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Care For Refugees

Update # 19

Thanks to all who donated from * Australia, Canada (AB, ON), India, Italy, Jamaica, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, and US (AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, VT) and thank you for all your duas from Bosnia to Indonesia

Note:There are several donors who offered to donate but their payment methods didn’t work or the transaction fee is higher than the donation, so we would like to acknowledge their effort and may Allah reward them for their intentions, they are from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, and USA.

“Alhamdulilah when Muslims visit,
I forget all my worries,”

-A father of a 3-yr-old son

DateDrive of Rabie A-thani 1430/April 2009
Type of DateDrive: Monetary & Awareness

“I donated $7.29 because that’s all I could afford without making my bank account empty.” -Sister T

Drive Target:

  1. Collecting $4,977 USD (rent about $750 + educational programs for $500)
  2. Getting 70 support comments and dua, click here to post a pleasant word (Put, your city/state/country, so we feel the sense of one global family)
  3. Getting 12 groups/individuals to write support letters/cards to these 50 families in Houston, mail them to this address
“I’ve been planning on donating for the past 10 days but this Hadith really encouraged me to do it now!” -A student

مَا نَقَصَتْ صَدَقَةٌ مِنْ مَالٍ
Sadaqah never decreases wealth

-Authentic Hadith collected in Sahih Muslim

O Allah, for you I give

Current highest donation is $700, smallest $1, click here to read more interesting facts.

Combined total of Paypal,, and offline

The above total includes Al-Amaanah locally raised $2141

“I’m currently an unemployed student! ALhamdulilah I gave $40 to this great cause. I hope HalfDate can match 😀 I remember when our family were refugees, how many generous people helped us with everything: clothing, food, education, etc.” -Sister A

To donate (online or by mail) click on “Donate Now”

Matching & Challenges:

  1. Grow HalfDate: For every mailing list signup, HalfDate will donate $1 up to $200. Just join the mailing list and post a comment that you are participating in Alamaanah drive
  2. Blog for a cause: For every blog post about helping refugees/Alamaanah, $5 will be donated up to $250
  3. A pleasant word! For every comment or Dua about Sadaqah or refugees posted about helping refugees, $1 Canadian Dollar will be donated up to $100.
  4. Matching Challenge: If 100 people each donates $5, I’ll match their donations ($500) – post in the comment
  5. Unemployed & Broke Challenge: If an unemployed Muslim donates $20 or more, we’ll double it up to $500 – post in the comment
  6. Baitul Salaam supports Al-Amaanah: Everyone (maximum 100 donors) who gives $5.00 Baitul Salaam (women shelter in GA) will give $5.00. We challenge you to challenge us. Give at least $5.00 to be matched by us

Write to these families

We are looking for 12 groups/individuals to write to these 50 families in Houston.

So far, the following brothers/sisters/groups have promised to write:

  1. Sunday school, TX, USA made 50 cards 😀 Allahu Akbar!
  2. BuildingBlocks, MN, USA
  3. Sydney youth, NSW, Australia
  4. Bengali tigers, CA, USA
  5. Ladiedee, MI, USA
  6. Poetry Sisters, CA, USA
  7. Coach Zohra, IN, USA will collect from her community and send in Hijab and other gifts
  8. Baitul Salaam, GA, USA will collect and send gifts, giftcards, and cards
  9. Calgary Sisters, AB, Canada
  10. Northside College Prep Jamaah Club, IL, USA
  11. Miriam, NY, USA will send a Hijab and a note
  12. Bebo’s parents, NJ, USA
  13. Abu & Umm Omar, CA, USA
  14. Dulles High School Muslims, TX, USA

Al Amaanah, Inc.
8181 Fannin, Suite 337
Houston, TX, 77054

Or email tamra at halfdate and we will print/convey your email to Alamaanah volunteers.

“Hey, lets do the card thing… it would be awesome for our kids to make cards for refugees” -Teacher N

There are about 50 families, lots of kids, about 10 widows, and a few sisters living on their own. If your school/masjid want to ask your kids to make cards for these families, please try to make 50 cards and let the kids write their names and their city.

