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DateStorming Drive

Update #7

DateDrive of Jumada Al-Awal 1430/May 2009

DateStorming noun (dātstôr’mĭng)
Brain storming for ideas that can help worthy causes.

Type of DateDrive: Monetary & Intellectual
Drive Target:

  1. Collecting 7 ideas for how to generate money/moola/dates for worthy causes
  2. Raising $900 seed money (which will be used to generate more income for monthly DateDrives, dividends are donated and the principal is re-invested.)
  3. Finalizing 3 projects for next round of support

  4. We have combined different submitted ideas into three categories, please vote for the one that can generate most benefits and excitement.

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Deadline: 6/15/2009


  • Organized Coach Zohra’ class collected $355 (recording is available for sale, click here)

Submitted Ideas: (first come first list)

  1. Baitul Salaam iGive: by Help a non-profit while surfing
  2. CharityBook: a Ramadan cook book to raise funds for an Orphanage. Looking for sponsors who would get advertising space in the book to help pay for the costs, all the profit goes to the orphans, Insha Allah
  3. Community e-commerce store: A non-profit will ask its beneficiaries to do some handmade products and the rest of the HalfDaters promote the store
  4. Donate your expertise: by coach Zohra
  5. Elephant ride (Event on June 6th): Looking for $5K to invest in an elephant ride fundraising event, which in the past two years have raised $14,500 on average
  6. Fresh & Noble: Selling fresh produce to help the unemployed
  7. SISTERS Club and Affiliates: The SISTERS Club is the new direct selling network, established by SISTERS Magazine, the magazine for fabulous Muslim women. Raise funds for charity or earn some halal income by working where and when you want – it’s your show, you call the shots. Join the SISTERS Club and see what a difference you can make!
  8. Halal Farm: Buy dry halal organic beef and part of the profit is donated
  9. Donating 1/3 of its revenue to
  10. GoodShop of Almaun

Drive Sponsors

The following sponsors have either helped HalfDate before with free services or have bought a sponsorship package. To sponsor a drive, please contact us.

Zamzam Design - Handmade by Muslim sistersZamzam Design - Handmade by Muslim sistersZamzam Design - Handmade by Muslim sisters
Handmade artwork from
Better and Cheaper for Malaysia shoppers
KMC, for shoppers in Malaysia?
Cards for Halal occasions
Cards for Halal occasions

A Suggested Proposal

We will implement two concepts 1- donate your expertise 2- social entrepreneurs

Coach Zohra Sarwari will teach:

5 Ways to Make Money From Home

It’s a 2-hours online/phone class, if you sign up through HalfDate it’s $30, regular price is $97.

We get 30 signups for this teleclass. Coach Zohra will donate all the money, so that’s $900 less paypal fees. We get another 4 donors/investors to invest in Al-Madina School elephant ride fundraising event at $1000 each, that’s $4900 total. We then all promote the elephant ride event and hopefully after June 6th, that $4000 will be return to the investors, and remaining donations will be reinvested into new projects.

Al-Manidah School is a registered not-for-profit organization, Tax ID 51-0179919.
3510 Exposition Place
Los Angeles, CA 90018
(323) 296-5961

*30 days full refund if not satisfied with the class* Click to join

Want to spread the word?

  • Blog about this drive. Click here
  • Post the link on your email or forum signature.
  • Buy an ad on Google or social media ads on Facebook, MySpace, …
  • Donate for publicity fund for DateDrives.
  • Tell your local media about this drive.

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  • Hadayai53

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    When you use this search engine Baitul Salaam will receive a donation from a company that puts profit businesses and non-profits together to help non-profits raise funds and profits to gain more customers. To use the search engine is free.

    We get a check (if we have $25.00 or more in donations) every six to eight weeks, insh’Allah.


  • Anon

    Is brother Ahmed an ALIM / HAFIZ ? How is he qualified to teach?

  • Test

    Ask all to contribute.

  • masterpies

    organize training program for kids for free – and parents can contribute/ pledge donation base on their kids’ performance

  • UmmZahraa

    Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullah..

    With regards to the Charity Book – I am writing a Ramadan recipe book to raise funds for a charity in Somalia which work with Orphan children. The idea is to sell 100 books and send all the profits to the Organisation. I currently have funding for 50 books so I would also like to sell advertising space or get sponsorship on the book.

    If you would like to sponsor the book, volunteer your ideas, find out more information or register your interest in the book – please email me;

    Jizaakum Allah Khair for your time. Wa Jizaak Allah for featuring the idea.

