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I dare to dream

DateDrive of ربيع الأول of 1431/Mar 2010

Type of DateDrive: Pleasant Word (non-financials)
Country: Al-Bahrain (wooohooo)


I’ve a very small favor to ask of you. I’m working on a project in my uni called “I have a dream”. The main idea behind this is to wake up the Muslim youth into starting to dream for themselves and for the world and to contribute positively to society. I’ll be helping to make a “Dream Arch”. An arch made with dreams on small rectangular pieces of paper and for that I need a lot of dreams. I would be really grateful if you could send me just one of your dreams that you hope to achieve for yourself or for the world in general. Please don’t forget to write your name and your country if you wish to send your dream. I really hope you can help me in this. Thank you very much. :)

Drive Deadline: March 15

The event will be on the 17th of April, at the Bahrain City Centre, one of the biggest malls in Bahrain.

Drive Target:

Drive Sponsors:

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  • Salma

    salam aleikom wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh
    my dream is that me and my husband would be forgiven and be accepted in jannah firdaws :) in sha Allah

  • Amel

    to become a construction engineer, and to start building and constructin mosques insh’Allah.
    -but to be and stay healthy is my primary dream-

    Esselamu Alejkum


  • Salik

    project ashavan is a vision that entails the betterment of humanity by assisting the less fortuate in matters of smarter nutrition… likewise, those more better off materially speaking can also benefit from this vision… for details please see

  • muslim

    Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

    My dream is for the citizens of the world go to bed with no hatred for every other with the intent to forgive them all unconditionally; and sleep knowing others are wishing the same insha Allah.

  • Faatimah

    As salaamu aleykum :)

    One of my dreams is to help at least one person memorise the whole Quran entirely inshaAllah.
    Jazaakumullahu Khayra

  • A sisters’ dream

    One of my biggest dreams is to obtain the highest level of Jannah, and to gain the pleasure of Allah.

  • hal786


    I have many dreams.
    I want to set up a charity Inshallah.
    I want to build a homeless shelter and help those in need, especially those who are mentally ill.
    There’s a lot more that Inshallah I would like to happen.


  • Jawaad Ahmad Khan

    My dream:

    To produce many, many big budget films that accurately depict Islam and Muslims that causes a change in the world’s viewpoint on Muslims.

    Oh yeah, and through that I hope to achieve Jannah. InshaAllah. :)

    -Jawaad, United States of America

  • Ahlam

    My dream is to become a doctor. My dream is to take care of my parents and make sure they have everything they need.

  • MuslimahAmerican

    I would dream for all people to discover and research the true Islam and get to know real Muslims across the globe so they would be aware of what Islam is truly about- Inshallah..

  • mulkah

    Asalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

  • Anonymous

    Salammu’alaikum to all brothers and sisters in Islam. My hope is that Allah Subhanawataala would increase and protects my husband and my Iman that we would be the mukmin that pleases Allah most importantly our children would be mukmin too. Also i wishes that my Christian family one day would have the Hidaya and become Muslim like me too.


  • Shams

    @for sister Faatimah

    I am ready to be your student over internet if possible :) you can find me on forum (leave any comment and I will contact you inshaallah :)
    Assalamu alaykum

  • Anonymous

    My dream is to open up a development center to help those who are suffering with drug addiction get help to get off any mind mood altering chemica, we are living in a world today where drugs are taking over our society I truly feel that we need more people to care about people and really reach out and help those in need

    Eugenia English
    701 South Charles Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21230

  • Yuxx

    My dream is to see the world as one, everybody as a true muslim ! 😀

  • Alia

    I have a dream, like every girl, I dream that my prince charming, dosen’t keep me waiting for too long, as the pressures of being a good muslimah are, let’s just say giving me an opportunity to be more patient.
    I have a dream that may every girl find a HUSBAND who’ll keep her happy, and both of them live in janah as husband and wife of janah….and give the dating game a rest, hence preventing the corruption that has spread with it.
    I have a dream, that all my muslim brothers and sisters cultivate a habit to pray for each other before they pray for themselves, in the light of the hadith which says the fatest dua is the dua of a brother for his brother in his absence. Subhanallah!! Let us remind ourselves the power of dua (invocation)…and pray for our brothers and sisters worldwide.
    I have a dream, that we pray that may Allah protect us from the evil of shaytaan, that we stand together united as ONE UMMAH.
    I have a dream, that all young girls and boys, who bear the hardship of solitude in today’s generation, May Allah reward them with spouses and fill love and mercy between them……

  • Amani

    I have a dream of a united Middle East, where the primary concern of the government is the people rather than the politics.

