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A Better Ramadan 1432 for all

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليك

“In-sha-Allah (God willing), this Ramadan, I’ll simplify my Iftar to save more time for worshiping and to save some money for needy people, and I’ll reduce my throw away garbage!”  To check out Naeem Nisar Sheikh TEDx AUI (4 December 2010) powerpoint presentation GARBAGE click HERE

If you agree with this goal and want to have a wiser Ramadan for 1432 Hijr, post a comment.

Pledge #1: Simplify My Iftar: Less time, less quantities, less spending, and less garbage


Pledge #2: Spend my saved money 1/3 on myself and family, 1/3 for Sadaqah, and 1/3 for saving.

Some places we recommend you to donate: (come back each week for new ones)

Project 2: Building Block Emergency Assistance

Building Blocks Emergency Assistance Progam to relieve those in dire financial need.

Since 2006, the program has alleviated the hardship of more than 300 families and saved several families from eviction, utilities shut-off, and overwhelmed medical expenses. Many recipients, unfortunately, are single mothers.

Completed Projects

Project 1: Feeding needy brothers and sisters
33 DONORS donated $1186.21 to Building Blocks of NJ for iftar program at a Newark Masjid that serves more than 200 needy brothers and sisters.

Sponsor of the Drive

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  • guest1

    what is Iftar at Newark ?

    • Maria

      iftar in Newark, NJ.

      • guest1

        why Newark ? why not some other place ?
        More details pls.

        • Tuttie

          because that was the masjid one of our HalfDaters emailed us about and also because Building Blocks of NJ also recommended.

          here is more information about it

          “There are many needy/homeless sisters, children and brothers in this Masjid in Newark, some aren’t even Muslim but are in need nonetheless.

          While other masajid may have fancy iftar that costs $10 per person, this masjid is feeding about 200 sometimes more for only $500 a night. That is about $2.50 a person. No one leaves without a plate.

          Not only that, do you know how long the line is?
          It goes around the block rain, shine or snow

          But, subhanaAllah, your brothers and sisters there didn’t extend their hand to ask you. We came to know about them through a Muslim sister that has been to the masjid and was impressed with their community outreach.”

          • guest1

            Jazakallah Khair