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Next Drive

HalfDate tries to alternate between monetary drives and non-monetary drives. However, many of you prefer monetary drives. So, here is a quick poll (you can select 3 answers).

A quick poll:

Warm Winter is to raise for utility bills of needy families.

Fund a journalist is to cover the cost of this non-Muslim writer. It’s just a goodwill gesture for her work.

Masjid etiquette posters is a non-monetary drive for collecting etiquettes and designing posters that can be hang in masjids.

HalfDate new site is a drive where you tell HalfDate what new features you want us to implement in our new website (to be designed, inshaAllah)

Dawah in Spanish is to help two Spanish Dawah organizations,Islam in Spanish and

Please vote and you can also post a comment about your opinion or other suggestions.

Which drive you want HalfDate to run next?

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  • StrainSop

    I support this website (listed above) because it presents the true Islam in easy to understand language. It contains a moderated chat area for live classes and prerecorded lectures and Qur’an recitations throughout the day. Donations given to this site and its media sister site support dawa to nonMulsims, teaching to new as well as long-time Muslims and it fulfills requests for free copies of the Qur’an and CD lectures to new Muslims and nonMuslims. May Allah grant those working on this family of Islamic web sites and GuideUS TV success and eternal rewards in Jannah.

  • brother

    I hope journalist drive wins, only $1200 and you get good exposure for Dawah, right?

  • nas

    winter months were harsh, I hope you we can help the families !

  • Women Affairs

    As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. May Allah help all the drives be successfull they are all important for the community.


  • Hadayai

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    I voted for the Warm Winter Drive due to the large agencies are turning people away for the month of January here in Atlanta. You can run one or two of the non-monetary drives along with the Warm Winter Drive. Just a suggestion.

    ma salaam

  • Sister Debra

    Asalaam Awalikum~

    I would suggest that the Warm Winter would be the best as many are being hit pretty hard financially presently and we all have had a fairly cold winter season as well throughout the US. In addition, I do not see any reason that we cannot work together on the non-monetary drives at the same point.

    In as far as the journalist goes and Dawah….well…I am personally totally against this one. It just feels more like we are “paying” for good press..not a goodwill gesture. Most should be very well aware of the Hadith that states that no matter hard some are shown the proper way, they will refute it (sorry I am not so great at paraphrasing and my memory isn’t perfect either –AstaghfirAllaah if I am incorrect or misinterpretting this. I just don’t know that we should be giving money to non-Muslims in something that isn’t a direct charity. Again this is what my understanding is Quran & Sunnah and I could very well be wrong as I am no scholar. Allaah knows bests.

    I try to be an active HalfDate supporter/contributer and InshAllaah will be able to continue to be able to do so.

    Jazak Allaah Khairan for the chance to voice my thoughts.

    Sister Debra

  • Sister Debra

    By the way-
    If everyone votes for the Spanish Dawah–I will support that as well as well. That from my understanding is the fastest growing Muslim poluation in the US :)!!! Alhudillaah! I wish I spoke Spanish myself!

  • hal786

    Hey, I thought I’d come back here again Inshallah!
    I voted for the 2 non-monetary ones, as I can’t send money over online lol…And I think I could probably help with that kind of thing, such as designing posters.

  • Absoud

    Assalam Aleikum,

    I think the editor (of HalfDate) owes us an explanation as to why include Williams the journalist as a potential drive? Is it for her work? for Dolly Freeds? or for showing “just a goodwill gesture”?

    When there are so many needy people and families out there, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we’re helping a journalist (Muslim or not) to raise the fund simply because she couldn’t get someone’s story published? There must be something I’m missing here.

    Unless there’s a good reason for it, may I suggest you to leave the fund-raising work to her readers, not your readers/viewers/supporters?

    Keep up with the good work! I support all of the other drives you propose (But I’ll pick three only, insha Allah).

  • aishahbbg

    As Salaamu alaikum,
    how about the dawah, and the nonmonetary drives at the same time? (like already suggested) and make our good will gesture to the non-Muslim lady some kind words. i would even say do the winter coat drive, but it’s getting late now for that one.(unless we do all we can do in the next two weeks.
    jazak Allahu khairun

  • Admin

    To Absoud, wa alaikum assalam,

    It is explained in the text already. Yes, all that you mentioned.

    HalfDate always wanted to run a drive for journalism, but seems every times Muslims are reluctant to give for such causes.

    Do you know that many Muslim organizations spend millions of dollars on TV, newspaper, and billboard ads? Those ads serve nobody but ads companies. At least we are proposing to serve some writers/journalists.

    and Allah knows best

  • Absoud

    Waalaikum Saalam wa Rahmatula wa Barakatu,

    I’m scratching my head — can’t relate Muslims spending a fortune on ads with supporting journalism ???

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  • Absoud

    Assalalm Aleikum,

    I think I got it — publicity! Forgive me for being so slow!

    I am NOT AT ALL against the program being recognized by the general public. In fact, this is what we need to do to get more people involved to spread our care, our love and, of course, our religion. A word of caution, though…

    I was encouraged when Eddie (from The Deen Show) mentioned’s efforts when giving out a bag of Dawah DVDs to his special guests appeared in his show because I was confident about the decency of his work (from watching his show on a regular basis). However, we certainly don’t want to see that is publicized by someone who is lack of credibility or integrity. I am certainly NOT suggesting any particular one is lack of credibility or integrity. But, did you do the homework?

    Please let us know that we are not blindly supporting the project that might turn against the site’s reputation in the future.

  • Hodan

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu.

  • Holly Garza

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu. I voted for Financial Winter assistance because I know how grateful I am to jump in my car or rush into my apartment to get out of the cold AlhamduliAllah, I can only wonder how some shut off electricity and gas people are faring, sometimes; with these 11 degree days it gets cold with the heat on!

    I really wanted to vote for all of them. Is there any way we could do maybe all of them? It is income tax time maybe people could give their Zakat in portions some to this cause, some to that? Just some thoughts

  • Admin


    If enough people help, we can get multiple projects done. But, if the whole burden left to a few, it’s hard to even do one project.

    So, we hope people understand that everyone is part of the solution :)