  • aliyah

    Asalaam u alaikum,
    My dream is for all the disbelievers of Islam to see the beauty of Islam and the peace and serenity that a believer has when they are close to Allah, the dream is for the ignorance to stop and the disbelievers become firm believers in Islam insha allah .Ameen!


  • S S

    Asalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    My dream is to be able to stay with the prophets along with all my family members, friends & neighbors.

    To do so i dream of becoming a knowledgeable person about Islam & this world & teach & train other people for free.


  • alaae Mustafa-

    I wish I could see my Grandma one more time!

    my country: Palestine
    date: 3/10/10

  • Anonymous

    I dream to be able to convince at least one non Muslim into the religion of Islam.

  • ibnuazlan

    Assalamualaikum, I dream of bringing up righteous children who can benefit the Ummah. Insha Allah.

    – Muhammad from Malaysia.

  • Muhammad Furqan Fikri Al-Eidrous

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

    I dream that in my lifetime, I am still alive in this world to see and experience the true unity of ISLAM allover the world, as rahmatan lil ‘alamiin…the TRUE SYSTEM in creating and upholding peace for ALL humanity, mankind and everything within this sad and old earth that Allah has given to us to take care of.

    …and I dream and believe that my father is able to contribute for the achievement of world peace through Islam.

    Wassalamu’alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

    Muhammad ‘Danial’ Furqan Fikri Al-Eidrous bin Abdullah Tsani Fikri Al-Eidrous.

  • ana humaira


    If talk bout dreams..i got so many..
    but, i really2 want to see all my family can feel the beauty of Islam and practice it in the right way…
    i also want to have my own children who can benefit to the ummah, at the end they become one of the da’ie, as a shield of ummah…

  • Usman zubair y.

    Assalamu Alaikum. My drmz is 2 succssful in lyf..Cos i hv a vision 2 hlp d needy especially our fellow muslim of d wrld..Evry day muslims ar dying without help,especially in d middle east nd dis situation z gettin worst evry day..Hw i wish i cn hlp!!!. Kaduna Nigeria.

  • alyaa alhayen

    I dream of the whole world entering Islam willingly and in every place in the world we have beatufil masjids , even at the white house back yard there is a masjid for the president to pray in , but i guess thats a dream :))


  • ramiza

    as salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    I wish and dream inshaAllah, to go and perform Hajj in the best of my ability and will would be performing Hajj with someone who will become my mahram (husband) InshaAllah..
    Please doa for us..may Allah give all of us barakah..ameen Ya Rabb

    I wish that all Muslims in the world stands together and unite upon one Manhaj.

    I wish that i have my own company or organisation earning income so that i can help the needy family,poor,the orphanage and the disable people.
    May Allah help us all and shower us all with Rahmat..ameen

    Also, please brothers and sisters, doa for brother from Singapore, he is suffering from colon cancer. He will be going thru his final operations after his six operation now. He has a family of 6 children, the youngest is 2yrs old.
    he has been terminate from work because of his conditions. His wife attend to him everyday eversince she quits her job. its been 121 days he is in hospital.
    Please doa for his recovery and may Allah give him shafaat..ameen ya Rabbal a’lamin
    the brother name is : Mohammad Azhar Bin Mohammed Noor

  • Anonymous

    My dream is to die a strong Muslim . I want to be standing amongst Allaah’s beloveds at That DAY !

