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Creativity Award: AlMaun Fund

HalfDate is starting a new initiative called: Award Drives. Basically, these are quick drives to recognize the service of organizations and individuals. The goal of the award is to encourage Muslim organizations to pursue excellence while thinking outside the box.

One of these award categories is: Creativity (trying to get money other than donations)

Winner: Our second award drive is for AlMaun Fund.

Reason: They raised $272.25 by asking their supports to post reviews on InsiderPages.

Deadline: Mar 3, 2010

Target: $300

*HalfDate will donate $50 if this page gets 50 Tweets by the deadline.

If you want to join the matching fund, post a comment and we will contact you.

How to donate:

  1. Click on Chipin button, this will take you to a PayPal payment page.
  2. Once you are directed to the PayPal checkout page enter the amount of donation.
  3. For PayPal you will have 2 options for payment:
    1. Pay with your existing PayPal account
    2. If you do not have a PayPal account you may use your credit card or bank account.

You don’t have to sign up with PayPal, you can also just make a one-time purchase using your card/check.

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  • Dee Saville

    May Allah take this small amount and make it blossom greatly. ameen

  • Admin

    1st HalfDater $5, Los Angeles, CA
    2nd HalfDater $5, Fresno, CA
    3rd HalfDater $5, Sydney, Australia
    4th HalfDater $5, Muskegon, MI
    5th HalfDater ……..

  • Women Affairs ( nadia)

    As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. was introduce to me back i believe in 2004 in sioux falls south dakota surfing the net and searching for help for my best friend.

    She needed clothing, and funds to make ends meet. Since then when ever I know someone that is in need of assistance or we do not have the means to assist our clients first name come out of my mouth is contact they will help you. And they always do.

    May Allah reward you for the great work you are doing to help those in need in our community.


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  • Admin (Chipin comments)

    As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. JazakAllahu Khayr
    today 6:55pm Nadia

    InshaAllah this will aid AlMaun to continue with it’s excellent work.
    February 24 9:16pm Diane

  • Anisa

    JazaakAllah Khair. Hope you reach the needed amount, insha’Allah

  • Ummidris

    As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatulah

    To HalfDate, your initiative and concern is quite amazing! May Allaah multiply your good deeds many times over. We @ Al Maun Fund appreciate you always keeping an eye out for our projects and promotion of same.

    To all the donators, barakallahu feekum. Your kindness does not go unnoticed, and may it weigh heavy on your scale, ameen.


  • hadayai53

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    It was fun writing the reviews and knowing each one was netting money for the Al Maun Fund. May Allah continue to bless them.

    ma salaam

  • umm fatimaah

    May Allah accept it from us (aamiin). Mashaa Allah I was able to donate on 3/4 at 4:50pm. If Admin (chipin comments) would not post my personal information I would very appreciative. JazakAllah khayr.