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Sadaqah Stories Drive

DateDrive of Shawwal 1430/Oct 2009
Type of DateDrive: Awareness

We have this vision to compile inspirational stories about generosity, kindness, and giving. You can write about others or you can write your own experience. We hope within a month we can publish an ebook (something similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul), which motivate and inspire others to give and act kindly.

Drive Target:

  1. Getting 12 volunteers (got 9 needs 3) to work on Sadaqah book, work include reading, editing, categorizing, etc.
  2. Collecting 36 (got 25 needs 11) Sadaqah stories at
  3. “I donated $7.29 because that’s all I could afford without making my bank account empty.” -Sister T

Cost of the Drive

SadaqahStories project, inshaAllah, will be run to support HalfDate on-going expenses. If you want to contribute towards this project. Here are the costs so far.

  • $60+ variation of domain names
  • $75 software
  • $50 paid volunteers from Almaun
  • Unpaid time and expertise by several HalfDaters, may Allah reward them

Drive Sponsors

The following sponsors have either helped HalfDate before with free services or have bought a sponsorship package. To sponsor a drive, please contact us.

Fresh Date Sponsors(Platinum)
baba ali productive muslim

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  • Ibtisam Zafar

    i plus 3 of my friends are all ready for the volunteer work provided we get the guidance all the way :)

    and goodluck!

    [Admin: Thanks. 15 volunteers needed, got 4, needs 11 more :) ]

  • ummahmad

    Alhamdulillah,the muslim ummah is coming up and we are all trying our best to enlightened the ummah through the internet, magazines, media, etc, and also trying to assist does in need. may Allah SWT bless us with the sweetest date in Aljannah. ameen

    I am not very good in writing but i have a website which i read inspirational stories which can be printed, can i use it and i will help with this drive by reading and editing, i pray this helps. if it does, pls. give me the guidance.

    [Admin: Thanks. 15 volunteers needed, got 5, needs 10 more :) ]

  • http://www.almaunfund,org Ummidris

    As salaamu alaykum, I am onboard as a blogger, already sent out to tons of places today!

    [Admin: Wa alaikum assalam, thanks. 9 bloggers needed, got 1, needs 8 more :) ]

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  • hal786

    hi im back!
    sorry for not doing much, like the twitter updates thing (thanking those who RT’d your stuff) or commenting much here…i’ve been really busy and lol as i always say haha i’ve been very ill…lol even right now i’m sitting on the computer typing wearing GLOVES!!! I’m frozen and have a migraine :(

    I came on the computer to do my english coursework,but then noticed Inshallah later on i’ll TRY hopefully to blog about this be one of those to blog blog it and give in a story Inshallah. But don’t please count on it..i might get even more ill so i dont know..Inshallah :)

    So yeah,great job so far mashallah and Inshallah hope it’s a success.

    [Admin: wa alaikum assalam. May Allah give you Shifa/cure ameen]

  • Ahdia

    As-Salamu Alaikum

    Masha’Allah this is a great idea and I would be willing to contribute as a online blogger insha’Allah via writing about this project. What is the next step/move to be taken insha’Allah?


    Sister Ahdia

    [Admin: Wa alaikum assalam. Thanks. 9 bloggers needed, got 2, needs 6 more :) ]

  • Mona

    I have a friend who recently reverted to Islam. She had found a twenty dollar bill on the ground and decided it was best to give it in charity. Later we went to the masjid for an event, when a Muslim man came asking for twenty-three dollars to get a prescription for his diabetes. He had no money, and no family in this area. My friend was decided that he was the deserving one of her charity. He was still three dollars short, but at least he was mostly there. Alhamdulillah.

    [admin note: Not sure if $20 consider big enough that Islamically you have to report it to “lost & found” or not.]

  • Alie

    There is one boy in my class he is a muslim, all my classmates (not muslims) trying to heart and make laugh at him everyday,cuz of him voice(he is Arab and he has accent a bit when he talks russian). I am trying to protect him all day everyday and i will as long as i am in the same class with him. But protecting him, I have lost almost all of my so called friends, and now I realized who are the real friends for me…. I don’t care about being alone in my class it’s better than to be with those dozen of fakes, and this guy his name is Yunes taught me a lot of Islam, I am greatful to him, he is my very good friend. We Muslims have to help each other, and only then we will be powerful.

  • Nazir

    While in intake court a total stranger (young lady) was going to get locked up for missing a court appearance & she nor her mother had the $50 bail money. It was 4th of July weekend in the US & she would have had to sit for 3 days, but alhamdolillah a brother paid cash right in the courtroom so she wouldn’t have to spend 3 days of her life wasted in a filthy jail in the midwest.

  • Jannah, England

    Something I recently reflected on ..I have always been blessed as what are seen as good respectable jobs with good salary, but it always seemed that the bigger the salary the bigger the debt. My last job however was with a charity and the pay was not that much at all, if anything almost a third of my most paid job. I worked for the charity for a year and being around an environment which encouraged sadaqah i gave quite a lot today and subhanalah the thing that struck me the most is that i have paid of all my debts..alhamdulilah! I really understand how much barakah there must have been.

