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Hajj Drive: Preparing for Your Lifetime Journey

DateDrive of Shawwal 1429/Oct 2008
Type of DateDrive: Non-monetary

What: Make this page a HajjCentral page for preparing for the 5th pillar of Islam.


  1. We will be conducting an event about Hajj tips, how a Muslim couple prepared for their lifetime journey.
  2. Issuing a HajjDrive graphics icon and gift Hajj 1429 Bookmarks.

Deadline: Nov 25th, 2008 (when most people are leaving for Hajj)


  1. Post frequently asked questions about Hajj Click here to post
  2. Post this picture on your blogs, facebook, myspace, etc.
  3. We also needs some volunteers to republish these supplications with a printable PDF file.

Hajj Tips: Our Journey from A-Z (Phone/Web Event)

A Q&A session with a Muslim couple who performed Hajj last year.
Find out their PPP (Pre-Pilgrimage Preparation), their survival kit,
and the secret for touching the Blackstone effortlessly

DATE & TIME: Saturday, November 15th at 3:30pm Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast)

or call phone-Number to Dial: 419-400-0203 Use Conference ID: 816116#

Special Thanks:

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  • brother

    1- what things to take?
    2- what are the common mistakes?
    3- i have some loans, what should I do before going?

  • Anonymous

    can a person pay for a relative with borrowed money from a freind?

  • Dua Team – Rahmah

    Preparing for the 5th Pillar

  • UmmAbdurrahman

    Assalaamu alaikum. How about calling it “Helping Hajjis”?

  • aggiehussain

    Pilgrims with a Mission
    Support the Pilgrims
    The Hajj Initiative

  • Hajeer

    Hajj looks so confusing, i have no idea what to say or do. I think there should be like a very detailed video which shows what do do and what to say on each day.

  • Sana


    Here is a nice powerpoint
    Also very useful site : where you can find everything.




  • medinah

    can call it hajj mabrur

  • aarij

    All you need for Hajj:

    Duas, guides, Hajj preparation, what to do during Hajj, what to do after Hajj :)

  • abuaisha

    Hujjaj Central

  • question

    Does a woman half to repeat her Hajj if she begins her menses during the Hajj?

  • LaTanya Barlow

    My vote is for…Undecided…cuz I’m hungry…


  • LaTanya


    Sorry about yesterday. I vote for: Preparing for the 5th Pillar.

    Yes, I think we should have the Hajj DateDrive. Insha’Allah.

    Sis. LaTanya

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  • Ashiq

    This is not really a question, but anyway: What are the things I should take? There is an absolutely AMAZING Hajj Coaching program (10 videos, free) at I took this guy’s advice when I went for Hajj, and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Spot-on, most of it (things like taking snack-bars, a blinder, earplugs, etc.)

    If you’re going for Hajj, you absolutely MUST check out his website, it’s amazing.

  • Dornu

    Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

    I am not going on Hajj this year but insha’allah when Allah sees it is the right time for me and my husband.
    I am really confused about Hajj generally and it is something that scares me and my husband. He is my only muslim mahram.

    He also has a slight disability. What are the provisions for someone who has a physical weakness and speech disability for Hajj?

    Jazakallah khair,


  • Le-Ann Mariamlelue

    Assalamu Alaykum
    Excellent initiative
    May Allah bless you all for your efforts ameen ya Rab

  • Admin

    These questions were answered by a shaikh who graduated from Islamic law Imam university.

    Hajj Questions

    1. When starting tawaaf around the ka`bah (for `umrah tawaaf and tawaaf ul Ifaadah), men are supposed to walk swiftly for 3 circuits. If they are with their spouses, does the wife also walk swiftly?

    No they don’t. There are too many ppl even for the men to run but what the men can do is spot jogging. Where they are moving their arms in the action of jogging.

    2. After 7th tawaaf, placing Maqaam-e-Ibrahim between yourself nad the ka`bah, you are supposed to pray 2 raka`ahs. What if there is no place to pray?

    Pray anywhere

    3. Do women also rub zamzam water on their head (or over their hijabs) after the 7 circuits (of tawaaf) are over?

    Yes in hijab is no fitna or over

    4. During sa`iee, after reciting the prescribed ayah and prescribed dua` on the mountain, is it permissible to also recite any other personal dua` in addition to those?


    5. Should the prescribed dua` to recite on the mountain during sa`iee, be recited twice or three times?

    6. If only men run between the green lights during sa`iee, then what about their wives? Do they run as well?

    7. During the travel from Makkah to Mina, Mina to `Arafat, etc., can we recite any personal dua`s we want? Is it permissible to speak to each other during that time?


    8. a) After stoning Jamaraat-ul-`Aqabah al-Kubrah, should we accompany the group leader to witness the sacrifice or can we leave it to him to fulfill it?

    If easy, not required

    b) In case we do not have to witness it, can we go directly to Makkah for Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah (instead of going to Mina)?

    Yes, ifadah can be done from now until the days of tashreek

    9. At the end of Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah, do we drink/pour zamzam before the sa`iee or after the sa`iee (“Simple Hajj Guide” says before sa`iee and “Rites of Hajj and Umrah” says after sa`iee)?

    10. After Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah, should the dhuhr prayer be made at Makkah (and then go to Mina) or should you pray in Mina (as stated by Ibn `Umar)?

    Either can be done

    11. Upon returning to Mina after Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah, are there any special supplications to recite the rest of the day or can you recite any personal dua`s (since there are no more manasik of Hajj for that day)?


    12. After stoning each of the two smaller Jamaraat, you are supposed to stand for a long time and supplicate with raised hands. How can that be done with so many people stoning around you?

    Go to the side where there is space

    13. After Tawaaf-al-Wada, you don’t pray behind the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim?

    Yes, not for Wada, you just leave.

  • Admin

    can you wear a shawl over ihram for men?


  • Admin

    Q. What if someone who reached Arafa after sunset?

    A. His Arafa stay is counted, based on the Hadith [the shaikh mentioned the name, but note taker forgot] where a man who ate his camel and couldn’t reach Arafa during the day time. The prophet (SAW) said he is fine.

    Q. What about Muzdalifa?

    A. Staying Muzdalifa at night is one of Wajibat (Wajib) of Hajj, and praying Fajr there is a Rukun, according to many scholars.

  • Mohamad

    Assalamualaikum ww

    I found unspeakable experience during Haj pilgrim. My suggestion is it is important for every Muslim to maintain self dicipline and the purpose of Haj in order to gain Ridha Allah dan high benefits. It is also important to promote the essence of dicipline, cleaness, orderness then Insya Allah will gain Khusyuk and Haj mambrur/mabrurah..