Sample Letters & Cards

“We are from a class in an Islamic After School program in California, ages 4-7, and we heard about a refugee family whose daughter can no longer walk and talk. The kids wanted to make cards and drawings for their sister in Islam. May Allah reward you all for your efforts inshaa-Allah.”

All the info they gave was that it was from Sister Yafa and her class (Imam, Yusuf, Ahmed, Muhammad, Iman, Amal, Yasmine, and Hosna). May Allah reward the teacher, students, parents, school admin, and all those who helped with the sweetest date in Jannah 😀

kids drawings drawing5.jpg kids drawings drawing1.jpg
drawing6.jpg drawing1.jpg drawing6.jpg drawing6.jpg

If you want to write to a specific person, you can write to the following:

you can ask them to write to Hassan and Ibrahim, asking them to take good care of their mother, of each other, and their younger brother.

Or Mustafa:

Abu Mais
A father of 7 kids, eldest is 14 yrs old. He takes his kids to and from school everyday, runs all the errands during the day and then works at night as a security guard.

A Burmese girl, mashallah very very smart, she serves as our guide every time we go to the Burmese complex because she is the only one that can speak English there. She is still in school, learning fast and likes school.

Some of you asked about giving these families some gifts. Here are some suggestions:

Prayer rugs, Qurans (especially, in Burmese language) and scarfs/Abayas, school supplies, household items and appliance, and clothes.

The following are some example of these families (Al-Amaanah sponsors about 50 families):

Family #1 (Iraqi)
Single woman, lives on her own, doesn’t speak English. Wallahy she has been waiting all week for our visit, she hasn’t been here for long and doesn’t know that many ppl. Has no one to talk to, and thats her main problem, she wants to learn English so bad. I suggest some sisters make it a habit to visit her twice a week. Maybe get some dessert or something and just go spend some quality time with her. She will be having surgery in April so won’t be able to work this month until she gets the surgery and recovers. She also needs pocket money during this period until she starts working again. Please visit her, call her on the phone, make her know that she is not forgotten!

Family #2 (Iraqi)
Single woman living with her mom and she is the one that has to pay the bills, her mom is too old to work. She was in dire need of finding a job last week and alhamdulillah she just got one a couple of days ago. She hasn’t been working for a month though and her rent has to be paid before the end of the month!!! She also is planning to move closer to work because she takes 3 buses just to get there from where they live. So we promised to help her move, but rent still has to be paid for this month!!!

Family #3 (Iraqi)
A man in his mid 30s, can’t work because he has a lot of medical problems, needs help paying his electric bill (inshalla is in the process of being taken care of). He doesn’t speak English and therefore is isolated in this big world! We should start making it a habit to visit him every week too. He says he could use some furniture around the house so we need to go visit him and find out how can we help him more.

Family #4 (Iraqi) *update 4/19 He found a job, Alhamduilllah*
The father used to work as a barber in Iraq, he had another job here but got laid off because of the economy. He said he is waiting on his papers to come from Iraq this week so that he can start working his normal job (cutting hair). He is having trouble paying the bills and rent till he starts working again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I give Zakah?
    Yes, you can click here to give Zakah
  • Do you spend my Zakah in administrative or operational cost?
    No, Zakah is strictly and totally giving to end beneficiaries.
  • Can these brothers and sisters work?
    Yes, they are looking for jobs and a few do have part-time jobs, but that’s only enough to pay for food, utilities, etc.
  • What about government assistance?
    Government rent assistance to refugee families cover only the first four months.
  • I saw on TV that non-Muslims organizations (e.g. churches) are helping them?
    Yes, there are other refugee service organizations. However, Al Amaanah provides unique services that Muslim families need, e.g. educational programs for their children.
  • What is Al Amaanah?
    Al Amaanah is refugee service organization based in Houston, Texas, USA. The word Amaanah means trust or duty, because Muslims believe that taking care of our brothers and sisters who happened to be refugees is an amaanah on everyone’s shoulders.
  • What other services does Al Amaanah provide?
    Other than financial support, our services include English classes, homework help for children, and physical and emotional support for many widows, injured, and disabled refugees.
  • I want to know more about your volunteer interaction with these families, where can I find that?
    Visit Al-Amaanah blog

For more information, visit or listen to this interview.

