & preserve your eman.
    Allah’s Messenger (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) has said:
    โ€œFaith wears out in the heart of any one of you just as clothes wear out, so ask Allah to renew the faith in your hearts.โ€

    (5) Recite Surah Falaq & Surah An-Naas often & in general do your best to adhere to the deen.

    InshaAllah, you’ll find benefit in the above.

    If you need a sister to talk to, or discuss this further, please feel free to take my Email address from the admin of this website & Email me.

    Make Allah protect you!

    Sister P

  • Anisa

    My short term goals:
    -Develop more khushoo in salah
    -Reduce (unnecessary talking)
    and guard tongue from that which Allah Hates
    -Become more organized, make schedules (in both ‘dunya’ and ‘deen’) and make plans such as these to better myself as a Muslim, and as a student…
    -Stay consistent with deeds, even if they may seem ‘small’, and of course firstly (and lastly) stay sincere to Allah Azza wa Jal, guard myself from anything that would affect this sincerity to Allah:
    “It is reported from as-Soosee that he said: What Allaah desires from the actions of His creation is Ikhlaas and nothing else”

  • sister in islam

    salamo alikom wa rahmutullahi wa barakatuh ,

    my goal is to keep learning my deen so that allah takes me nearer to him inshallah. and bee the best person i can with every living beeing in this world , this comes firts (the most important thing in my life)
    then my second goal is to get as good grades i can in school because i want to be a doctor in the future inshallah.

    my good protect you ,
    jazaakom allahu khair wa barakallahu feekom.

  • halia

    salam, my goals are to continue to seek more knowlede of Islam, make it possible to do haj, help muslims around the globe by charities in their need

  • manel.klai from the list NapoleoanOutlawed

    assalam alaikom wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh

    Me and my twinsister Rima Klai is trying to invite Mutah Beale to Sweden, we have made contact with a larg organisaton in stockhoml and hope they will agree with uss and dicide to invite him, we are making dua so that Napoleon comes to Sweden, inshallah they get answered. ALLAH IS GREAT!
    Yesterday i learned about the hijab, how we are going to wear it wright. And i realised wrong things i weared with the hijab, allhamduliallah now im going to shop clothes that Allah loves and want uss (the muslim sisters) to wear. I want to learn more about my deen, i want to learn the quran and i want to be a stronger muslim. And my work wisch is my studding, i want to get good grades.
    This are some of my short term goals.

  • Siam (Dua Team)

    Assalam Alaykoum Sisters and Brothers!

    My Goal is to become a good wife and a good mother to educate my children to become the leaders of the ummah of tomorrow, and establish a Khalifah on earth.

    Some may say i am a dreamer, With the help of Allah swt everything is possible.

    United we stay, United we win.

    Your sister Siam.

  • Anonymous

    .As’salamu 3aleikom.My Goal is to win the plesure of Allah and in final in sha Allah the Heaven, Ya Rab help all muslim to get paradise.

  • Sam /Zahid

    Bismillah …

    Dreams are made of vision in a world of mutual respect and tolerance.
    Manifesting dreams depends on all peoples of the world seeing the shared vision of peace with equality for all, regardless of gender, race or creed.
    “Some say that I am a dreamer – but I’m not the only one.”

    One Love – Salaams,
    Sam / Zahid

  • Naimah Jahyn

    Asalamu alaikum,

    As long as my ultimate goal is to be in a place where those who succeed reside in forever- in endless bounty, any subsidary goal is alright. Here on earth, I have a dream to pursue medicine as well as insha Allah learn and preach the deen.

    Ma’asalama :)

  • A Muslimah

    “What are the challenges that you or friends face when
    pursuing a dream or implementing a change in life?”

    Some challenges include:

    1. Bad organizational skills/time management…making it hard to implement the changes and easy to procrastinate.
    2. “Dreaming” without putting an action plan
    3. Making a plan that’s too hard to implement – expecting a big change quickly
    4. Inconsistency/not following through
    5. Blaming things on others or environment around instead of taking responsibility for not getting where we want to get

    Allaah knows best.

  • Nabila


    Bismillah. One of the hardest thing is the challenges that Allah puts along the way to test us, to see if the intention to change or to pursue that dream is lillahita’alah. Sometimes, these challenges make me want to give up and then I begin to question why I wanted to pursue it in the first place. But more importantly, the fact that Allah put that good thought in my head in the first place becomes the strongest motivation for me to go ahead with my plans.


