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Up Coming Drives

  • Qard Hasan (Lending) Drive: Promote giving halal loans to your community members
  • Dawah Drive: Support Dawah projects
  • Meetup Drive: House-parties for Sadaqah promotion

From now on, we will follow the pay-it-forward model. Each drive will pay for the next drive. From experience, each drive takes about 200 to 1700 hours of work. We typically budget $500 for each drive.

How do we sustain the project?

Alhamduillah, HalfDaters have bought close to 100 boxes of Kalimaat games (only 7 boxes left). So, that is one type of income.

If you want to help this project, please visit

Some other updates.

We are forming a Shura board and founders donors (basically those who want to contribute in the cost of setting up HalfDate as an official entity). We are looking for Web 2.0 specialists, MBAs, and creative thinkers to join the team.

We are also looking for a limited number of strategic partners, could be business, organizations, or media.

If you have any suggestions or questions, post them as a comment.

May Allah reward you with the sweetest date in Jannah

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