To keep updated, visit Al-Amaanah blog

Interesting Facts

  • All early donors are from Australia (Sun does rise from there :) )
  • Smallest contribution is $1 (half a date :) )
  • Biggest contribution so far is $250 from Pennsylvania $400 from California $500 from Texas $700 Calgary, Canada
  • A laid off mother of three donated $20, a brother who lost his job gave $40 (please make dua for them)
  • Several unemployed students gave, one gave $7.29 because that’s what she had in her account.
  • Youngest donor she doesn’t even have a credit card or bank account Rehan and Heba (7 & 4 children donated from their own money).
  • Alhamdulillah, Over 10 blog posts for this drive, may Allah reward all bloggers.
  • Alhamdulillah, over 17K views on YouTube alone (not counting other sites), may Allah reward all views and promoters.
  • The donor who gave $7.29 later gave another $77 from tax refund.
  • A sister found a job after giving.
  • A mother found her sick child improving after giving.
  • Several donors gave multiple times, one sister gave again because she didn’t have enough to give the first time, another sister gave whenever she felt pain or inspirations.
  • Alhamdulillah, over 100 gift items (cards, letter, gift card, scarf, clothing) have been mailed to Al-Amaanah
  • Several groups have raised for the drive, namely Northwestern University, Calgary medical students, and Organic HalfDate Club

If you know any media or Khateeb wants to talk about this drive. Let them contact us (tamra -a-t-

Drive Sponsors

HalfDate promotion costs are sponsored by the following sponsors and by HalfDaters like you.

SISTERS Magazine Halal job search
Dawah Posters

Want to spread the word?

  • Blog about this drive. Click here
  • Post the link on your email or forum signature.
  • Buy an ad on Google or social media ads on Facebook, MySpace, …
  • Chip in for flyer printing and distribution.
  • Tell your local media about this drive.


fruit shopping rice anyone?
putting together bags kitchen supplies

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  • ilma

    As-salamu Alaikum

    May Allah shower His Mercy on those Muslim brothers and sisters suffering all around the world. Ameen.


  • hafsa

    May Allah make it easy for them, ameen

  • Meeee

    May Allah have Mercy one them!

    and as the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam) would supplicate for someone whom Allah tests with difficulty in their life:
    اللَّهُمَّ لاَ سَهْلَ إلّا مَا جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلاً وَ أَنْتَ تَجْعَلُ الْحَزْنَ إِذَا شِئْتَ سَهْلاً
    O Allaah, there is no ease except in that which You have made easy, and You make difficulty, if You wish, easy.

  • Muslim

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    May Allah make all matters easy for all muslims, Ameen ya Rabb!


  • hal786

    Ya Allah please make it easy upon this family, and make it easy for all those suffering in the world and for all of our Muslim brothers and sisters struggling.Ameen

    inshallah they will get the help they need

    in Islam we believe that ‘After hardship always comes ease’ ..whether the ease is in this life/dunya or the Hereafter/afterlife

    so inshallah after these Muslims have gone through this they’ll know it might be a test from Allah s.w.t and we should all thank Allah for what we have that we have a house and clothes, food and drink etc.

  • Le-Ann Mariamlelue

    Assalamu Alaykum
    may Allah provide sustainence for these families from his infinite bounty ameen ya Rab
    may Allah make each day for them less trying and relieve all their financial burden and worry ameen ya Rab
    may Allah keep their faith strong and enduring through difficult and not so difficult times ameen ya Rab
    HasbunAllahu wa ne3m al-wakeel , ne3m al-mawla wa ne3m al-nasseer
    Qul inna salatee wanusukee wamahyaya wamamatee lillahi Rabbi al-Aalameen
    wasalamu alaykum

  • Abdullah

    If I click on donate now, i can only donate the entire month rent. It should allow us to partially contribute towards the cause (I think)

    [Admin Update] A link is updated for partial contributions. Baraka Allahu feekum for your suggestion.

  • Ni’Mah

    Asalamu Alaykum,

    May Allah help these families in their difficult times…Amin.

