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Help Us

Many of wanted to share the rewards with HalfDate. Here is how.

  • You can invite our DatePalm (trainers) to speak in your community.
  • You can buy promotional products at
  • You can buy products from Amazon using this link
  • You can buy Baba Ali Kalimaat game
  • You can buy mp3 class of
  • You can buy mp3 class of Coach Zohra Sarwari

  • How can you ask your friend to join?

    1. Tell them about your experience with HalfDate, your favorite DateDrive.
    2. Tell them about the difference that they can make with HalfDate, from raising funds for textbooks to helping converts, from helping teachers and publishers to …
    3. Tell them you don’t want them to miss out on this opportunity 😛

    What else can you do?

    • Make Dua, Make Dua, and more Dua
    • Add the link to your email signature:
    • Add the link to your blogroll, Web site, online profile
    • Spread the story of HalfDate to you local Imams, school teachers, Muslim students’ associations, …
    • Distribute flyer, or upload to your Facebook PDF, JPG Black & White, JPG Color, or PDF Color
    • Record a shoutout audio or video
    • Write a post on a blog or forum
    • Talk to your local media
    • Form a local HalfDate fan club
    • Put a banner
    Palm Tree

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    Palm Tree

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