  • ihate evil n corruption

    BISMILLAH……………wow only 1 challenge can i list em as i remember them? well one being i have no financial support although im married.. we’re poor people n its hard for poor people to get ahead in life.. i cant get a job cuz i have no experience or college.. i cant go to college cuz i cant afford to pay.. u know of course people have told me about taking out a loan but cmon interest is usury remember? but i hear all types of stuff like this is america u gotta do what u gotta do n stuff like that but i dont know, bad enough i have my weaknesses in my faith but to add something i dont even want to do to the list of sins? cmon!.. my biggest thing is knowing what kind of limits is ALLAH giving me here? the quran is a guide til the end of time but i mean really the west especially america is disgusting i really cant find a way out of it… n then theres the hijab thing.. yea in my hijab i look very foreign, i dont wear the solid colored skirts n blazers like some other women. those sisters are skinny(er) and u cant see nothing on them but i am quiet the opposite i am a big woman n i need to cover a certain way that american clothes dont do… n then not to mention my anti social agoraphobic personality various forms of child abuse have left me with a high level of anxiety and self consciousness i just dont deal well with people in general im very closed off.. the only time i can shine through as myself is when im left to complete anonymity and in the place of my home .. people think theyve made things so much better by modernizing everything but quiet the contrary i cant remember a time in history where things were worse … I SEEK REFUGE IN ALLAH from the torment of the grave the hellfire and the dajjal…………. by the way things look his shackles are being loosened even as we speak…………

  • safwat

    i think it is trying to balacne time with your daily life. It is a hard thing to do.

  • Shams

    Assalamu alaykum wr wb

    I want to make Masjid Al Aqsa free with my kids and other moslems inshaallah. I am praying for that 11 years and hope inshaallah that we will do that.
    The worst thing I can see on this dunya are kids, women and older crying during wars in their countries and prayers who are not able to pray in Holy masjid!!
    Also I wish to keep my heart clean till the end of my life.

    With nafs and with shaytan is easy to fight. But with other people is very hard!!!
    Even you read Qur’an and pray and do “hard” things peaople are still there to make you crazy. Even u say Aozobillah min As-shaytaan Er-rajeem peaople are still there near you. (talking about moslems).

    I wish them all became good, with clean hearts without any sharr or bad thinking.
    Only with clean hearts we will rich our goals. Allahu 3alam.

    Assalamu alaykum

  • ammad

    Assalam’alaikum warah matul lahi wabar katuhu

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    I was always wondering, where to express what I really feel to do.

    now alhumdulillah I got a chance to share.

    thnx for this.

    my dream is to bring people especially Muslims on one platform of Faith.

    as I belongs to Pakistan where majority is illiterate.

    what all i’ve felt when i went for doing some research is that most of the research has been available in english , arabic, farsi,which is more convinient.

    my dream is to establish an institute, which provide and make people to come and learn the languages which can help them to do research and become literate by their own. and this should be free of cost.

    but the whole pattern to teach this is to make people aware of ISLAM .

    so they could see things under Islamic perspective.

    the only fee which i wanted to ask for is to spread the message of Islam the way Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h taught us to spread.. through different means.

    In my view, media is the main source, through which we can take advantage.

    due to less awareness among people about their rights in our society . specially where i live.. make them stay back.

    this hesitation should be rectify to make them come up with new ideas and methods..

    I hope my dream will come true..


    the only problem which i am facing is to convince people to help me in this project.

    when I personally don’t feel that individually i could do this.. and inshaAllah one day by the grace of Allah i’ll be successful..

    so all i need is your prayer and pray for me that Allah swt keep me on straight path..

    fi aman Allah

    jazakAllah khair

  • ZJordanian

    What are the challenges that you know one may face when pursuing a dream or implementing a change?

    The challenges one may face when pursuing a dream or implementing a change vary depending on what that dream or change is. However, the overcoming of a particular obstacle may almost guarantee one’s success in the pursue of a dream or implementation of a change and that is determination.

    I believe it is almost always in our heads. I believe nothing is impossible if one is determined to accomplish it. I don’t believe anything has ever happened without this determination and nothing ever will. All things seem to be impossible, but anyone with enough determination and will can accomplish anything.

  • Anonymous

    Our biggest challenge happens to be tackling our families..whether our dream revolves around deen or whether it be an academic dream, we all find our families are one of the biggest difficulties we face. Maybe it’s us being the ‘next generation’ and finding their ideas old and ancient…Nonetheless for myself and my friends, having to handle family is the biggest fear and challenge!

  • Shams

    Hmmmm it looks like all of us have different goals.
    Once when UMMAH start to work on the same goal it be wonderful time inshaallah :)
    I know meny people with different projects. very good projects. They face problems with people. No one want help them; some moslems started to make SAME SAME projects just to be leaders not folowers :)
    We all want to be leaders!! We should be leaders in helping others.

