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URGENT APPEAL from AlMaun Fund

“Whoever relieves a Believer of a hardship of this life, Allaah will relieve from him a hardship of the Day of Resurrection…”
Families need help now

As salaamu alaykum,

Please help us assist the families below today. These are people who are hard-working but find themselves facing a temporary set-back through no fault of their own. Lay-offs, struggling to care for disabled family members, Father has no current income to care for his large family.

Remember, all requests submitted to Al Maun  Fund are verified. All payments are made directly to service provider such as landlord, utility company or arrangements are made to provide food. Please let your heart speak to them, donate today to assist insha’allah. Barakallahu feekum

Listed in order of urgency

cr.1133 Family of nine are in immediate need of having their electric bill paid in the amount of $345.63 to avoid disconnection .Several of the children have health issues, but they are unable to get anymore medial waivers to keep service intact. This must be paid with the next 24 hours to keep electric service on. Also the family has a minimum amount of food at this time, and there are very young children in this household. Amount needed $600.00


cr.1134 Expectant mother is going to be laid-off from employer in two weeks while on her maternity leave. She is due to deliver twins within the next week and has (4) other children at home. Due to certain circumstances the father in unable to provide any financial support at this time. The sister will have to wait at least six weeks from lay-off to receive unemployment benefits. She is requesting help with rent, and diapers. Amount needed 500.00


cr.1132 Mother of (4) children, who is also caring for her disabled older brother is seeking aid with security deposit for house.  Family is  in-between a homeless shelter and a relatives home at this time, but can move into rental once they have deposit. Amount needed $500.00


cr.1115 Expectant sister is in need of a car seat and items for new baby. Amount needed $125.00

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  • Ashiq

    Subhanallah, may Allah have mercy on our ummah.