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Multiple rewards with one action

May Allah reward all those who helped. You have given $1314 through paypal/chipin and $100 by check. If you still want to help, we are looking to build a website for “Islam for school teachers” to service any requests for these DVDs (instead of going through public libraries).

مَا نَقَصَتْ صَدَقَةٌ مِنْ مَالٍ
Sadaqah never decreases wealth

-Authentic Hadith collected in Sahih Muslim

DateDrive of شعبان of 1431/July-Aug 2010

Type of DateDrive: Half a date or a pleasant word (financial and word of mouth)
Country: US & Canada


There is a Muslim school and masjid in the inner city of Los Angeles that is in dire need to pay for their teachers, the principal and water/electricity bills for both the masjid and school. They have an urgent need for $6000. However, you can’t donate to them directly through this drive, why? Because we want to encourage YOU (Muslim) to explore some other Sadaqah venues. What about the school and the poor teachers? Well, a group of brothers will cover school’s need inshaAllah, IF YOU & other HalfDaters accomplish the goal of this drive: Donate a DVD of “Creative Kids: Stories written by Muslim kids” to your local library. Help native children after school program. [This part is postponed because their event is in October]

How Multiple Rewards?

  1. The DVD content is written by Muslim children; and it’s time for us to encourage our children to develop their talents in terms of storytelling and writing skills.
  2. Dawah through stories is a good way to share our Islamic values. Here is a sample about fasting.
  3. This DVD title is professionally produced by a revert couple. We need to support their Dawah work and buying a DVD and spreading it is the least we can do for their contributions to the Ummah.

Drive Deadline: Aug 15

Drive Target: Distribute 100 DVDs.


  • Ask your local library if they accepts DVD donations. If they do, ask them for the procedure. If public library doesn’t accept, you can donate one to an Islamic school or gift it to a non-Muslim school teacher.
  • If you are in the US, the wholesale price of the DVD is $10 plus $6 shipment for up to 3 DVDs that fit a priority envelope.
  • For outside the US, buy the DVD at
  • Post a comment stating which library that you have donated. Click here to leave a comment.
  • If you just want to donate a copy and let us gift your copy away, click on chip in:

Drive Sponsors:

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  • admin

    Assalam Aleikum,

    $100 e-checks scheduled, Insha Allah, for Creative Kids DVD drive.

  • sunspot13

    As-Salaam Aliakum

    Holy Qur’an
    SURA LV11.
    Hadid.or Iron.

    In The Name Of Allah, The Merciful Benefactor,The Merciful Redeemer
    Whatever is in the heaven and the earth,doth declare the praises and Glory
    O Allah,—the Sovereign the Holy One,the Exalted In Might ,the Wise.

    These are the most Pleasantest words the reason… they came form the mouth,
    of the Lord of the world,Allah.

  • ummjose

    As Salaam Wa Alaikum,
    May Allah bless the Ummah with a rewarding Rhamadhan this year! May we become stronger as an Ummah and remember those in need! Ameen!

  • Hodan

    May Allah reward you all greatly, Its great what you guyz are up to on this site. Masha allah.

  • admin

    $50 from Utica, NY

    Baraka Allahu feekum and may Allah accept from you

  • Alia

    JazakAllah Khair for your efforts. Personally i have not donated any money as i don’t have a credit card (Alhamdulilah) but what i do is, spread the word. May Allah swt accept this from me and all the efforts from halfdaters inshaAllah,Ameen.

  • Rabiah

    jazakallah khair for all your efforts and i make dua that all your ideas are successful. ameen

  • fatima oyewopo

    May Allah give us the strength (financial or otherwise) and imman to help one another, and may we be rewarded for our good deeds. Amin.

  • Zahra

    Assalamu alaikum everyone. Insha’Allah all of us will have a joyous Ramadan. May Allah bless all of us Insha’Allah.

  • admin

    $10 from Iowa City student

    May Allah give you barakah and success in your study and life

    $6 from bradford, West Yorkshire

    May Allah give you barakah and success in life

    $10 from Ottawa Ontario

    May Allah give you barakah and success in life

  • rihanat

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Alhamdulilah we are muslims. May Allah accept our good deeds as an act of Ibaadah and forgive our mistakes, make us sincere muslims and grant us Al jannah. Ameen.

  • Admin

    A halfdater from Melbourne Victoria gave $30
    A halfdater from Calgary Alberta gave $30
    A halfdater from BANKSTOWN New South Wales gave $10

    May Allah increase your wealth and grant you great health

  • Hala

    Assalem Aliekm,

    May Allah reward you all for your great efforts. I donate for $ 100 for the most Muslims needy families and/or to support new Muslims.

  • Hala

    Asslam Aleikem

    May Allah reward you all for your great effort. I want to donate $ 100 for the most needy families and/or to support the new Muslims.

  • Hala

    Asslam Aleikem

    May Allah reward you all for your great effort.

  • admin

    jazakAllah for giving me the chance to take part in something worth doing for the muslim Ummah…

    * July 29 2:41pm
    * Sehrish

  • admin

    Utica, NY $30 (given twice for this drive)
    Pickering Ontario $15
    Cedar Rapids, IA $20
    Lombard, IL $100
    Toronto Ontario $50

    May Allah reward you all

  • Chipin Volunteer

    Goal break down:
    10 each gives $50, we got 2x$100, 2x$50
    50 each gives $30, we got 5x$30= $150
    50 each gives $20, we got 1x$20= $20

  • Chipin Volunteer

    From London, UK $10
    From Cork, Ireland $30

    May Allah grant you the sweetest date in Jannah

  • Comments from Chipin

    good job guys good luck

    * August 2 11:29am
    * syed

    Asalamalykum! $10 from St.Louis,MO :)

    * August 2 9:47am
    * Fariha

    Assalamoalaikum, JazaknAllaaho Khairan for the great work for our future generation.

    * August 1 8:57am
    * Kanwal

  • Ina


    May ALLAH Subhaanahoo Wat’a’laa bestow HIS mercy upon all of u, Masha ALLAH what great work you guys are doing, really! Jazaakumuhlaahu Khairun.

  • New givings

    From Leicester, Leicestershire $10
    From Iowa City, IA $20
    From Ballwin, MO $10
    From Woodbury, MN $5
    From Coppell, TX $16
    From Chicago, IL $300
    From Singapore, $20
    From Laval Quebec, Canada $10
    From Pearland, TX $73
    From Utica, NY $50

  • razfest

    Do you guyz accept , donations via credit card or pay pal ?

  • Ina

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    AlhamdhuLillaahi. Indeed Allah Subhaanahoo Wa’ta’aalaa is Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem.
    From HIM we are living, and unto HIM is our Return, May my brother who survived the accident, use this second chance given to him to the fullest of Ibaadhaath, may ALLAH bestow HIS mercy and guide us in the right path of the Prophets (Alaihih Salaam) and the righteous slaves.

  • Sunni4lyf

    Asalaamu Alaykum wr wb ! May ALLAH bless u all and make this a door to the hearts of the people for Islam to enter upon

  • Chipin Comments

    I made dua to Allah for something that I needed, and Alhumdulillah my dua was answered, so for that small sadaqa from my side. Jazakallah

    * August 15 5:31pm
    * Syed

  • admin

    From Kissimmee, FL $2
    From Richardson, TX $11

  • habib gatta

    amin, wa ma utitun min khaerin tajidu’u indallahi

  • habib gatta

    wa ma utitun minkhaerin tajidu’u indallahi