Assalam alaikum,

Does any of the following ring a bell?!

  1. I can't work
  2. I can't concentrate
  3. I can't sleep
  4. I can't exercise

Sound familiar?!

Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Millions of Muslims complain of the exact same thing!!!

But guess what?! Help is here!!

Claim your spot TODAY to a revolutionary way of living!

A ProductiveMuslim way of Life! will show YOU how to be productive, inshaAllah.


Productive who?!

A personal development coach, founder of, written numerous articles on Islam & productivity and is passionate about making YOU productive!


It’s a

See what others who attended the ProductiveMuslim's training said,

"I've listened to your recorded teleconference [class] and I benefited much from it alhamduliallah, and may Allah accept your duas and efforts. Ameen." - Abdi

"The session was very practical" - London attendee

"Finally there'll be change in my life" - Ireland ISOC

"I had the pleasure of attending a workshop facilitated by Productive Muslim. I learned skills that I can use in any area of my life. The workshop was clearly stated, concepts were well defined and he quoted reputable resources. This presentation will prove valuable for people who are struggling with prioritizing their lives." -Haleem1 - Atlanta, USA


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