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Qard Hasan Drive

DateDrive of ذو العقدة of 1430/Nov 2009

Type of DateDrive: Half a date (financial)

كل قرض صدقة” – صحيح الجامع”
“Every (halal) loan is Sadaqah.” – Sahih AlJamee
ما من مسلم يقرض مسلما قرضا مرتين إلا كان كصدقتها مرة” – صحيح الجامع”
“No Muslim lends another Muslim twice, except it will be like Sadaqah once.” – Sahih AlJamee

Drive Target:

  1. Getting 7 people each give $500 loans for 6 months and 7 people each give $500 for one year, to help:
    1. A US women shelter/food bank to purchase a truck ($1000 needed)
    2. A Canadian medical “doctor” who graduated and is applying for practicing license in the US (he had some hardship and needs a $4000 loan). You are going to send most of the money directly to the school. Click here for more info
    3. A Malaysian family who is having hard time to feed their children because they are in debt to haram loan “sharks” and needs $1000. (pending her proofs)
    4. A Finnish needy Muslim. (her local community covered her need)
  2. Three local groups of Muslims to form a Qard club and collect $500 (want to encourage personal Qard Hasan in your local communities). Once your local groups are formed, please post a comment.

To participate, post a comment (your email won’t be public) and we will contact you. Please answer these three questions: 1- How much can you lend ($500 or $1000)? 2- For how long (6 month or 1 year)? 3- For which project (women shelter or medical student)?

HalfDate assumes no responsibilities. Both borrowers have their personal guarantors and will pay you back with monthly installments.

Canadian “Doctor”

“I know this brother personally and he is a good person, honest and trustworthy. He was studying to be a doctor in the US, but sadly his Dad ran into financial troubles and his Mom had a stroke. Due to financial constraints he is unable to pay his fees to do his final exams and clinicals. He has been looking for a halal Islamic loan from a Muslim who he could sign a contract with and pay back. So far he has only gotten no’s from his local community when he has asked them for help.” -A community member of this brother.

School paper 1
School paper 2
School paper 3
School paper 4

He can pay back around $250-$300/ month inshaAllah, starting in February 2010.


Brothers and sisters, if you can, please give a donation instead of a loan. Deposit/wire to:

TD Canada Trust (detail removed)

Paypal is (detail removed)

Cost of the Drive

  • Unpaid time by several HalfDaters, may Allah reward them

Drive Sponsors

The following sponsors have either helped HalfDate before with free services or have bought a sponsorship package. To sponsor a drive, please contact us.

Fresh Date Sponsors(Platinum)

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  • Anon Sister

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I would be interested in participating. JazakAllahu Khairan.

  • Adel

    I am interested in joining
    count me in

  • hajar

    Asalamualaikum , i will really love to do more ,and i’m so much interested in half/date but all i can do right now is make plenty dua, for my muslim brothers and sisters, especially the refugees who needs all the help and care they can get,i pray inshaallaah Allaah grant half/date tawfeeq.Ameen!!

  • Absoud

    Alhamdulilah, I can help. May Allah reward you for putting together this beautiful website.

  • imyourbrother

    Assalam alaikum, i can contribute $100 towards the Women’s Shelter costs, inshaAllah. Please contact me, I’m ready to go!

    BarakAllahu feekum!

  • Zemar

    Assalam alaikum,

    I’m interested in the women shelter project/ truck loan. Inshallah I will donate $500 to be paid back to me in 6 months inshallah.

    Jazakum Allah kul khair for all your good deeds and drives to help the needy Muslims. Ameen.


  • loganc

    inshaAllah please contact me about the Malaysian family. BarakAllah fiikum.

  • Kanwal


    May Allah Bless this brother & make this journey easy for him.Remember in your duas Sis in Islam Kanwal

  • Muslim from Canada

    [admin: Just donated.]

    May Allah make it easy for you to complete your studies and may He put barakah in all the donations. Ameen.

  • ziyaad daya

    asalamualykum i would start of by thanking half date for thier splendid effort . may Allah help and reward them in abundance I would just like to say give sadaqa and Allah will help you .If one gives sadaqa Alah will grately reward him

  • Khadeeja

    May Allah help this brother and easy his difficulty in his time of need. And may Allah reward you all at halfdate for all that you do Ameen.

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