  • nedzada

    assalam alaykum, I will have them in my duas , cos I about this pain, I’ve been refugee my self. I pray to Allah for all of them to be safe and in He’s Mercy, InshaAllah.

  • AbdulRazaaq

    May Allah make it easy for this family, Ameen

  • Anonymous

    As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu to my brothers, sisters and your families. May Allah ease your burdens for you all at this time of difficulty, ameen.

    “And, behold, with every hardship comes ease:
    verily, with every hardship comes ease!”
    (Surah ash-Sharh 94:5-6)

  • furqan

    May Allah ease your troubles and fortify you with patience and help from him, our hearts go out for you bear adversity with patience and keep faith in Allah

  • alikhlas

    Ameen to all the du’as. Remember that we can help in more ways than just financial contributions–Al Amaanah provides educational and support services, and is open to more volunteers and projects.

  • l’huile-d’olive

    May allah, grant them peace and many blessing in this life and hereafter, may they continue and stay strong on the right path.

  • SA

    to all guys at half date: Well Done!
    to the refugee brothers and sisters : Our prayers are with you all. May Allah ease your matters. Aameen.

  • Saira

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Jazakum Allahu Khairan for enabling us to give our sadaqaat via chipin(Paypal). It becomes very easy to donate.


  • Abdullah

    Salaam here are the donations as of 2 AM (other than ChipIn):

    $10, Venice, CA
    $50, Joanne, Australia
    $50, Saman, MD
    $5, Xpansion Designs, IL
    $1, Sofia, Italy
    $5, $45, Saira, Italy
    (donated twice)

    May Allah reward you all! Keep them coming. Keep the roofs!

  • alikhlas

    No new donations for today. JazakAllah khayra to those who’ve donated already–spread the word fisabeelillah!

  • Anonymous

    May Allah protect, help and give shelter to all Muslims around the world and guide us all to stand together as brothers and sisters in Islam in times of hardship and ease ameen.

  • alikhlas

    4/5/09 Update:


    Amani A.
    Sterling, VA
    United States
    $30.00 USD

    spojmai a.
    Oakville Ontario
    $20.00 USD

  • Anony Money

    Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir wa tammim bil khair

    O my Lord! make things easier, do not make things difficult. And let our affairs end with goodness.

  • Hadayai

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Baitul Salaam has a small grant due in any day, insh’Allah. We can help. We have also sent the request to our list. Please let the halfdaters know that due to their generosity last Ramadan and hosting the Recycling Drive we have gained several new donors and due to this we are now moving into our own office where we will be able to do a lot more for our community, insh’Allah.

    May Allah continue to shower blessings on all of us.

    ma salaam
    Hadayai Majeed
    Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

  • hassan

    O Allah, purify our niat and accept our deeds.

  • Muslim from Canada

    Asalam alaikum,

    this small amount is for the refugees to pay off their rent.

    May Allah accept it from us. Ameen


    Ontario, Canada

    [posted by Admin]

  • omer

    may Allah the almigthy guide us all on the straight path … the path of those whom he has favored not the path of those who went astray

  • alikhlas

    $10 Caynan from OR

    $5 Bibi from FL

    $5 Zahra from CA

    $250 Mazen from PA

  • Anonymous

    I’ve signed up the mailing list and participating in the al amaanah drive inshaAllah

    [HalfDate Admin: $1 will be donated because of your sign up]

  • Mayada Mahmoud

    As Salaamu Aalaikum All :)

    Donate what you can… 5 dollars times 10 people equals 50 dollars! now imagine if every one person invited 10 people to donate 5 dollars!?! That would help so much- and ever generous sadaqa from halaal means is unimaginable baraka from Allah.

    Maybe the one dollar you send could be the 100,000 next baraka Allah sends your way, or health, or stronger imaan, etc.

    Rabina yourzou2 wa yehidi al jamea3 al muslimeen wa ya barek fe al beyidy sadaqa lilah. Ameen ya rab!

    May Allah Bless and give guidence to the Muslim Ummah and give glad tidings and blessings to those who give give sadaqa for Allah. Ameen oh Allah!

  • A HalfDater

    Assalam Alykum my brothers and sisters,

    I just add all my friends on my gmail list to donate.

