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Future Proposed DateDrives

You will find here some of the submitted requests and proposed future dateDrives.

The goal of HalfDate is to have a balanced mix of monitory and non-monitory dateDrives. As for monitory dateDrives, we want to double our target dollar amount every quarter, in-sha-Allah. As for Ramadan 1429/Sept 2009, our target is $10,000.

Approved Proposals

  • HalfDate anniversary: Training 20 HalfDaters
  • Dawah Drive: 101 House-Parties for Islam: grassroots social events in people’s house across the Ummah
  • WorkHalal: Helping Muslims to find halal jobs
  • Supporting Muslim community publications (you can ask your local community paper to participate)
  • How to learn Arabic language
  • School Baskets for Native Americans in Crow Creek

Calling for Proposals

We are looking for proposals from organizations that have track records in the following fields:

  • Journalism scholarship
  • School administration scholarship/grants
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Community facilities: Hospitals, cemeteries, slaughter houses, farms, and orphanages
  • Special needs (e.g. seniors, blind, etc.)
  • Natives/aboriginals needs in Americas & Australia
  • Environmental projects: Green, organic
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Grassroots Dawah (not traditional billboard or TV ads)

Previous DateDrives