  • Abu Bakr

    My dream is to be free!
    Free to worship Allah
    Free to travel
    Free to work
    Free to rest
    Free to be free :)

    A Muslim from the land of free (USA) lol

  • gloria saafir

    to visit mecca

  • gloria saafir

    to visit mecca and to travel to dubai

  • Women Affairs (nadia)

    As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

    I dare to dream and pray that this comming Ramadhan that all Muslims in their own local area come together each day and break fast.

    such as:
    every other day they attend a masajids in their local area to get to know each other and put their differences behind them and just be Muslims for the SAKE OF ALLAH.

    I dare to dream that someday we all meaning all kinds of Muslims accept one another for who they are and let their differences that we have be Allah’s JUDGEMENT AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS THE PROPHET SALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALAAM SAYS.



    Love you for the sake of Allah and I love you for myself

  • samreen

    Assalamu alaykum.

    My dream is for all muslims (including me!)to practice Islam sincerely and get the courage to share it with others. Too much time and effort is wasted on worldly things…May Allah guide us all, ameen.
    Another dream is to go to Hajj;
    and my greatest dream is to go to Jannat al ferdows, ameen : )


  • http://none Realtruth

    My dream is to wake muslims from dreaming, when Allah gave us sickness we valued health, when he gave us dremaing it is to value reality, a dreaming perosn can only do nothing while a reality perosn can make people dream. dreams are a sickness , a wish to be healed , to be able to do , but doing is real and cating is true and i wish i can make an imapct to wake up thsu ummah from the false dreams and face their reality like they enemies have already done

  • Amino

    My dream is to study and become a doctor, even though it seems impossible at the moment, cliched or whatever you may think. But I will work hard so that I can eventually, maybe after many many years, travel to my beloved country Pakistan and do some good inshaAllah

  • mujahid_knight

    I have a lot of dreams.
    1. I want to see the khilafah rises back
    2.I want to have a wife that understand me and obey Allah more than everything.
    3.I want to be success in my major.
    4.I want to be one of the Muslim successful person.
    5. I want to make everyone around me happy(family and friends)
    And last but not least,

  • brighteststar4life

    Inshallah… my dream is to open a Muslim run/Muslim education daycare Alhamdulillah im really good with kids, and its soo sad to see that Muslim parents have to take their kids to non-Muslims
    so the kids spent most of their days with non-Muslims and barely get to learn about Allah….. My other dream inshallah is to learn Arabic to learn and study the Qur’an and also so that I can teach it to others…….. We all have dreams and may Allah help us achieve them.

  • brighteststar4life

    to witness the freedom of the Muslims
    and the Promis of Allah to the Muslims to being them Victory


  • Isahah

    I dream of a world where my son and nieces and nephews will be safe from the perils of global warming and able to live an affordable lifestyle that is good for the planet earth.
    Isahah Janette

  • Azamuddin


    Islamic Golden Age back again. I want to see Muslims on Top of the world as were during 7th century CE to 14th century CE.. inshaAllah

  • AbuFahid

    Asalaikum waramatullah wabarkatu to All the Muslims.

    My dream is to re-build all of Gaza Inshsallah.


  • Thomas

    a dream for myself and as a expression to guide others. i dream of living every moment for Allah. with a strong Taqwa that insures proper decisions. with this an ever growing ability to share with peace. to ride myself of the temptations of the world, and lead in example from the many prophets examples.

  • ghadeer

    alsla’am alaykm wa rhmat allah wa brkath ..

    my dream is to go all around the world and tell paole about islam …

    im from saudi arabia i want to go to al emam universty and be da’yeeah

    this my only dream …and btw my name is ghadeer

  • Ina

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I am past the deadline, but i wish to share my dream.
    I wish to gain ILM, learn hadeeths, how to give Da’uwah, spread Islam.
    But its a big dream, i have a small dream too!

    I wish to establish a Centre, to give ILM to little minds, to preach them with THAUHEED, sing with them beautiful Nasheeds (not NURSERY RHYMES!!) to teach them how to love ISLAM and the ways of PROPHET MUHAMED (Sallalaahu Alaihi Wassalam)

    And my goal in Life now, is to train and bring up my only daughter to achieve these dreams. Insha ALLAH we all hope to succeed in the hereAFTER.

    Aishath Inaya