Assalam alaikum,

Does any of the following ring a bell?!

  1. I can't work during Ramadan
  2. I can't concentrate in Ramadan
  3. I can't sleep in Ramadan
  4. I can't exercise in Ramadan

Sound familiar?!

Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Millions of Muslims complain of the exact same thing every year!!!

But guess what?! Help is here!!

Claim your spot TODAY to a revolutionary way of living!

A ProductiveMuslim way of Life! will show YOU how to Maintain Productivity during Ramadan and beyond, inshaAllah.


Productive who?!

A personal development coach, founder of, written numerous articles on Islam & productivity and is passionate about making YOU productive!


It’s a


Sat September, 5th session is recorded.Click here for your local time
11pm (Makkah time),
9pm (London time),
4pm (New York time),
1pm (Los Angeles time),
September, 6th 6am (Sydney time)

What’s the catch?

No catch, well one REWARDING catch: To attend you need to donate $10 to Sadaqah Promotion site:

Secrets of a ProductiveRamadan

See what others who attended the ProductiveMuslim's training said,

"Motivating" - Glasgow attendee

"The session was very practical" - London attendee

"Finally there'll be change in my life" - Ireland ISOC

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