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Kalimaat: Baba Ali Games

As you know, HalfDate is a Sadaqah promotion service. We don’t charge needy people for this service. So, the only way to cover our expenses is through selling products like Kalimaat.

“I don’t know what’s more fun, trying to remember the words to beat the competition or laughing at each other doing it.” Sammy Ahmed (Orange County, CA)

If you don’t know about Kalimaat, go here: and read the reviews then come back if you decide to order from HalfDate.

The biggest discount on the net $25 $20 *SOLD OUT at this price*

Baba Ali FREE Kalimaat

Why people liked this game:
1- Parents bought it, because it’s fun & educational, and educational & fun :)
2- Masjids bought it, because it makes their youth program muuuch popular
3- Vendors bought it, because it’s a hot item for this Eid
4- geeks bought it, because it’s a good game for memory and communication skills
5- You bought it, because … (post your comment)

Why people like you bought the game from this page?
1- Get the biggest discount for Kalimaat
2- Support HalfDate
3- Just because :)

Spread the fun, tell your friend (use the Tell-a-Friend tool below to tell your friends)

P.S. Special thanks to Baba Ali for supporting this project.

For US:
HalalBuzz special $22.5

For Canada:
Princess Olive

For UK:
Princess Olive

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  • UmmAbdurrahman

    Cool, masha’Allah!

  • Test

    “I started playing the game and before you know it hours have passed and I am still playing game as it is very fun to play.” -Hassan Sultan (Tampa, FL)

    Such a comment posted indicates that this game make cause you or your kids to miss salat.

  • Anonymous


  • Abdullah

    Good points about game is a time waster

  • Test

    HalfDate should close and go home, because I hate you.

  • http://na khidma

    Insha’Allah, we will purchase and promote this game bec we need Islamic activities for our beloved children & families.

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