  • Summer – San Jose, CA, USA

    I only get a chance to buy and eat junk food once every several months, although I love it. As I walked out of a store with my rare treat, a beggar woman asked me for money. I didn’t have any cash, but gave her the treat for her children.

  • Ayesha

    When i got married, my husband was unemployed for a long time. We lived with his family, and subhanallah v never felt as though we were missing out on anything. Despite the fact that he didnt earn, his father and his brother, who were working, were getting promoted and increments. They helped us alot in our difficult time.
    Allah provided and still does provide for us from places that we didnt even think, alhamdulliah.

    We are greatful to his family and and can never forget there generosity.

  • Hadayai

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Here is my contribution to the sadaaqah book:

    I started working in Domestic Violence Awareness out of a need to complete my healing from being abused by two former Muslim husbands. Once our group got started and it was obvious that we were not going to be denied our right to speak out against injustice in our community the ugly reality of the level of denial about domestic abuse surfaced. It became a real battle of our will and sometimes my ego to continue. I just refused to lose. They who I felt were being led by the shayton would not win.

    Unfortunately in my community independent social service groups are not treated like we are part of the Islamic family some times. All work without any real support from masjid leadership to include sometimes a kind word. Most of these efforts are lead by women so it shows that many Islamic leaders have trouble working with women if they are not in a subserviant role. The right things are said from the rostrum on Fridays and at conventions. However look around the community and you will see a very different picture.

    I have seen protocols established in a masjid just to stop productivity of any non-masjid committee organization. This type of behavior seems to be very familiar and rampant around the country. Many organizers have told me that they may have started in a masjid but had to leave due to fitna and the unwillingness of an Imam and other leaders women included) to be fair and just to them once they received attention in the media or recognition from outside of the community.

    In one community the atmosphere became so vehemous that a long-term well running award winning service to the masjid and the community around it was attacked and finally halted in that community. Now a few years later some of the main prepetrators of the attack are wanting it restarted. Go figure how fickled, silly and self-destructive we can be as a people.

    Now the positive side of this situation is that in spite of the naysaying and direct attempts to harm and destroy our organization we are still here. Also this can be said about many others doing similar work. We are still around and thriving. The work is being done and since the whole earth is a masjid. You do not have to be in any one particular place to serve Allah. You do not need anyone (Imam, Amir, sisters with titles) to approve of you serving Allah. All you have to do is be as just as you know to be continue to pray and Allah will do the rest.

    What I have learned through it all is that I am privileged to be allowed by Allah to be able to do this work and humbled in doing so. Many of my peers who are continuing to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate about HIV/AIDS, conduct women, youth and other support groups have survived the storm and are thriving.

    I give thanks and praise to Allah for my journey as an organizer in the Islamic community and pray for all who are serving Allah through serving humanity.

    end of story

    I hope this is what you want.

    ma salaam

  • Habayeb

    As salaamu alaykum,
    I can help with the volunteer work on the Sadaqah book insha’allah.

  • J.A.K from Florida

    I donated $6 to a masjid/Islamic school through their online paypal form (a little of what I had) in Ramadan. When I went to Iftar that night, my grandpa gave me $10 as an early Eid gift. I was reminded of the Hadeeth that says Allah will never decrease your wealth if you give it for His sake.

  • Umme Adil from Pakistan

    In the winters of 2005, I was doing the last part of Taleem-ul-Quran at home and in the evenings I used to write notes or did the revision. My washing-maid also came in the evenings and sometimes would get very late. So one day it was almost maghrib time and I was standing on the terrace and she was hanging the washed clothes on the line. I just remarked to her how cold and windy it was and she said to me in a very hesitant tone… “Baji can I ask you something?” I said why not, tell me what is it? She looked at the far corner of the terrace where stood in the corner tall rolls of canvas curtains with canes sewn on one side (we call it chik… I don‎’t know the English word for this) anyway it is used in summers to hang outside windows or verandah to ward off the intolerable heat of the sun. She told me that she has a small two room house with one tiny verandah which she used as a kitchen. She said that it is so cold to cook chapattis at night or even early morning because it is open. “If you could please give me these chiks then I can cover it up and will be saved from the cold” I hesitated to answer her right away thinking that they were absolutely new and specially bought for these tall windows but then I thought that if I can save her from cold then Allah will save me from heat in the summers. So I said ok you can have these and her eyes shone with delight…

    When the heat wave started a few months later we suddenly got the chance for a 2 month vacation to the northern city of skardu. And when I landed on the airport and felt the first cool breeze on my face I remembered that incident and was so excited to realize that Allah had listened to my dua. I had the best time of life in Skardu… wonderfully cool weather and beautiful views of gigantic mountains surrounding the city on all sides. Luxurious fruit trees of apricots, apples and almonds… it was almost a paradise on earth.