    Jazakumullahu khair

  • Tailand369

    The most difficult thing about change for me, is break and creating new habits. I read a book that says that your habits create your life. I also, had a friend that told me that, “Old habits are just like a warm bed, easy to get into and hard to get out.” I am convinced that philosophies create your habits. And so does our perception on different things in life. Remember this…Your philosophy creates your attitude, your attitude creates your actions and your results creates your life!

  • Justina


    The first point I’d like to make is that the best leaders are the best followers. We should all strive to be “Go-Givers”, and “serving leaders” to lay a strong foundation for any project we take on.

    I’d say the biggest challenge I’ve faced when attempting to develop community projects(such as Mosaic Sisterhood of Islam, and a youth group) is the unwillingness(on part of the community in general) to change.
    I am a convert to Islam, and so my vision is a more unified, diverse, judgment-free Umma that adapts to the times in order to embrace more people in to the gentle folds of our beautiful religion.
    Since converts do not usually have a middle eastern or Islamic background or culture, we kind of develop our own, using Islam as the core and base. In this situation it is difficult and at times very frustrating to break past others’ deeply ingrained cultural background to uncover the true meaning of togetherness, community and sister/brotherhood.
    So without further complaining, which wasn’t my intent by the way, I would just like to encourage all of you, brothers and sisters, to reflect deeply on the pure, perfect Islam and to move forward in to a more welcoming and productive community; a people that moves with the times but is also a pillar of truth and justice and a shining example for the world. God-willing adapting this view will spread the message of our beloved Prophet Muhammed(s) more fervently, like wild fire, igniting the hearts of people that have been cold for too long, and will be an outstanding sign to Allah that we are indeed ready for His Guided One to march us in to a peaceful and just future.

    May Allah accept our prayers :)


  • Hadayai

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Some times we get in our own way. We are afraid of trying something new. Make excuses, etc. When we get past that phase we can do well. I am learning to trust in Allah for all I need.

    ma salaam

  • Idil

    I think we all face financial and time limitations and these are big discouragements in the way of our dreams.

  • elnaz shahin

    salamu alaikum. when i learn something new about my religion, i rush to fallow it, but after a while i strugle with dealing with my nafs and feeling lazy, so i male dua so that may allah make this easy for me, and alhamdulillah he always does. may ALLAH reward us for all our efforts ameen.

  • Ghaniyyah

    My mummy was more like the one who didnt want me to pursue my one of my dreams. I wanted to go into the biological sciences but she insisted i do Engineering. It was a great battle, but i can only pray to Allaah to ease all my affairs.

  • fatima

    Aslam alkum,
    As a new convert not long ago i wanted to become the best as i could so i practice islam to the pinch of salt hehe i mean i did everything to make myself perfect in islam i would pray fard and sunnah and witr i would read 4 or 5 books on islam a day stay awake all night to learn qur’an and learn about islam on paltalk about 6 hours a day and everything you can imagine about islam i was doing then i found after about 3 months i just slowley stopped practicing i stopped praying i sleeping for longer hours and i really felt deppressed because i could not keep this lifestyle for long time. So then i make duaa’s and talk to sisters and watch islamic vidoes and nasheeds to help me feel bad thati have stopped and then i will make more duaa to allah (swt) and ask him to have mercy and peace upon me an my fellow brothers and sisters in islam then i will get up and say alahmdullilah, mashallah alah (swt) always listens and acts upon my duaa’s inshallah,

    my adivce is for new muslims dont rush into being the best you can from the start take small steps to rich the top of the mountian because if you take big steps to get to the top your legs will get tierd and you wont have much intention to get to the top and want to give up but if you take your time and go slowly to get to the top and ask for help from allah (swt) then he can help you reach your goal but dont rush yourself because you wont be able to abtain your standers after a long time

    so inshallah i hope everyone reflects upon this and think of this as a new start inshallah may allah bless me and all the muslims and muslimahs out there and help the non muslims open there hearts to he one who created them inshallah ameen

    take care wa salam fatima xx

  • fatima

    Aslam al alkum
    Also my new life resolution is:
    1) To go to sleep early and wake up early,
    2) To purify my intentions and learn the translation of the arabic salah (prayer),
    3) To read more Qur’an and learn sura al nas,
    4) To pray 5 times everyday on time,
    5) To get my degree in ICT in college,


    wa salam xx

  • Dawud Israel

    What sort of question should I ask???