    At least two have donated and hope more to come, Allah willing.


    May Allah reward you for trying

  • alikhlas

    As of now:
    $5 Sotiria – Canada
    $20 Shirien – LA
    $20 Fouzia – CA

  • Dua from India

    May Allah swt bless these families and give them sufficient provision to live a life on His Path.
    May Allah swt give these families the Hidayaah and strengthen them with patience through this trial.
    And may Allah swt bless all of the brothers and sisters who are doing whatever it takes to help out these families.
    Inshallah, the Reward is with Him…

  • A Laid off Mother of 3

    This is for the unemployed matching. (If an unemployed Muslim donates $20, we’ll double it up to ($500) – post in the comment)

    [Posted by Admin: $40 will be donated to match your donation $460 to go]

  • Sumiyyah

    May Allah the Almighty and One of Great Bounty, shower His everlasting Mercy on all those who are in hardships and dire straits, as it is narrated by the Prophet SAW (something to the effect) that we are shown mercy due to the weak amongst us. We therefore need to make sure that we are constantly helping these people in whatever way is possible for us, whether that be through monetary means or simply by leaving a kind word for them. One avenue which we generally tend to overlook although it is probably the most important is that of Dua. We need to remember that this is our weapon and through it we can have access to the riches that our Benevolant Creator has created for us.
    Please remember the whole ummah of the Prophet SAW in your Dua.

  • mfazal

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.
    I want to give my Zakaah for the families mentioned here.
    I tried using the Amaana link, but for some reason my transaction is not going through.
    My card is from India. Is this only for the US? :(
    Also I noticed the site does not ask for the CVS number.
    Please let me know soon.


  • From Dubai

    Prophet sallalahu alayi wassalam said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a hardship in this life, Allah will relieve him of a hardship in the Hereafter, and Allah will help His slave so much as he helps his brother.”

    Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) also said: The believers are like a body: if one organ complained/hurt the rest of the body reacted.”

    May Allah give strength and patience to these families and also reward those who are helping ease their hardship. Ameen.

    أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : ( المسلم أخو المسلم ، لا يظلمه ولا يسلمه ، ومن كان في حاجة أخيه كان الله في حاجته ، ومن فرج عن مسلم كربة فرج الله عنه كربة من كربات يوم القيامة ، ومن ستر مسلما ستره الله يوم القيامة ) .
    الراوي: عبدالله بن عمر المحدث: البخاري – المصدر: الجامع الصحيح – الصفحة أو الرقم: 2442
    خلاصة الدرجة: [صحيح]

    – ترى المؤمنين : في تراحمهم ، وتوادهم ، وتعاطفهم ، كمثل الجسد ، إذا اشتكى عضوا ، تداعى له سائر جسده بالسهر والحمى
    الراوي: النعمان بن بشير المحدث: البخاري – المصدر: الجامع الصحيح – الصفحة أو الرقم: 6011
    خلاصة الدرجة: [صحيح]

    – مثل المؤمنين في توادهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم ، مثل الجسد . إذا اشتكى منه عضو ، تداعى له سائر الجسد بالسهر والحمى
    الراوي: النعمان بن بشير المحدث: مسلم – المصدر: المسند الصحيح – الصفحة أو الرقم: 2586
    خلاصة الدرجة: صحيح A useful tool calledمثل+الجسد

  • hal786

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

    Ya Allah , pleace shower your blessing upon these familys and make them ppl of Heaven Inshallah and also for those whoa are kindly donating money for them accept their humble kindness o Most Merciful, Most Kind One Allah s.w.t.!! Ameen

    Inshallah these familys wil benfit from the help of the Muslims kindly giving.
    its graet to see mashallah that so many Muslims are coming together to help

    my friends were actually talking about the Muslim Ummah at school the other day and about how amazing it is that even if there was just one person in the world one of ur brothers, the Muslim Ummah come together and unite for the sake of Allah s.w.t and just for the reason that he’s their brother
    all mankind are brothers and sisters. even non-Muslims coz we all come from Adam and Eve/Hawah …so we should try to make these non-believers become believers by Dawah (not force lol) coz at the end of the day they are ur bros and sis’s . killin em is soo stupid and so unislamic (sorry of the topic a bit) nd u wudnt kill ur actual blood bro wud ya??

