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My Sadaqah Buffet: Ramadan 1431


We need your help for feeding the homeless.

Paid the Deen Show, Feeding the Fast, Blessed Brides, Cabbie driver, Pallylife, Almadinah school, sister Aisha catering. In the process of issuing checks for AlAmaanah, Almaun fund, Building Blocks, Baitul salaam, amh women affairs.

Prophet sallalahu alayi wassalam said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a hardship in this life, Allah will relieve him of a hardship in the Hereafter, and Allah will help His slave so much as he helps his brother.”

Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) also said: The believers are like a body: if one organ complained/hurt the rest of the body reacted.”

Matching Challenge

  1. If 10 people donated for each team by Sunday Aug 29, HalfDate will donate $200 (Team 1 and Team 3 met the challenge and each got extra $200 matching
  2. For every $50 or more donated, we are matching it $1 for $1 till $5000 total (starting Ramadan 18th) – For your donation to be matched, click here to post a comment
  3. For every unemployed/needy person donation, we will match double up to 1000 total (starting Ramadan 18th) – For your donation to be matched, click here to post a comment (mention if you are unemployed/needy)

What this DateDrive has:

  • We have donor teams competition based on regions, so donate on behalf one of the teams.
  • You check out the buffet menu (projects listed below)
  • You donate again :)
  • You do some shopping –click here– (and post a comment and we will donate $10 on your behalf)
  • You vote for the project poll –click here-(the winning project gets the donation earlier)

Sadaqah Race

InshaAllah, you are going to have a geographical race for the highest donation. Click on the donate button depends on which team you want to support :)

We will give the raised money to the following projects, at least $500 per project, inshaAllah (more projects are being listed).


Feed The Street @ Toronto Homeless (non-Zakatable)

Ramadan/Eid Shopping

Stimulating the Halal Economy by Shopping

If you buy from the following vendors, post a comment here and we will donate $10 for each purchase/comment.

Other Ways To Help:



Vote for Projects’ creativity and closeness to your heart. Whenever we collect $500 donations, we will give based on poll’s result. Winner(s) are announced and the poll is reset on each Friday.

My Top 5 projects

View Results

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Check poll winners for previous week

Winners of poll

Refugees (qualify for Zakah, but please give them directly and state when you donate)

Day to Day Help

Women & Domestic Violence

Feed The Fasting @ Masjid Al-Aqsa (qualifies as Fidyah)

Dawah (might qualify for Zakah)

Development (qualify for Zakah, but please state when you donate)

We are going to give $500 to this Cabbie brother through a masjid in Bronx.


Women & Family Shelters

Needy Brides/Marriage



Youth n Motion

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  • admin

    Matching Challenge Progress

    Team 3: Met the challenge
    $50 from KL, Malaysia
    $10 Auburn New South Wales, Australia

    Team 2: Didn’t meet the challenge, 4 donors short
    $50 London (qualifies for matching $50 matched, total $100, left $4900)

    Team 1: Met the challenge
    $10 from HILLSBORO, OR, US
    $10 Brampton Ontario, Canada

  • Sarina

    Asalaamualaikum. I’m not sure I understand but it appears you may match my donation?? I donated from the email address provided (different name on the account than I listed here because I don’t want my name published). I am unemployed/on welfare assistance. I am somewhat “needy” but not living on the street so its all good… but it says that you match donations of unemployed/needy people so if you do then please match my donation and if I misunderstood then all is good. :)


    • volunteer

      wa alaikum assalam

      Jazakum Allahu khaira

      Yes, you qualified for a matching and an extra $20 will be given to the cabbie brother.

  • M.M.

    Just donated $10 and I don’t qualify for the unemployed/needy categatory.

  • volunteer

    $30 Ontario from two children (qualifies for matching, $60 extra will be given, $1940)

    $10 Iowa City, IA (qualifies for matching, student, $20 extra will be given, $1900 left)
    $25 London, UK
    $10 State College, PA
    $5 Glandore South Australia

    $10 Laval Quebec for the cabbie (qualifies for matching $20 extra will be given, $1920 left)

    Total matching $100

  • Al Amaanah

    subhanaallah we arent even doing much outreach after we won the first poll, yet we are winning. I wanted to say that..if we win another round..we will donate the $500 to another org of your choice.

    • UmmIdris

      As salaamau alaykum

      That is a very kind and noble gesture. May Allaah preserve you and facilitate all that is good in your affairs, ameen

  • admin

    $30 from Richmond, TX
    $5 from Toronto Ontario
    $20 from Los Angeles, CA
    $5 from London, UK
    $50 from stone mountain, GA (matching $50, total matching $150, 4850 left)
    $5 Accrington, Lancashire, UK
    $50 Accrington, Lancashire, UK (matching $50, total matching $200, 4800 left)
    $10 Ottawa Ontario, Canada

    Matching total: 150+200=350 total so far

  • daz



    As Salaam Alaikum: I am on disability so my donation will be small. InSha Allah it will help. May Allah bless this brother, Ameen

    • Admin

      wa alaikum assalam

      May Allah accept from you and make your affairs and all generous people easy

  • Seeker

    Assalam Alaykum,

    I hve registered with and have also donated towards Asia, Europe/ Africa, $25 each, Alhamdu Lillah

    • Admin

      wa alaikum assalam

      $10 has given for your purchase.

      May Allah grant you a happy marriage

  • missf

    I’ve shopped from Creative Kids, muslim tree. May Allah bless us all :)

    • Admin

      wa alaikum assalam

      Ameen for your Dua.

      InshaAllah you get the rewards of $20 matching for your purchases.

  • servant

    Assalaamu alailk,
    not sure if im putting this is the right place, got the kalimaat game for eid!

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