    Wasslaamu Alaikum.

  • http://n.a. Rozita

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    I have watch a forum this morning the local tv which was attended by HE from Kenya and Somalia.

    The Afrika country now, should change their perspecftive from waiting for donation or help and they should getting an investor to invest in their country. I think they can do well in agriculture e.g. planting jatropha trees which then can be process to become bio diesel.

    Jatropha trees can be planted in a rugged climate condition like Afrika countries. And they can use the bio diesel for their own good, they can take the example from India.


  • Maria

    As Salaamu Aalaykum,
    I go with the cookbook as it has a time constraint. I would also suggest making the cookbook available as an ebook to reduce cost. I am down.

  • Maria

    as salaamu aalaykum,
    must we choose just one? because I would participate as well in the surfing for the non profit.

  • HalfDate Volunteer

    wa alaikum assalam Sister Maria,

    Yes, you can vote for multiple.

    It’s a brain storming drive for all ideas and how to improve any of the featured ideas.

    Also, the elephant ride has a deadline too, June 9th 2009 is the event. So, they need the money anytime in May.

  • Furqan

    Assalamalaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu
    I think that the cookbook is a very good idea for raising funds, but instead of labelling it as a “Ramadan” cookbook, it would be more marketable to non-muslims as well if it was named as a “middle-eastern” or “arabic” cookbook, so that apprehensive non muslims are more likely to buy it too?. Also i really liked the surfing to donate idea it would be very do-able too.

    Jazakallah khairun

  • UmmIdris(Kareema)

    As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatulah

    I would like to suggest GoodShop as a fundraising option for Al Maun Fund. (sadaqah fund for muslims families)

    People do their normal shopping online at hundreds of stores and a percentage of funds goes to this charity.. One great option with GoodShop is that it offers a toolbar and coupons for participating stores.

    There is no registration needed, the person just goes to site, types in our charity name then chooses store of their choice its that easy!

    Insha’allah this will be a viable idea. Please let me know.

    Keep up the wonderful work!


    Raise money for Al Maun Fund by shopping online with . Lots of great stores, like Ebay, Amazon, Priceline, Walmart and 100’s more!

  • Sister

    Asalaam alaikum,

    Have members of a masjid/non-profit try their hand in calligraphy type painting(oil). The event would be hosted in the masjid/non-profit. Members only pay the cost of the materials they are working with. Paintings would be displayed on an assigned date to sell and the proceeds go the masjid/non-profit!

    Community members would be buying paintings made by brothers/sisters that they know from their community. Thus, those paintings would be extra special hanging on the wall, insha’Allah.

  • Anonymous

    a way to generate income for the sadaqah project is to have a family carnival/picnic dis summer

  • Khadija Fouad

    I agree with the suggested proposal. Seems like a good idea.

  • hal786

    why not put an actual poll up somewhere for us to vote?
    i vote for the elephant ride …it seems the idea best to raise most money quickest.but i know it’ll be hard probably to raise that money…hmm £5000 ? ell inshallah lets hope that their are wealthy Muslims and non-muslims alike who want to please Allah s.w.t. and donate the money inshallah!

  • Amy

    Let say..make something like foods,decorations or what..
    and than send to shop or make advertisment at internet or go promote house to house.And than that money we cant donate to orphans…
    good luck…

  • Sara

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    To help raise funds for the children of Gaza Fundraising Dinner on June 6th, a suggestion we had was to sell organic fair-trade onesies (baby shirts) for aqeeqahs or just as gifts, which are Islamically designed by a Muslim company, with 100% of all profits going towards the fundraiser. For example:

    Jazak’Allah Khair

  • Zad

    Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa Barakatu Brothers and Sisters

    I would Just like to share a bit of knowlege with you All

    Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu Alayhe wa Salim Said

    “Shall i not tell you 2 phrases which are light on the Tongue, heavy on the scale and beloved to the Most merciful? Say Subhana Allah Wa Bihamdihi Subhan Allah Al Adheem”

    Insha Allah you will reach Jannatul Firdaus al Ala

    Also if you say Subhana Allah wa Bihamdihi 100 times a Day Then your Sins will be forgiven, even if they were as many as the Foams of the Sea

    Insha Allah we can implement this in our lives and attain success !

    Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu

  • Brooke

    Asalamu Walaikum Datees,
    Are you still datestorming ideas? I have a, not so original to me, sadaqa jariya suggestion. Donating books to our sisters and/or brothers incarcerated. We normally completely overlook these members of our Ummah who are so extremely isolated and have such pressing desires to gain knowledge but virtually no means other than charity to acquire books. I know of one sister who works in a prison and runs a library there who could give directly to her prison population, but this could possibly be a statewide drive for federal prisons, where long-term prisoners would benefit most. I suggest that people buy one copy (or more!) of their favorite books and donate them to this sister or other Muslims working within federal prisons so that they get into the hands of Muslims, inshallah.

    Brooke’s last blog post..Inter-Racial Distrust and the White Muslim

  • Abuaisha

    Elephant Ride Fundraising Event is Saturday, June 6, 2009 2:00pm – 6:00pm.

  • Tiky

    With all those webinars about increasing wealth, what better than to learn about making money from a muslim (in this case a muslimah).

    Salam Aleikoum

  • Linda

    AssalaamuAlaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakhetu.

    InshaAllah this little donation helps. May Allah SubhonaWaTala reward all involved for their efforts. Ameen.

  • hafsa

    excellent ideas. training others is the best way to raise money!

    Jazak Allah Coach and Half Date

  • Haytham

    MashaAllah… May Allah bless this work.. ameen

  • Skeptical

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Perhaps the intention behind this drive is good but I this reminds me of the pyramid scam. There are many ways to make money from home such as selling online but we should not be greedy into thinking there is an easy way. The fee to hear this person tell her side of the story seems a bit high. The money is said to be donated to charity. What charity? What cause? How do we know this is legitimate just because we know that HalfDate is?

    Think before you act. I learned from personal experience that you cannot trust the words of a person just because s/he is Muslim. A good person is defined to be more than just a Muslim.

    REMEMBER: All wealth comes from Allah and Allah alone.

  • admin

    Dear Skeptical, wa alaikum asalam,

    Good points. We have posted Al-Madinah School event details and we’ve conveyed your concern to Coach Zohra, where she sent the following reply.

    Keep your comments coming, we love them.


    From Zohra Sarwari

    Asalamalakium Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu,

    The class that I will teach you inshAllaah is doable for almost anyone, inshAllaah….

    I give real content with real tips on how to go about it, inshAllaah. Ar- Razzaq is the Provider, and the Sustainer, however we have to do our part, inshAllaah.

    Once, a beggar from Al-Ansar came to the Prophet (SAAW) who asked him: don’t you have anything in your homes? The man answered: yes, a piece, of a cloth, part which we wear, and part of which we lay on the ground; and a pot for water.

    The Prophet (SAAW) told him: Get them.

    Then the Prophet (SAAW) sold the cloth and the pot to one of his companions for two dirhams, gave the price to the man from Al-Ansar and told him: Buy food for your family with one dirham and buy an axe head with the other. When the man came back, the Prophet (SAAW) fixed a wooden handle to the axe head and told the man: Go and cut wood; I do not want to see you for fifteen days.

    The man worked as a wood cutter and came back after fifteen days with ten dirhams in his pocket. He was thus able to buy food and clothes for his family.

    The Prophet (SAAW) commented saying:

    This is better for you than to be marked on the face, on the Day of Judgment. Begging may not be allowed except in three cases:

    Severe poorness, frightening debt or the express need to pay a ransom (deya).

    My goal with teaching this class is to inspire sisters and brothers about what HALAL opportunities that are out there, and how they too could benefit, inshAllaah, as well as help other Muslims.

    Lastly, I believe Islam is the foundation of everything we do, and your right a good Muslim is defined more by their actions not just their words. InshAllaah I hope that you have an opportunity to read one of my books, before judging me, to see if I am a good Muslim or not, and I pray to Allaah (SWT) that we are all guided to the straight path. Ameen…

    Jazak Allaah Khairan,

    Your sister Zohra Sarwari

    From Admin:

    That quoted Hadith is a popular weak narration.

    رجل من الأنصار أتى النبي فقال : أما في بيتك شيء ؟ قال : بلى حلس نلبس بعضه و نبسط بعضه و قعب نشرب فيه الماء قال : ائتني بهما فأتاه بهما فأخذهما رسول الله و قال : من يشتري هذين قال رجل : أنا آخذهما بدرهم قال : من يزيد على درهم مرتين أو ثلاثا قال رجل : أنا آخذهما بدرهمين فأعطاهما إياه و أخذ الدرهمين و أعطاهما الأنصاري و قال : اشتر بأحدهما طعاما و انبذه إلى أهلك و اشتر بالآخر قدوما فأتني به فشد فيه رسول الله عودا بيده ثم قال له : اذهب فاحتطب و بع و لا أرينك خمسة عشر يوما فذهب الرجل يحتطب و يبيع فجاء و قد أصاب عشرة دراهم فاشترى ببعضها ثوبا و ببعضها طعاما فقال رسول الله : هذا خير لك من أن تجيء المسألة نكتة في وجهك يوم القيامة إن المسألة لا تصلح إلا لثلاثة : لذي فقر مدقع أو لذي غرم مفظع أو لذي دم موجع
    الراوي: – المحدث: الألباني – المصدر: مشكلة الفقر – الصفحة أو الرقم: 41
    خلاصة الدرجة: ضعيف