    i was also tellin my christian m8 bout this. cuz she believes in adam n eve too. i was lyk isnt ot wonderful that even u n me, or me n sum1 in africa or canada or wherever etc. are related in some way cuz the 1st ppl we came from them, and we just got put in different parts of the world, some of might be darker/lighter but we’re all FAMILY!!

    we were talkin bout this stuf at scul cuz i saw a vid the other day about something along these lines: the 1st muslim astronaut nd he fasted in space during ramadan and was wonderin bout where the kabah direction is LOL in space cuz lyk ur floatin everwer ryt? muslim scholars came togeva and just for that man (course for future muslims maybe goin to space) inshallah) they decided on how the man wud pray namaz etc.. my m8s wer soo happy hearing this lol they wer lyk jus for 1 man and actually goin out of ur way to help him.


    inshallah hope this comment was a a help.!!

    ur sister in Islam
    England(see us Muslims all aound the world are helping mashallah!!”)

  • hal786

    hadith from the top of my head i rememberedthe prophet s.a.w. said

    “the muslim ummah is like the human body..when one part of the body aches the entire body aches.”

    also think of the ummah like this:
    if u have one stick its easy to snap init? right..if u have 2 its a bit harder but still might be done, same with 3…but if u have a whole bunch of sticks and try to snap them in ur hand u cant do it can u//??(not a question 4 superman lol)
    thats lyk the ummah init. every man makes a difference. if one of ur bros is tryin to do sumthin help him. if jus one u help him then it wont make much of a difference but it will mke some at least. but the more the better..muslims need to unite like back in the days of the Prophets a.s. and

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  • Faisal

    O Allah, grant this family a dominion in Paradise. And make them of Ahlul Jannatul Firdous.

  • Amazing


    I pray for the people in need and the people who come to their aid when others face difficulties. I know that Allah will reward those that are compassionate and those that are patient, therefore my worries disappears and my heart eases with the firm belief and knowledge that Allah is there.

    I used to be a refugee once and walahy the kindness of people (believers and nonbelievers) really amazes me till this day. From receiving paid for accommodation while still in transit till receiving exactly half of someones baby milk formula on the day that shop would be closed for a few days even though she had only a little bit left for her own child.

    Thanks for the platform of bringing us closer.

  • Na’imah Jahyn

    Asalamu ‘alaikum,

    May Allah bestow His endless blessings upon these families, may He, great and exalted is He, shower these families with the ability to have sabr and may He, the almighty, grant these families elevated places in jannah! Ameen.

  • mehwisha

    May Allah give these families patience and strength.

  • hal786

    Assalamualaikum ive posted this on my blog too like u asked!! here it is:

    [Admin: Jazakum Allahu kahira for blogging about this cause. $5 will be donated for blogging. #matchingFund]

  • Anonymous

    There are no words to describe the situation of this family…May Allah reward this family with better future..and the best place in jannah..

  • abdifatah

    may Allah taa’la give them tawfeq.


  • princessaisha90

    Is there any way to send money without credit card, because i am too young to own one, and don’t have a job ?? How about Money order, or Western Union?? I prefer Western Union.

    May Allah help them Inshallah, and Maybe this a test for them, so may Allah help them pass it, Allah will reward our patience in their hereafter with something better than we can imagine !!

  • Ghulam

    You can Mail your donations (Money Order, Checks,etc) to the following address:

    Al Amaanah, Inc.
    8181 Fannin, Suite 337
    Houston, TX 77054

    Make Payable to AL AMAANAH.

  • Dean Elhag

    Asalamu alaikum wa ramatuallahi wa barakatu! May Allah give you the strength to continue on. Alhumdillah, everything happens for a reason and this life is all a test. With the help and strenght of Allah your family can surely persevere.

  • alikhlas

    Mfazal, please email and the brother will help you out inshaAllah.

  • Fadi Hammad

    May ALLAH(SWT) give them blessings and glad tidings in this Dunya and in the hereafter, Amen.