    But now almost three years later, when I read the chapter on Jannat and Jahannum in the end of Minhaj-ul-Qasidin, I realized that even if we are trying to please Allah through our actions we want the results in this world. We do good deeds for barakah, for pleasure and blessings of Allah. Which is fine but our real goal should be the Akhirah. For example if my vision had been right, I would have given her the canvas sheets, with the dua that Allah might save me from the fire of Hell. If my eyes are focused on Jannah then I should make life easy for people with the hope that Allah might make the day of Judgement easy on me. If I make others happy and comfortable, I should pray that Allah might make my grave comfortable and give me happiness with the company of Quran, and light up its darkness with the light of my good deeds… that should be my main concern and not the duniya. If I am a fearful person then my fears should be of the punishment of grave and hellfire. And if I am ambitious then my ambition should be for the Paradise. I think that if we are able to guide our focus in this direction then we will get the true taste of faith… inshaAllah

  • Zarlasht Hakimi from Canada

    Assalaam Alaikum WR WB,

    Dear brothers & sisters,
    As we all know this life is only temporary, no one will be alive until the end. And we never know when our last day is on earth. So we must always focus on doing things that would bring us and the people around us happiness and peace instead of having people always see us as a negative and cold hearted person.
    One of the stories I would like to share with you all is a true story about me and it is based on REGRETING
    I had just lost a teacher of mine who I knew from long time ago; she used to teach me Dari in a Language School here. She loved me a lot. Whenever she saw me or my mother and I around, she would stop us and tell us how great, intelligent, polite and respectful girl I am. So a week before she passed away, I was with one of my friend and I saw her from a little far, my friend asked me to go and say Salaam to her since she loves you so much, but due to not having enough time and I was already in a rush, I did not go up to her, I just told my friend it is o.k. but next time I see her again I will go up to her and pass my Salaam, So I ended up not going up to her, a week later I found out that she passed away. Oh My God! I felt very bad and selfish, only if I knew she would die a week later… I now regret for not going up to her and talking to her for the last time of her life. So this example of mine should make everyone understand to always pass your Salaams and greetings to people, always be nice to them, always respect them, and even if they do not like you, it is o.k. you will not lose anything if you go up to them and talk to them and make them feel good. Allah SWT is watching you at all times and he will be adding your good deeds to your right shoulders and Insha’Allah those good deeds will build a great house for you in heaven in the hereafter insha’Allaah.
    We must never wait too long to do something good for the sake of Allah SWT because what if it is too late and you don’t find that same opportunity again in your life. Also please say Assalaam Alaikum WR WB to your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.
    as Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessing be upon him) observed: You shall not enter Paradise so long as you do not affirm belief (in all those things which are the articles of faith) and you will not believe as long as you do not love one another. Should I not direct you to a thing which, if you do, will foster love amongst you: (i. e.) give currency to (the practice of paying salutation to one another by saying) as-salamu alaikum. Muslim Book 001, Number 0096
    Jazzak Allahu Khairan,

  • Brother H, NYC

    Whenever I gave sadaqah I experience a spiritual lift. I also feel as if a mountain was lifted off my chest. I could be going thru some hardship and as soon as I give something in the name of Allah only to please Allah. It is a feeling which is out of this world. Nothing is better than feeling good about giving where the world means nothing and everything is Allah.

  • zane minneapolis, mn

    A couple years ago my mom and I had a really beat up truck that was unsafe and really small and not a very good car to drive. We used to take the bus or walk a lot if we need to do something. One day it even fell in a ditch while we were driving! Meanwhile, we met some twin sisters who we hardly even knew for about a month or so. One day out of the blue they called us and said we have two cars that we don’t need and we would like you to have them. Mind you these were not some beat up cars but a really nice Mercedes Benz and a nicer Toyota. At that time we were in dire need as some people are when they don’t have reliable transportation. So we were so fortunate and thankful that Allah always provides. Also I want to tell anyone out there reading this that no matter what happens to you do not give up on yourself and Allah. Allhamdulluah, we were provided for and have had many cars since and we will never forget the kindness of stranger.

  • ahmad khan

    I blog, write, and love to volunteer…but need more info.

  • Umm S ulaiman, UK

    Bismillah. There was a time just a few months ago when I was struggling to cope financially and was unable to find a job. I had not spoken about this to anyone but continuously supplicated to Allah using his glorious names to help me and take me out of the distress I was facing. And then one night during Ramadan there was an appeal before the Fajr prayer. The brothers were raising money for a hospital to be built in the Swat valley. I really wanted to help so I called the donation hotline and donated a small amount of money. I saw it as an investment in the akhirah and felt I had to give and knew that Allah would aid me in own problems that I was undergoing.

    Subahanallah after this day I was given a job and had a way to support myself. Alhumdulillah I know that this was and still is a beautiful blessing from Allah. I am aware that we should remember Allah and praise him no matter what our situation is. But this time I was touched more so because it affirmed for me that Allah is the only one who can and is able to help. One more thing we are advised when doing something, whether its an act of ibadaah or not to do it continuously. I believe that this is definitely the key.

    This is just one occasion in which Allah has bestowed his grace upon me, throughout my life I have encountered many others.

  • HerH1ghness

    I love reading all the inspirational stories. All praise belongs to Allah swt. I find that when I am upset , or worried I always manage to find a penny either on the road side, in my car, or in my pocket. I pick it up an it reads “in God we trust” Allah Akbar.