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House Keeping Drive

We are looking for proposals from organizations that have track records in the following fields:

  • House-Parties for Islam: grassroots social events in people’s house across the Ummah
  • Helping Muslims to find halal jobs
  • Supporting Muslim community publications
  • How to learn Arabic language
  • School Baskets for Native Americans in Crow Creek
  • Journalism scholarship
  • School administration scholarship/grants
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Community facilities: Hospitals, cemeteries, slaughter houses, farms, and orphanages
  • Special needs (e.g. seniors, blind, etc.)
  • Natives/aboriginals needs in Americas & Australia
  • Environmental projects: Green, organic

How to apply?

  1. Ask a HalfDater to email in your request. Specify 1- how much 2- by when 3- a non-profit in the US/UK/Canada/Australia that will accept the money online
  2. Agree to provide all marketing materials (audio/video that are universally acceptable, i.e. no music and with proper Islamic dress code)
  3. Agree to provide daily updates for all donations raised during the drive
  4. Agree to be available for interviews
  5. Do your part with HalfDate

Call for Volunteers:

We need 7 volunteers for each month Rajab/July, Shaaban/Aug, Ramadan/Sept, and Shawwal/Oct.

No experience needed, as long as you check your emails :)

Apply only if you are an active HalfDater and can volunteer at least 3 hrs within the next month.

Logo Logistics

Choice 1: halfdate1.jpg Choice 2: halfdate3.jpg (without the slogan) Choice 3: halfdate_05.jpg
Choice 4: halfdate_06.jpg Choice 5: halfdate_07.jpg Choice 6: Not for voting but an example of color halfdate_04.jpg

All these logos are open for modifications. The designer sister just need our feedback.

Pick your top 2 choices

View Results

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If you want to modify the logo, click here to post your suggestions.

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  • Hakim Talbi

    I don’t like the repetition of the letter A in the #3, 4, and 5. You can replace the top or first A with a date in the #2. I voted for the # 5 but I’m not sure about the color.

  • iadiedee

    I liked #2 & #5 and didn’t realize it said vote for 2 of them so I only voted for 5 as I liked it most.

  • Sharif

    I would pick choice 5…


    …with the other font and the golden color used in other choices.

    It’s horizontal – easy for the eyes.

    It looks very powerful and established and somehow conveys trust.

  • Zainab

    I agree with Sharif.
    Number 5 is the best but instead of a green tone it should be golden/brown, and the other font is better.

  • muslimah

    i like #1 & 2. the only thing about #2 is that I don’t like the phrase on the bottom “one date at a time”. people might misunderstand what that means.

  • admin

    To muslimah,

    Yeah, that “slogan” won’t be there.

  • hafsa


  • admin

    To hafsa,

    Isn’t that look like an almond or egg?

  • seaniqabi

    i absolutely love the second logo mashallah.
    very creative…

  • Umm Mussab

    as-salaamu ‘alaykum,

    yeah, logo #2 is my best pick but without the slogan.

  • UmmIdris

    As salaamu alaykum

    None of them jump out at me, but I am leaning toward simplicity, therefore #1


  • mummyjaan

    #1’s simplicity and clean lines appeal to me the most, but you know what? I would incorporate the brown date from #2 into the design somehow.

    The white date in the middle of the ‘d’ in logo #1 isn’t … well, strong enough. (A white date? Naah…) Suppose you took the brown half-date that is reclining above design #2 and and propped it above logo #1?

  • UmmTaulib

    AsSalaamu Alaikum

    I like #1 and #2 because they have ‘half’ of a date in the picture. The other pictures don’t look like dates, more like eggs or a seed of some sort. I agree with mummyjaan, if you could some how incorporate the two, I think it would be perfect. InshaAllah.

    Barakaallahu feekum

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely pick choice 2. I’m not entirely sure if non-Muslims are going to see this, but if so, you don’t want non-Muslims (or even Muslims!) to simply see the words ‘half date’ and assume it’s a dating website (i.e., relationships). Hence, the illustration of a date is central to conveying just what kind of a website this is; that it is, indeed, far much more than just materialistic dating.

    Even with that aside, choice 2, in my opinion, is by far the best. For, it’s simple yet conveys enough information, and the colors contrast beautifully (except perhaps you should add a little green to it, as in choice 5).

  • Young Anonymous Muslimah

    I voted for the second one, coz i liked the first one but it didn’t have the slogan on it.

  • Tariq

    salaam..the first one looks the most professional. and best.

  • Muamer1988

    Esselamu Alejkum
    I like 5, i like the green color but I would insert the caption from number 2, one date at the time in number 5.

  • serendipitouslife

    Kudos to the sister who designed these.

    I just voted & then realized from the vote results that asthetics is more universal than individual.

  • Amino

    i picked 2 and 6, 5 (green) looks like a logo for a jobcentre company we have over here =/ thats just me though lol

    1’s kewl too, but easy to compare to 2, which i like i better

  • Pleasant word…

    i like choice #2 aswell!

  • Adib

    No. 2 is a definite yes.

  • Bint Rehana


    I just have a query. I want to be a volunteer but what is it exactly tht we need to do???

    • admin

      wa alaikum assalam Bint Rehana,

      Any of these tasks:
      1- write
      2- speak
      3- draw

  • b

    4.Play (elephant ride)

  • hihi

    What elephant ride????

  • Bint-e-Adam

    Assalam-o-alaikum warahmatullah-e-wabarakatuhu.

    Its so pleasant to see that there are people in Muslim Ummah who are still so much interested in its well being. I wish may Allah put in alot of Barakah in your work. But why dont you start something like Hadith of the Week or Sunnah of the week thing? and send these to the contacts in your mailing list?

    Anyways its a very good work that you are doing.

    BarakAllahu fih.