    However, there are authentic hadiths by Al-Bukhari that support the general meaning of the above weak narration, like the following: No. 1950 Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “One would rather cut and carry a bundle of wood on his back than ask somebody who may or may not live him.”

    No. 2223 Narrated Az-Zubair bin Al ‘Awwam: The Prophet said, “No doubt, one had better take a rope (and cut) and tie a bundle of wood and sell it whereby Allah will keep his face away (from Hell-fire) rather than ask others who may give him or not.”

    لأن يأخذ أحدكم حبله ، فيأتي بحزمة الحطب على ظهره فيبيعها ، فيكف الله بها وجهه ، خير له من أن يسأل الناس ، أعطوه أو منعوه .
    الراوي: الزبير بن العوام المحدث: البخاري

    أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : والذي نفسي بيده ، لأن يأخذ أحدكم حبله ، فيحتطب على ظهره ، خير له من أن يأتي رجلا فيسأله ، أعطاه أو منعه .
    الراوي: أبو هريرة المحدث: البخاري

  • UmmZahraa

    Jizaak Allah, for the suggestion of the e-book, that’s a very good idea, Masha Allah. I will first do the e-book and then the prints if there’s enough demand for it. Insha Allah.

    There are already many great cook books for Middle Eastern cuisine and I really want to capture the universality of Islam and Ramadan by collating recipes from all over the Muslim world . The book will also contain Prophetic reminders on fasting, sadaqah, charity.. Insha Allah. So hopefully, it will also have some appeal to the ‘won’t cooks’ amongst us, Insha Allah.

  • Skeptical

    I was in no way passing judgement regarding sis Zohra. The fact that it deals with ways of making money made me think twice, especially because there are so many scams out there. Many people are attempting to get rich fast without working hard. After reading her response and clarification from you, I realize that she is merely giving self help tips. This is different from the pyramid scam. The pyramid scam deals with paying money to someone then recruiting others to do the same so the money gets passed along. It’s basically taking from others. After clarification that the money would be sent directly to the Elephant drive, I am more at ease. InshaAllah all will go well.

  • Tierra Ziyad

    Asalaam walikum,

    How about just having a big like national yard sell. Everyone sell what they would donate. Basically we can hold the yard sells at masjid or anywhere for that matter and all the proceeds are donated.

  • aster

    One idea for generating more income is to ask people to host parties. The Sister’s one is a great idea. But I’m sure there are halaqa’s going on everywhere and or family parties, and the site could provide ways and how-tos to host a “sponsorship” themed night. For example, a friend and I are hosting a halaqa night at her place and we’ve asked everyone who can, to donate $6 dollars for buy-a-net. Every month, one halaqa is dedicated to an organization.

  • admin

    First Update:

    Fatima $20, wooohooo first supporter, may Allah reward her first :)
    Linda $25
    Tikyda $30
    Audrey $30
    Fatah $30
    Abimbola $30

  • Haseena

    Lots of good ideas…

    I particularly like the Gaza Fundraising Dinner along with the the sister that suggested that members of a musjid/non-profit do some calligraphy or oil paintings. Or how about getting an Islamic gallery to sponsor some artworks, then auction them at the Fundraising Dinner. What you make depends at what price you’re going to start auctioning the paintings etc. and you may need some wealthy community people at the Dinner.

  • hafsa

    i created a short cut for the “learn to make money from home” event:

    Feel free to use it on MSN, facebook, twitter, etc.

  • Sister

    Just signed up for the class. Looking forward to it.

  • 215

    Signed up last night for this good cause… Looking forward to the tele-class May Allah (SWT) bless everyone for their efforts.

  • Muamer1988

    Esselamu alejkum,
    I signed up for the class and I am very happy that we are united and all participating in this project that will help our Muslim brothers and sisters.

  • Abu Hafsa

    As salamu ‘alaikum,

    Looking forward to the event. May Allah reward everyone for making this possible.


  • Test


  • http://facebook crzymom5

    let’s do our part!!!